Chapter 139 - Estranged (3)

Chapter 139 - Estranged (3)

Lan Jinyao was left somewhat disappointed because when her scandal with Jiang Cheng was all over the place, Fu Bainian didn’t do anything about it. Even the PR team under Blue Hall Entertainment didn’t come out to resolve it.

However, Fu Bainian would come back home every night around the same time every day. He would stealthily enter her room and remain there for a while. He would use his hand to stroke her hair, her cheek, and kiss her lips. Sometimes, he’d get overly passionate, but he would always manage to stop in time thanks to his strong self-control.

And, every time, after half an hour, he would quietly leave without leaving any traces behind, pretending as if he’d never come back.

Lan Jinyao felt that whenever Fu Bainian kissed her, she’d feel him showing a sorrowful expression. She could feel his sorrow, but she couldn’t comprehend where it came from.

At Blue Hall Entertainment’s headquarters.

Inside the President’s office.

Fu Bainian’s computer was still playing the entertainment news, and one could see a boisterous scene on his screen. The moment he saw the sunglasses being knocked off Lan Jinyao’s face, his hands on the table tightly clenched into fists.

Shen Yu was sitting on the chair next to him and had propped himself up with one hand on the table. His gaze shifted from the computer screen to Fu Bainian’s tightly clenched fists.

After a while, the video ended with a thumbnail of Jiang Cheng and Lan Jinyao holding hands.

Shen Yu took out a folder and threw it on the tabletop. The leather folder slid across the table and stopped right in front of Fu Bainian. These were all photos that he’d received from the media. You said that you didn’t want me to interfere, so I didn’t do anything. These are all backup files, the same as those circulating on the Internet.

“The man you were suspecting was Jiang Cheng?” Shen Yu suddenly asked.

Abruptly, the temperature in the office dropped, and the air became chilly, making one unable to breathe.

After a long moment of silence, Fu Bainian shook his head and said, “I’m not sure yet, but Jiang Cheng is the biggest suspect. When that man first made his appearance, I already knew that he wasn’t so simple.”

“So, that’s why you asked me to look into him from the beginning!” Shen Yu deducted. He’d initially thought that Fu Bainian was jealous at that time; he didn’t expect that there was such a deep meaning behind this.

“But, there’s nothing wrong with his data!” Shen Yu thought for a moment before adding, “How did you find out that there was something wrong?”

Fu Bainian was tapping his fingers on the tabletop as he stared into Shen Yu’s eyes. In this instant, his gaze looked extremely intense. “Intuition!”

Shen Yu gave him a thumbs up and said, “Great! By the way, how’s your injury? Did you go to the hospital for a check-up?”

Fu Bainian shook his head. “No, if I do that she’ll find out.”

Shen Yu clicked his tongue and sighed, and right at that moment, he saw an unsusceptible look in Fu Bainian’s eyes. Even if he was misunderstood, it didn’t matter. He was willing to block everything troublesome for her.

Then, he suddenly remembered a saying that had circulated the Internet a long time ago. It was a sentimental saying that tugged at heartstrings: I love you, but that has nothing to do with you!

Haha, how hypocritical.

Shen Yu shook his head again, feeling that his thoughts were somewhat amusing.

At this moment, Fu Bainian’s phone suddenly rang. Even though it continuously rang, Fu Bainian didn’t answer it. Shen Yu swept him a surprised glance and asked, “How come you’re not answering the phone? Is it inconvenient with me here?”

Thus, Shen Yu conscientiously got up and prepared to leave. Following this, the phone stopped ringing, and then started ringing again not long after. Shen Yu’s expression turned somewhat peculiar at this point, and he turned around to walk back to his seat. He then picked up Fu Bainian’s phone from the table. Upon seeing the name constantly flashing on the screen, Shen Yu’s eyes widened in astonishment. It was actually Chen Meimei!

Right at that instant, countless thoughts flashed through Shen Yu’s mind, and without exception, the one thought that kept recurring was: Chen Meimei was too thick-skinned! Fu Bainian’s scandal was currently causing such a public uproar. Moreover, Fu Bainian and Yin Yun were openly displaying their affection all over the place, yet she still called?! If another woman was in her shoes, he reckoned that that woman would’ve been so ashamed that she’d have filed for divorce long ago.

However, Shen Yu quite admired Chen Meimei. She had decided on Fu Bainian for this lifetime, and even when there was someone as brilliant as Jiang Cheng pursuing her, she didn’t waver at all. Her heart was devoted to Fu Bainian alone; an infatuated woman like her was tough to come by nowadays.

“Chen Meimei’s calling you. Why don’t you answer it? There’s no one here, so you don’t have to be so suspicious.”

Shen Yu handed the phone to Fu Bainian, but Fu Bainian didn’t take it.

“Maybe she has something important to discuss?”

Hearing this, Fu Bainian glanced at Shen Yu, but he still didn’t answer the phone. On the contrary, his actions made Shen Yu so anxious that he got up and answered the call himself.

“Meimei, you’re looking for President Fu? He’s currently in a meeting. Why don’t you relay your message to me and I’ll pass it on to him when he’s finished?”

As he was speaking, Shen Yu was winking at Fu Bainian and mouthing: She seems very unhappy.

Fu Bainian swept him a glance before retracting his gaze and getting up to make himself a cup of tea.

“Well, then, you can call back later!”

After Shen Yu hung up the phone, he sat down opposite Fu Bainian and stared at him for a long time before he released a sigh.

“If you want to ask, go ahead. I won’t laugh at you. Meimei told you to call her back when you have time. If you don’t call her back in an hour, she’ll call back instead. I told her that you were in a meeting so that it would take that long. Anyway, it’s up to you!”

Shen Yu then placed the phone on the coffee table before getting up and leaving.

Fu Bainian’s hand that was holding onto the teacup was seemingly frozen as he stared at his phone. Then, after a long while, he heaved a long sigh.

“If there were no one else between us, and there was no hatred or conspiracy between us, how wonderful would it be?!” he murmured, mocking himself.

An hour passed before Lan Jinyao received a phone call from Fu Bainian. The moment the call connected, Lan Jinyao’s lips curled up into a faint smile.

“Shen Yu told me that you were looking for me?”

“Fu Bainian, I just want to let you know that Old Chen’s birthday banquet is in a few days, and you have to come with me. Even if it’s just pretending or putting on a show, I won’t permit any mistakes to be made,” she put on an unyielding front as she said this.

There was no answer for a long time, but Lan Jinyao waited quietly.

A moment later, Fu Bainian finally agreed.

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