Chapter 132 - That’s Fu Bainian’s Card

Chapter 132 - That’s Fu Bainian’s Card

As the largest integrated clothing shopping mall in the city, this place had the most high-end clothing lines and the most convenient and fastest shopping system.

Fu Changning was a shopaholic; as long as she went to a shopping mall, she wouldn’t leave without buying loads of things. Lan Jinyao wasn’t the same as her though, she just purely wanted to come out to get some fresh air.

Not long after the two arrived at the mall, Fu Changning dragged Lan Jinyao to a shop where they were selling the latest styles of business attire. As soon as they entered, they saw a long row of small women’s suits presented in an orderly manner. Fu Changning dragged her to and fro in the store. She also complained, “In the past, you could wear whatever you wanted to school, unlike now, where you can’t even wear a skirt that exposes your thighs. If it’s too sexy, it’s not allowed. You have to dress up like this instead.”

Lan Jinyao picked up a small suit, and placed it over her body to check twice and said, “These clothes are also very nice. They’re very mature and elegant, with a different kind of charm!”

“Sister-in-law, you have such a sweet tongue. Alright, I’ll take two of them.” Afterwards, Fu Changning happily went to choose her outfits.

Not long after, the two stepped into a men’s clothing store. The moment they entered, Lan Jinyao halted and asked, “What are we doing here?”

“Sister-in-law, we’re here to buy menswear of course. Why don’t you go in and pick out some suits for my Brother?”

Fu Changning’s coquettish act was very unyielding, and Lan Jinyao wasn’t able to resist, so she was dragged into the store. These were all haute couture suits; all tailor-made for successful men in the business world.

“Could you please pick out a few suits for my Brother?” Fu Changning pleaded as she shook Lan Jinyao’s arm.

It seemed that after the two had gotten married, Fu Bainian’s clothes were all chosen by her, so she was quite familiar with Fu Bainian’s taste and style. It wasn’t difficult to choose a few outfits, but with the current situation, it would be difficult for her to gift them to him.

Being unable to resist Fu Changning’s pleading, Lan Jinyao chose several suits in accordance with Fu Bainian’s style.

These suits were quite expensive, but she didn’t hesitate at all when she swiped the card. However, when it came to signing, her movements suddenly paused.

The shop assistant saw that Lan Jinyao was hesitating. It seemed that more than a hundred thousand worth of sales was about to fly away, so the shop assistant quickly asked, “Madam, is there anything wrong?”

By this time, Fu Changning had walked up to Lan Jinyao’s side to check. She glanced at her before her gaze fell on the signature record, her eyes instantly widening. “Brother? Isn’t that my Brother’s signature? Wait, no, my Brother’s signature isn’t that ugly; my Brother’s signature looks much more sophisticated.”

She looked up and asked the shop assistant, “What’s this all about? Did someone steal my Brother’s credit card?”

Confused by her question, the shop assistant stared at the record for a long time before shaking her head. “This...we don’t know, but it was a woman who swiped the card at the time. It seemed to be a secondary card, so it wouldn’t be fraud, right?”

A woman...

Upon hearing this, Fu Changning’s expression grew somewhat baffled, and she said to Lan Jinyao, “Sister-in-law, don’t fret, I’ll give my Brother a call to ask what this is all about. Please don’t get anxious!”

Lan Jinyao smiled at her and nodded. “Alright, I won’t.”

Even Fu Changning, who’d never experienced love before knew what this signified, so how could she not think of it? Was this referring to the so-called saying ‘keeping a mistress in a golden house’? A secret mistress? Nothing was sadder than something like this.

When Fu Changning went to make a phone call, Lan Jinyao’s gaze remained fixated on the graceful-looking font on the register. One’s writing represented oneself. She must be a very beautiful woman. Could she be the same woman from last night? There were so many people who fancied Fu Bainian, yet he never paid them any heed. The only exception was that woman from last night. He got drunk and let that woman take him home. He even let the woman place such an ambiguous mark on his chest. If they weren’t close, then how could something like that happen?

Lan Jinyao felt that she’d already forced herself to a dead end, and in front of her was hell’s fiery gate. Unfortunately, she was unable to take a step back. She couldn’t help but keep overthinking things as the facts were placed in front of her.

Soon, Fu Changning said with a bitter face, “Sister-in-law, my Brother’s phone has been turned off.”

“Never mind, I don’t want these anymore!” Lan Jinyao withdrew her card and walked out of the store, leaving behind the shop assistant and the anguished store manager to stare at each other in dismay.

Fu Changning hastily followed her out.

She was worried to death at the moment! Big Brother had specially called her this morning and asked her to take leave to spend some time with her Sister-in-law. Yet, Big Brother himself had caused such a disaster. He’d said that he was only momentarily giving Sister-in-law the cold shoulder, so who made him brazenly provoke other women? And, unexpectedly, this was seen by Sister-in-law. This was really too much!

Fu Changning angrily cursed at her Brother more than a dozen times as she trotted after Lan Jinyao. “Sister-in-law, wait for me; don’t walk so fast!”

Lan Jinyao sat down in a cafe outside the shopping mall. She’d initially wanted to order herself a cup of black coffee and use the bitter taste of the drink to cover up the bitter taste in her heart. However, she changed her mind at the last minute. “Please give me a cup of hot milk!”

She didn’t know whether all pregnant women were so sentimental and moody, but she knew that her heart was currently filled with sorrow, anger, and some other negative emotions. These were all horrible emotions for the baby, but she couldn’t help it!

Fu Changning gasped for air as she sat down opposite her and quickly explained, “Sister-in-law, you have to believe in my Brother, he’s definitely a very affectionate person. Although I’m still not sure what his intentions are, I can swear that you’re the only one he loves.”

Lan Jinyao asked her with a smile that was not quite a smile, “You swear? Are you able to vouch on behalf of your Brother?”

Fu Changning puffed up her cheeks and after a while declared, “I can! If my Brother fell in love with someone else, then let thunder…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lan Jinyao lifted her hand and covered her mouth. “Don’t spout nonsense! What if your Brother really... be careful about making this vow a reality.”

“It won’t! Sister-in-law, you must believe me.”

Lan Jinyao felt the start of a headache. “Let’s not talk about this anymore, shall we? Let’s talk about something interesting.”

“Okay!” Fu Changning sighed helplessly.

Then, she noticed the cup of steaming hot milk in front of Lan Jinyao. She was astounded as she asked, “Sister-in-law, why did you come to a cafe to only drink milk?”

Lan Jinyao’s hand under the table subconsciously stroked her lower abdomen. She smiled and replied, “It’s nothing. I finally get to rest, so I don’t want to drink too much coffee that can be harmful to the body.”

Since this baby had been created, no matter what happened between her and Fu Bainian in the future, she would take good care of it.

Only, one could never predict what would happen in the future, and Lan Jinyao never would’ve thought that she and this baby weren’t destined to be together.

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