Chapter 144 - A Battle Of Wits Against Yin Yun (1)

Chapter 144 - A Battle Of Wits Against Yin Yun (1)

Since Lan Jinyao didn’t take on any work, she quietly stayed at home and would sometimes go to the park for a stroll, sitting there to enjoy the view for a while. And, from time to time, she’d feel that she was becoming mouldy from having nothing to do. But, even so, when Li Qi would call to ask if she wanted to take on a new ad, she’d still reject the offer. Besides, bearing the grand title: ‘the President’s Wife’, Li Qi didn’t dare force her.

That night, after Lan Jinyao had decided to read a book to kill some time before bed, she suddenly received another call from Jiang Cheng. In Lan Jinyao’s eyes, this mysterious man always seemed to be harbouring unfathomable motives. Thus, when Lan Jinyao saw that familiar number, she immediately declined the call.

In the past, Jiang Cheng was always very patient, and whenever the first call was declined, a second call would immediately come through. However, after Lan Jinyao had refused the call today, her phone didn’t ring again for a while. A few minutes later, Jiang Cheng sent her a text message instead, and Lan Jinyao immediately frowned upon seeing the contents.

What on earth did Jiang Cheng want? She was obviously a married woman, yet he kept pestering her to no end. What was his purpose, exactly? Could it be that he was one of Chen Meimei’s admirer in the early years, so when he returned home, he launched an offensive against her?

Lan Jinyao pondered for a while and thought that although the probability was minuscule, it wasn’t wholly improbable.

She then recalled the incident from some time ago; the fire that she’d nearly all but forgotten. That plain-looking man who’d trapped her in that room back then had ended up being caught in the blaze and buried along with it. This incident was sufficient enough evidence to prove that Chen Meimei also had her own unique charm.

Jiang Cheng’s text message read: I’m currently downstairs at your place. I need you to accompany me to a business banquet.

Commanding her boldly like this...did he really think that she was his subordinate, who must do as he says?

Following that, Lan Jinyao promptly deleted the message, and then put down her mobile to continue reading. She was reading a parenting book which contained some general knowledge on prenatal education. Lan Jinyao stared at those beautiful baby pictures, and a smile slowly tugged at her lips. Each baby looked so cute. Her and Fu Bainian’s baby would be very cute too; after all, their genes were outstanding!

However, her smile didn’t last long, as Jiang Cheng called again. This time around, Lan Jinyao turned off her phone since just listening to the ringing alone annoyed her.

A few minutes later, she heard someone knocking on the door, so she hurriedly put the book away in the drawer and went to open the door. She then saw from the peephole that the person standing outside was Jiang Cheng.

“President Jiang, what on earth do you want?!” Lan Jinyao opened the door and angrily asked.

Her tone sounded extremely irritated; if it were another person who was familiar with the situation, then they would’ve certainly left and not lingered any longer. However, Jiang Cheng was obviously the kind of person who liked to feign ignorance. So, even though he could discern the impatience in her tone, he was still able to pull off a smile in this situation.

“Nothing really. Did you read the text message I sent you earlier?”

Lan Jinyao coldly replied, “I deleted it!”

At the Chen family banquet, Jiang Cheng kept mentioning the fact that she wasn’t the same as before in front of Old Chen. At that time, Lan Jinyao felt as if her heart was in her throat. Now, her favourable impression towards Jiang Cheng had disappeared entirely.

“Alright! Then, I’ll tell you one more time; I’m going to a business dinner, so are you going with me or not? Oh right, President Fu will also be present, and...” Jiang Cheng intentionally paused for a few seconds before continuing, “He’ll bring his female companion with him. As to who that is, you should be able to guess, right?”

“Yin Yun?” Lan Jinyao blurted out, her expression instantly sinking.

Jiang Cheng’s lips curled up as he said, “Correct, that’s her. President Fu has been very high-profile recently, and wherever he goes, he brings that woman. It seems as if he wants the whole world to know. No wonder the paparazzi follows him around all day long; for as long as they follow President Fu, they’ll be able to get a scoop every day.”

Lan Jinyao then indifferently remarked, “I was already aware of this, so there’s no need for President Jiang to repeat it to me.”

“Then, are you still coming with me today? I heard that President Fu is planning to cast Yin Yun for the new movie he’s invested in. Are you sure that you don’t want to join the banquet?”

Lan Jinyao didn’t want to tell him too much and just said, “Bainian has invested in a lot of movies, so I’m not sure which one you mean. Yin Yun is one of Blue Hall Entertainment’s artists, so of course, she can get a share of the company’s resources.”

“You’re a clever person, so how can you not know which one I’m talking about? There’s not much time left; if you really don’t want to go, then I’ll leave now.”

Jiang Cheng spoke very decisively this time, utterly unlike his past persistent self.

Following that, a thought suddenly occurred to Lan Jinyao. The movie that Jiang Cheng was referring to was ‘Twilight’, and only that film was related to her. At that time, Chen Zetao had also especially come to find her to say that the production for the movie wouldn’t start so soon, so it could definitely fit her schedule.

She’d initially wanted to finish off Shen Wei’an, and then continue filming with ease. But, unexpected things had happened like Shen Wei’an’s disappearance and her pregnancy.

Jiang Cheng turned around and was about to leave when Lan Jinyao hurriedly asked, “The movie you just mentioned, is that the one directed by Director Chen, ‘Twilight’?”

“Mhmm, why? Have you changed your mind and want to join me?” Jiang Cheng turned around and smirked at her with satisfaction.

This time, Lan Jinyao didn’t hesitate at all before replying, “Yes, I’ll go, why shouldn’t I? President Jiang, please wait for a bit; I’ll quickly go change.”

After Lan Jinyao went back inside, Jiang Cheng’s smile gradually faded, and his expression darkened.

“Since…that method didn’t work, then I’ll just switch to a different approach. One day, I’ll be able to catch you again.”

Jiang Cheng’s eerie voice echoed throughout the empty corridor.

About ten minutes later, Lan Jinyao followed Jiang Cheng outside. The sky had darkened entirely now, eclipsing nearly all the light in the surroundings and leaving behind only the bright lights on the nearby streets.

Jiang Cheng had said that many investors and first-tier actors would be present at this business dinner.

As he was speaking, Lan Jinyao just casually acknowledged his words, seemingly not paying attention to what he was saying.

“There are so many artists under the banner of Blue Hall Entertainment, yet President Fu only takes Yin Yun along with him. Say, is President Fu set on making Yin Yun famous?”

Lan Jinyao turned to look at him and refuted, “He has the right to make any artist under the company famous, as long as he’s willing to.”

Jiang Cheng was choked by her words and didn’t say anything more. However, there was still a smile plastered on his face, one which could make anyone feel fidgety with one look as if everything was in his control.

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