Chapter 130 - Despair (3)

Chapter 130 - Despair (3)

The van drove smoothly on the road, and Lan Jinyao leaned against the window as she watched the scenery blurring past outside. All along, a faint smile was plastered on her lips. Although it was very faint, anyone could see that she was happy at this moment.

Xiaolin asked her, “Sis Meimei, do you miss President Fu so much that you wish you could fly home to see him?”

Lan Jinyao didn’t avoid admitting what she was feeling and nodded, “Yes! I miss him very much.”

Immersed in her joy, Lan Jinyao didn’t notice the strange expression on Li Qi’s face as he sat next to Xiaolin.

Li Qi asked tentatively, “Meimei, say, shooting a movie is so tiring, and once you do it, you’ll be away from home for at least ten days to half a month. Would President Fu feel uncomfortable about this?”

Of course, he would feel uncomfortable! Back then, she and Fu Bainian had even quarrelled because of this.

“Then, have you ever thought of retiring and focusing on taking care of your own family? Anyway, many female stars aren’t likely to act for their entire life; they all want to be the centre of their own family instead.”

Lan Jinyao thought that he’d guessed her situation, so she said, “I’ve thought about it, so, after this drama, don’t give me any jobs for the time being. I want to take a good rest for a while, then…” Then concentrate on nourishing my body so I can give birth to a beautiful and lovely baby.

“That’s great!” Li Qi stood up excitedly and hit his head on the car roof. As he slumped to his seat, he was rubbing his head. Despite grimacing in pain, he was still grinning.

Xiaolin teased him, “Brother Li, how come you seem happier than our President Fu?”

Li Qi gave her a look. Of course, he was happier than President Fu! God knows how much pressure he’d had to bear with organising Chen Meimei’s schedule, and the cold pressure that President Fu directed at him would almost freeze him to death. Moreover, some situations were being brewed at an immeasurable pace, and he didn’t want to see a bad ending for anyone involved.

However, Li Qi didn’t think that after he returned this time, some situations would have worsened.

When Lan Jinyao returned, Fu Bainian still wasn’t home yet. She thought that when she’d called him in the past few days, he didn’t pick up because he was very busy, or because he was still angry. Due to this, she decided to give him a surprise.

In the quite living room, Lan Jinyao was lying on the couch and waiting for Fu Bainian to come home. She didn’t dare play with her phone as she was worried that there might be radiation from it, and the programs on TV were very dull. So, she just picked up a magazine and read it. As the sky gradually darkened, drowsiness struck her, and while holding the magazine, Lan Jinyao slowly closed her eyes.

At about 9 in the evening, Lan Jinyao suddenly woke up from a nightmare. It was a dream that hadn’t appeared for a long time, and now that she was once again having it, it made her feel uneasy. Lan Jinyao patted her chest as she repeatedly told herself, “It’s alright, Shen Wei’an has nothing now, so even if she escapes far away, she will come back. I just need to wait for her.”

Her rapid heartbeat finally slowed and returned to its normal frequency.

Then, Lan Jinyao remembered that she was alone in the house as Fu Bainian hadn’t returned yet.

So, she called Fu Bainian’s phone but was greeted by an automatic voice on the other side: The number you have dialled has been disconnected.

“Why is his phone still turned off? That’s not reasonable. I got freaking blacklisted! Fu Bainian, just wait until you get home to settle this score with me! You’re being angry for much too long,” Lan Jinyao scolded and cursed, the phone in her hand about to be crushed by her grip.

A minute passed before Lan Jinyao next called Qian Ran’s phone. If Fu Bainian was working overtime at the company, as Fu Bainian’s Assistant, Qian Ran would definitely stay overtime as well. Qian Ran’s phone was immediately answered.

“Madam!” Qian Ran greeted respectfully.

“Is Fu Bainian still at the company? Let him answer the phone. His phone is turned off, and I have no other way to find him,” Lan Jinyao angrily said.

Sensing that her tone was off and that she was on the verge of erupting, Qian Ran quickly replied, “President Fu isn’t deliberately not picking up your call; he changed his phone number.”

Unexpectedly, this sentence caused Lan Jinyao to erupt. She asked coldly, “Why would he change his number?”

Qian Ran was at a loss for words.

Lan Jinyao covered her lower abdomen with her hand, and tried hard to keep her anger at bay as she asked again, “Where’s Fu Bainian? Is he still at the company?”

Qian Ran, on the other side of the phone, felt his brows tightly creasing. He kept on lamenting inside: Finished, it’s all finished this time!

“President Fu left work earlier...but he went to a business dinner tonight. He might get home very late, so don’t wait for him.”

Lan Jinyao’s intuition said that there was something wrong with Qian Ran’s words, but she didn’t inquire further. She only said “okay” and hung up.

Qian Ran was clearly lying to her. If there was a business dinner, then shouldn’t Qian Ran be accompanying Fu Bainian? According to Qian Ran’s IQ, why would he blurt out such unbelievable lies? Lan Jinyao quickly figured it out. Because Qian Ran had suddenly received a call from her, he was so nervous that he couldn’t think of a good excuse.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao felt so annoyed that her hands nestled on her lower abdomen trembled slightly.

Fu Bainian, you’ve loved me for so long wouldn’t just let me go, right?

However, her heart could no longer remain calm.

Lan Jinyao sat on the couch as she stared quietly at a corner of the room, lost in her thoughts. The moon outside the window ascended with each passing minute. It was getting late, but there was still no sign of movement at the door; Fu Bainian hadn’t returned yet.

“Baby, why do you think your Father’s temper is so strange? He’s been angry for so long, but do you think your Daddy forgive Mummy? If Mummy tells your Daddy about your existence, do you think he’ll be happy?” He would be, right?

She started to foolishly laugh by herself.

By the time Fu Bainian came home, it was already midnight.

The tears in Lan Jinyao’s eyes had long dried up. She heard someone ringing the doorbell and quickly rushed to open the door. The scene outside made her body suddenly freeze.

Fu Bainian was drunk. His head was drooping, his eyes seemed to be unable to open, and his arm was looped around a woman’s body. It could be seen that the woman’s body was supporting most of his weight.

“President Fu drank too much, so I sent him home.” The woman smiled sweetly, her gaze neither obsequious nor supercilious.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao felt as if she was about to be struck down.

She forcibly held back the sadness in her heart and smiled back at the woman with a gentle smile. “I’m very thankful for you sending my husband home. It’s really worrying, how did he get so drunk?”

She took over supporting Fu Bainian and started walking him into the bedroom with difficulty.

Behind them, Lan Jinyao heard the woman softly commenting something that seemed devoid of maliciousness.

“President Fu was extremely sad. He told me a lot of his heartfelt thoughts, but since you are his wife, he should’ve told you, right?”

Upon hearing that, Lan Jinyao’s body became cold.

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