Chapter 134 - Yin Yun Showing Off (2)

Chapter 134 - Yin Yun Showing Off (2)

Lan Jinyao clenched the key tightly in her hand, her mind in a mess. She’d obviously started to have doubts, but due to her swelling rage, these details were overlooked. The key in her hand was clutched so tightly that the hollow of her palm had started to hurt.

After a long time had passed, Lan Jinyao tossed the key away. The key slid along the smooth floor into a corner under the cabinet.

She clutched her head and dejectedly cried. Maybe it was due to her being pregnant, but she felt less optimistic than before. The former her would always justifiably say to Fu Bainian, “If you make me sad, you’ll regret it in the future.” However, now she didn’t think that way any longer, and she could only helplessly ask herself, “What should I do? What should I do...?”

Around noon, she was lazing around and didn't want to move anymore; she felt as if she was done for. Who knows? Maybe Shen Wei'an was living happily and freely somewhere in this world, yet her own life had become such a mess now.

Her stomach growled, and at the same time, the doorbell rang. Lan Jinyao felt her blood boiling with anger as she strode to the door and opened it, roaring, “What do you want?! I’m telling you, Fu Bainian and I aren’t divorced yet…”

In the next second, Lan Jinyao froze and Fu Changning, who was carrying takeout, also blankly stared at her.

“Divorce? Sis-in-law, you want to divorce my Brother?” Fu Changning’s expression instantly worsened and she quicked grabbed Lan Jinyao’s arm to pull her inside, towards the living room.

Lan Jinyao massaged her aching head and said, “How come it’s you? I initially thought that that woman came back.”

Fu Changning quickly put down the takeout and nervously asked, “What happened? Did a woman come to bother you? And, what do you mean by divorce? My Brother loves you so much, so he would never allow you to mention divorce!”

Would he really not allow her to get a divorce? That woman had already openly appeared amidst the two of them, so how could he possibly not allow her to divorce? Lan Jinyao coldly sneered at this thought.

“Sis-in-law, please don’t give me that look; you’re scaring me!”

Fu Changning tightly clenched her hand, feeling somewhat sorrowful. She wondered: Was this all because of the rotten idea that she’d proposed to her Brother that the relationship between the two had become so rigid? If so, then wouldn’t she become a sinner condemned for a thousand years?

Seeing Fu Changning’s nervous expression, Lan Jinyao patted her hand and said, “Calm down. I’m just angry with your Brother alone, not you; it’s not your fault.”

“How could this be not my fault?” Fu Changning murmured in a low voice.

Lan Jinyao didn’t hear what she was muttering about and didn’t ask further. Then, her gaze fell on the takeout. “Changning, you brought me food? I was just starving a moment ago.”

“Yep! I brought you some ginseng chicken soup. It’s very fragrant, and there are many Chinese herbs in it, so it’s very nourishing!”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s hand froze.

“I’d like to eat rice! I’ll leave the ginseng chicken soup for you to drink. You must take care and nourish your body too.”

Fu Changning’s expression turned cloudy when she heard this. She declined and said, “How can I do that? I brought it over for Sis-in-law!”

Lan Jinyao merely laughed as she picked up the box with rice in it and started eating, leaving the big bowl of ginseng chicken soup untouched.

In the afternoon, Fu Changning said that she would stay to watch a movie with her. Lan Jinyao had initially wanted to send her away, but she thought about it again and let Changning stay anyway. After all, having someone accompany her was better than staying foolishly alone.

Not long after, Lan Jinyao felt glad that Fu Changning had stayed because, in the afternoon, Yin Yun came again. Yin Yun seemed to know that Lan Jinyao was at home, so she came once again to loiter around, making Lan Jinyao feel that she was doing it on purpose.

Fu Changning went to answer the door this time. At first, she was quite polite and asked, “Hello, who are you looking for?”

But, soon after, when Fu Changning got a clearer look at Yin Yun’s face, she immediately walked out and purposely shut the door behind her. It was precisely this move of hers that made Lan Jinyao certain who the person standing outside might be. She quickly got up from the sofa to walk to the door, peering out through the peephole.

As expected, the person standing there was Yin Yun.

Fu Changning’s expression blackened as she asked Yin Yun, “What qualifications do you have to come looking for my Sis-in-law? Did my Brother give you that right? Don’t overestimate yourself; you’re merely an actress that my Brother brought back to anger my Sis-in-law. Your role is to strengthen the bond between my Brother and Sis-in-law; not break them up!”

Yin Yun retorted, “Fu Changning, aren’t you being a little too naive? Do you really think that all I am is an actress invited here by your Brother? Don’t forget; I’m also a woman, and I know what your Brother needs. What he needs is a warm family, not a wife who only knows how to act.”

While listening to their conversation, Lan Jinyao’s hands tightly clenched into fists; her fingernails were almost embedding themselves into the hollows of her palms.

“Yin Yun, don’t go overboard! How can you understand my Brother’s thoughts? My Brother has been in love with my Sis-in-law for a very long time already.”

“Haha, I don’t understand, but I do know that any affection between two people can deteriorate, and now, the person who your Brother likes is me! Between the two of them, only the divorce papers are missing.”

Yin Yun seemed to have guessed that Lan Jinyao was standing behind the door as she appeared to be staring at it. Lan Jinyao once again began to shed tears when she heard those words, and her body slowly slid down the door before she curled up into a ball. Following that, Changning was still quarrelling with Yin Yun, but Lan Jinyao no longer wanted to listen to the details.

After half an hour, Yin Yun had finally left, and Fu Changning rang the doorbell. For a long while, Lan Jinyao just sat there on the ground without getting up, ignoring the ringing of the doorbell.

Eventually, Fu Changning stopped ringing and placed her ear against the door before softly asking, “Sis-in-law, you...are you crying?”

Lan Jinyao covered her mouth and tried hard not to let herself make a sound, but she was shaking all over, so the sound couldn’t be held back at all.

As a result, Fu Changning also began to choke with sobs. “Sis-in-law, this is all my fault! Why did I come up with this rotten idea? I’ve unexpectedly let the wolf into the house! That woman is as stubborn as a cow, so it was nearly impossible to drive her away.”

Lan Jinyao steadied herself and softly said, “Changning, I don’t blame you. That woman is so self-confident because of Fu Bainian. She repeatedly came over to provoke me all because Fu Bainian allowed her to do so; he gave that woman all her courage.”

Fu Changning then continued, “Sis-in-law, could you please let me in now? I just want to accompany you while my Brother’s away on a business trip and unreachable. When he’s back, I’ll surely ask him about this! Please give my Brother another chance, alright? At the very least, you ought to personally ask him about this!”

Lan Jinyao rubbed away her tears and then opened the door.

After Fu Changning walked in, Lan Jinyao hugged her and cried, “I won’t get a divorce from your Brother.”

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