Chapter 133 - Yin Yun Showing Off (1)

Chapter 133 - Yin Yun Showing Off (1)

In the end, Lan Jinyao failed to tell Fu Bainian that she was pregnant since she never had a chance to. That was because, on the one hand, Fu Bainian went on a business trip and, on the other hand, she’d figured out the identity of the woman from that night.

Competition in the entertainment industry was very tough; as an actor, if you paid too much attention to the entertainment news, it would increase the pressure you felt. But, if you didn’t check it, then you would miss out on a lot of things being said about yourself, and you’d never know what kind of news that was.

After shopping around, Lan Jinyao called Qian Ran because Fu Bainian’s phone was turned off, and not only her, but Fu Changning also couldn’t reach him. Qian Ran informed her that Fu Bainian had gone abroad to handle a multinational corporate partnership, thus his phone might be temporarily shut down to avoid hindering the negotiations.

Following that, she had nothing else to do, so she began browsing Weibo. This was a habit that she’d had since long ago. As soon as she logged on to Weibo, she saw that her page had exploded with comments, and noticed that one of the female artists who was ranked amongst the top eighteenth artists with no gossip about them had suddenly risen to the number one spot on the headlines. She randomly scanned through her newsfeed and broke out in a cold sweat.

It seemed that from the beginning, there had been an unwritten rule in the entertainment industry. Whenever an artist got into a scandal involving an extramarital affair, no matter if it were the artist or the counterpart, this would always be big news, and the heat of it could outweigh nearly all other entertainment news.

Before the shoot, she’d seen a few rumours on the Internet, but she didn’t pay much attention to it. Now that she looked at it, paparazzi couldn’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, so if there were no loopholes, how could they find out? Those people must have found a loophole that even she’d failed to notice!

Such as that woman’s existence.

Thinking up to here, she called Qian Ran again and bluntly asked, “When I went home that night, you said that Fu Bainian had gone to a banquet. Which banquet did he actually attend?”

Qian Ran hesitated for a long time before he uttered, “President Fu took part in the wrap party of the drama our company invested in.”

A wrap party? Fu Bainian had only invested in one drama during this period of time. In the beginning, Fu Bainian had asked her to take on the female lead role for this drama, but she shot it down due to her agreement with Jiang Cheng. Then, she’d thought that the drama had been set aside, but to her surprise, that wasn’t the case. On the day she’d returned, the drama was also finalised with a wrap party.

If she wasn’t wrong, then that woman was the female lead that Fu Bainian had found to replace her!

“Qian Ran, answer me honestly. The female lead for that drama is that woman, right? And, the two of them attended the wrap party together, right?” Only like this would things make sense.

“That’s right!”

“The scandal concerning that woman and Fu Bainian; was it really just all hype to promote the drama?” asked Lan Jinyao.

Then, after a long moment of silence, Qian Ran no longer wanted to answer her questions. He hurriedly said, “Madam, I’m sorry, but I’m currently quite busy. How about I report back to you about these things another time?”

Lan Jinyao had yet to respond before Qian Ran had hung up. She stared at the unlit screen for a second before angrily throwing it on the bed and holding onto a pillow, drifting away in her thoughts.

Fu Bainian, to honour an artist, do you need to do it in person? Did you find that woman promising? Or, do you think of her as a better wife candidate?

Sometimes, when one thought too much into things, one would become deterred. Lan Jinyao felt like she was caught in a never-ending nightmare that was difficult to wake up from.

The next morning, Lan Jinyao woke up and heard someone knocking on the door. She opened her eyes but was still in a daze. Only after the knocking continued for a long time did she finally get out of bed and walk over. However, right when she was about to open the door, the door opened on its own.

Lan Jinyao stared at the woman standing in the doorway, and then shifted her gaze to the shiny key in the woman’s hand.

After a long moment of silence, Lan Jinyao regained her senses and stiffly asked the woman, “How come you…you have a key to my house?”

Currently standing in front of Lan Jinyao was the woman who’d recently become the hottest topic on Weibo; the one with whom Fu Bainian had a scandal with. She was the female artist who’d risen from the eighteenth rank to the top ranking artist overnight.

“Oh, you mean this? President Fu gave it to me. Qian Ran said that there was a vital document that had to be signed, but President Fu brought it back home. I happened to have the keys to your house, so I came to get it!”

What Yin Yun said was so just and forceful that Lan Jinyao couldn’t find any grounds to refute her.

It took her quite a long while before she retracted her gaze and stepped aside to let Yin Yun in.

If Lan Jinyao was just slightly more rational or sensible, then she wouldn’t have let this woman in and would’ve instead gone to the study to get the document herself. However, rationality was something that was easily influenced by one’s emotions.

Lan Jinyao could only helplessly watch as Yin Yun wandered around her living room before she advanced to Fu Bainian’s study, where she got the document that Qian Ran needed.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao felt as if the temperature around her had dropped. The pressure was so intense that she couldn’t breathe, and she felt a dull pain in her heart.

Yin Yun stopped in front of her and asked with concern, “What happened?”

Lan Jinyao felt her head hurt more intensely when she saw Yin Yun’s false concern.

“I’m fine. Now that you’ve gotten what you were looking for, please hurry up and leave!”

Yin Yun pretended to care and asked again, “Are you really okay? Don’t tell me that you’re thinking there’s something between me and President Fu?”

The anger in Lan Jinyao’s heart instantly flared up when she heard this, and she quickly rebuked, “Why would I think that way? Someone was willing to work so hard for my husband, so of course, I’m happy; why wouldn’t I be? For a young artist like you to go from being listed as the eighteenth rank, and to then rise to fame like this, was all thanks to my husband. It’s your luck and blessing that my husband is willing to support you, and you know how to repay his gratitude, so that’s a very good thing.”

Her words demoted Yin Yun again and again, yet Yin Yun was still able to pull off a sweet smile in front of her.

“As long as Madam doesn’t misunderstand, then all’s good. I was worried that since President Fu treats me so well, Madam would...uhm, let me not say any more; otherwise, you’ll find me annoying. Qian Ran is still waiting for me, so I’m leaving first.”


Lan Jinyao suddenly called her to a stop.

Hearing this, Yin Yun turned around and stared at her with a smile on her face. “What’s the matter?”

Lan Jinyao strode over and then held out her hand. “Give me the key. I don’t want an outsider to have the key to our house.”

“Huh?” Yin Yun was bewildered.

Without further ado, Lan Jinyao reached out and grabbed the key from Yin Yun’s hand.

“If Fu Bainian asks you about this, you can tell him that I’m not happy!”

After leaving these words behind, Lan Jinyao turned around and walked back inside.

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