Chapter 142 - Messing Up (2)

Chapter 142 - Messing Up (2)

Lan Jinyao’s intuition told her that Jiang Cheng was dangerous, as she felt something unusual from his gaze.

Although he’d helped her before, she subconsciously wanted to flee the scene.

With the glass of wine in her hand, Lan Jinyao walked towards Chen Meile. Chen Meile was currently joking around with a group of men; her stance seemingly charming tonight. Lan Jinyao wasn’t afraid to impose on Chen Meile and directly went to stand beside her.

“How come you’re here instead of accompanying your Bainian?!” taunted Chen Meile with a slight smile.

Lan Jinyao immediately understood that Chen Meile was intentionally putting on an act in front of the group, so she just smiled and replied, “Does he even need me to accompany him? He’s got enough company; he’s surrounded by a large group of men.”

Her words made the group of men burst into laughter.

Someone then said, “If President Fu was surrounded by a group of women instead, I’m afraid that you’d be the first to squeeze in.”

Lan Jinyao didn’t get angry at his words. Instead, she just smiled and didn’t respond.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Cheng had followed her and squeezed into their circle. Upon seeing him, those men showed a surprised expression and, one after another, they went up to greet him.

The Jiang family’s Young Master was usually very low-profile. Generally speaking, he often wouldn’t show up for banquets held by well-known families in the city. The Jiang family had said that he was abroad, but in recent years, he’d frequently appear in front of the cameras. This had alarmed a lot of people, thinking that Jiang Cheng was back to open up new territory and expand his business. However, to everyone’s surprise, he’d unexpectedly chosen to only invest in the entertainment industry, and he’d quietly stayed there.

At the moment, many people were talking to Jiang Cheng, yet he didn’t even move an inch and just stood there beside Lan Jinyao, indifferently acknowledging one or two words from the others.

Almost everyone made out the fact that wherever Lan Jinyao went, Jiang family’s Young Master would also be there. This obviously hinted at something.

Lan Jinyao started to get somewhat annoyed, yet there was still a big smile plastered on her face.

When Chen Meile saw this, she bluntly joked, “How come President Jiang always likes to stand beside our Meimei? Could it be that you like her? But, Meimei’s already a married woman!”

“Haha, you’re such a joker.” Jiang Cheng’s gaze once again fell on Lan Jinyao as he added, “I just feel that Chen Meimei has changed a lot, as if she’s a completely different person now, so I was astonished and I was wondering what made her change so much. She doesn’t seem like her old self at all.”

When the people next to him heard this, they went along with him one after another. “Of course that’s due to President Fu! President Jiang, you didn’t know this? Love has the power to change a person!”

Following that, the atmosphere became quite intense. Meanwhile, Lan Jinyao and Chen Meile’s smiles began to falter.

Others might not understand the meaning behind Jiang Cheng’s words, but Lan Jinyao did. Chen Meile didn’t understand at first, but she had sharp senses so as soon as Jiang Cheng finished saying that, she quickly put down her wine glass and took this opportunity to go to the bathroom, dragging Lan Jinyao along with her.

The Chen family’s bathroom was very luxurious. When Chen Meile dragged her in, her expression immediately sank as she asked, “Aside from me, there are also others who know about that matter, right?”

Lan Jinyao pursed her lips and didn’t reply. In fact, she also didn’t know how many people knew about that. Those around her who’d noticed something, and those who hadn’t; they all seemingly had the probability of knowing something.

Seeing her like this made Chen Meile quite frustrated. “Jiang Cheng knows, right? Did you tell him?”

“This is such a serious matter, so how could I have told him?!”

Chen Meile stared at her for a long time before nodding, and said, “Alright, Jiang Cheng is a dangerous person; you had better stay away from him. I don’t believe that he’s approaching you because he likes you.”

Lan Jinyao acknowledged her words and silently grumbled, “It actually never crossed my mind that he would like me.”

Soon after that, Chen Meile specifically told her before leaving, “Tonight is extremely significant, so I don’t want anything to go wrong. Don’t be deceived by Father’s energetic self because his health isn’t the best at the moment.”

Lan Jinyao nodded. She then remained in the hallway for a bit longer before going back to the lounge.

When she arrived, she saw Jiang Cheng and the group talking jovially. She didn’t head over to their direction and instead found herself a quiet spot nearby. Not long after, Old Chen waved towards her and motioned for her to go over.

Lan Jinyao’s thoughts were in a mess. Old Chen was only a few steps away from her, yet she blankly walked over at a snail’s pace.

“What’s the matter? Were you worried that I’d ask you about your love affairs? How come you showed such an unwilling expression when this old man called you over?”

Old Chen stared at her with a big smile on his face.

Lan Jinyao smiled and quickly replied, “No, I was just worried that you’d feel sad over this. Those reporters love scribbling nonsense and giving others headaches.”

“So, that is to say that none of it is true?” asked Old Chen again.

“Of course not!” Lan Jinyao sat down next to him and continued, “Could it be that you still don’t believe me? Fu Bainian already explained things to you earlier, yet you still doubt his words. Alright then, let’s take a step back; even if you don’t believe in him, you ought to believe in your daughter’s charm!”

“Haha...that’s right, you’ve truly changed a lot and you’re so slender now. However, I still liked your previous figure better! Being a bit fat means that you’re blessed.”

Lan Jinyao recalled the moment when she’d woken up. That kind of weight… Remembering this, she couldn’t help but feel a bit depressed. Was she only a little bit fat? Old Chen’s tolerance towards his daughter was truly tremendous. As expected, as long as it was his own daughter, no matter how she looked, she’d look perfect in his eyes.

“That’s right! She has indeed changed a lot!” Jiang Cheng’s voice suddenly rang behind her.

Lan Jinyao clenched her hands into fists. How come this fellow was like a ghost that kept haunting her?

“Old Chen, Meimei’s persona is all the more popular and well-liked now. She’ll certainly shine at the top of the entertainment industry in the future.”

Old Chen not only was a nouveau riche in other’s eyes, but he especially liked it when others spoke kind words. After Jiang Cheng said this, he laughed so hard until his eyes turned into crescents, and he said, “In the beginning, this girl made a huge ruckus just to get into the entertainment industry. There was no other way, so I could only spend some money to let her in. At that time, she couldn’t do anything and only had eyes for my Son-in-law. Now, everything is fine as both her career and family is doing well. Meimei’s truly amazing!”

Jiang Cheng followed suit and echoed, “That’s quite an amazing feat.”

He seemed to be suggesting something else, but Old Chen liked to play dumb, so he just laughed at his words and didn’t ask further.

Lan Jinyao, who was scared witless, breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing this.

“Dad, I’m leaving first to have a word with President Jiang.”

“Alright!” Old Chen openly answered, and then said to her, “Just pay attention to your image a little, since there are reporters out there! Bainian is also watching, so don’t get into any scandals.”

The corners of Lan Jinyao’s mouth curled up afterwards. Even Old Chen had realised that Jiang Cheng came with ulterior motives.

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