Chapter 128 - Despair (1)

Chapter 128 - Despair (1)

The woman looked insane, and Xu Hao frowned as he pulled out his wallet.

“Here you go. There’s a hundred thousand in this card; it’s enough for you to use for a while. The password is six zeroes.”

Shen Wei’an wiped her tears and grabbed his hand, expressing her thanks. “Thank you. I have to catch a plane now. I will return the money to you when I come back.”

“No need, just remember to keep in touch with me.”

Shen Wei’an nodded in response. She didn’t stay any longer and immediately left. She was in a hurry as though there was something terrible chasing behind her.

Xu Hao also left the room after Shen Wei’an had gone. He watched as Shen Wei’an got on a taxi, the car leaving in the direction of the airport. Standing under the streetlight, he dialled the first number in his address phone book.

“Hey, it’s me, Xu Hao!”

“Oh, it’s you, why’re you calling me this late?” the languid voice of female came through the phone.

Xu Hao creased his brows, and asked, “Are you drinking again?”

There was no reply from the other side of the phone for a moment. Just as Xu Hao thought that the phone would be hung up, the woman said, “Mmh, I’m drinking again, because I’m happy, I’m freaking happy. Shen Wei’an ended up like this…”

But then, her tone abruptly changed and became fierce, “But, she shouldn’t just end up like this. She can’t get away with it. She hasn’t entered prison yet!”

“Lan Xin, don’t get agitated. I’m calling you to tell you something important.” His tone showing more patience as he continued, “Shen Wei’an looked for me just now and borrowed a hundred thousand from me. She said that she had to leave, and that’ll she come back someday.”

“Where is she now?” the woman’s voice was somewhat anxious.

“She just left for the airport. I estimate that she’ll arrive at the airport in half an hour. If you want to chase her, it’s still…” not too late.

Before Xu Hao could finish speaking, the phone call had been disconnected.

He stared at the phone in his hand in disappointment. He’d thought that he could speak to her some more. Although those videos were exposed by others, he also had a part in it!

A taxi drove slowly under the night sky, but when it was halfway to its destination, it was called to a stop.

“Stop! Turn around now; we’re not going to the airport; go to the dock.”

“Miss, this road doesn’t allow U-turns, I’ll be caught by the road surveillance cameras.”

The driver didn’t stop, and continued to drive forward.

Just as he finished speaking, a knife was pressed against his neck. The hands holding the steering wheel trembled, and the car almost hit the road safety barrier.

“Go to the dock right now!” the female’s hoarse voice was laced with an imposing tone.

The driver was so scared he broke into a cold sweat. “O-okay, I’ll immediately turn around, no no, turn around now, right now.”

And thus, the road surveillance cameras captured this scene.

The taxi driver couldn’t care less about violating the rules or not as the taxi sped towards the docks. Even the red traffic lights were ignored and bypassed.

“You musn’t act rashly because if I die, I shall drag you with me.”

At that moment, the driver saw her face from the rearview mirror. Then, an exclamation was heard in the speeding car. “You’re Shen Wei’an?! I’m your fan!”

Shen Wei’an sneered. “I didn’t expect to still have fans?”

“Of course you have,” the driver quickly said. “You still have a solid support club.”

The knife which was pressed against the driver’s neck slightly loosened.

Shen Wei’an said, “Yes, I was no worse than that woman. It was all her fault! She blocked the road in front of me, and if it weren’t for Fu Bainian, that woman couldn’t have come this far. No one would continuously block bad press for her! And, she wouldn’t get to take every opportunity given to her!”

An hour later, Shen Wei’an stood in front of the dock.

She said to the driver, “Since you’re my fan, I won’t pay the fare, but I’ll give you my autograph instead!”

The driver nodded repeatedly. “Sure!”

After Shen Wei’an left though, her autograph was thrown under the soles of the taxi driver. The man spit on it as he said, “Bah! As for your signature, no one would want it. To think I had the bad luck to run into such a woman today.”

The sea breeze caressed the long, black hair of a woman. She was like a witch standing under the night sky with a vicious smile upon her lips.

“I’m sorry, Xu Hao. It’s not that I don’t believe you, but since I now have no way out, I can’t believe anyone.”

She watched the waves rolling in the distance, a profound expression in her fathomless eyes.

Half an hour later, Lan Xin arrived at the airport, only to come for nothing.


“Lan Jinyao, I hope that you’ll be a little more dedicated to your work. Even if Shen Wei’an is no longer a member of the production team, you can’t leave halfway. The female lead role of this drama belongs to you, and this drama will also be a step towards many of your future works. So, I hope that with Shen Wei’an gone now, you can finish the drama well.”

Jiang Cheng hadn’t shown such a cold expression for some time.

His expression reminded Lan Jinyao of the old dean who always looked very strict. And, when Jiang Cheng stood in front of her, she was slightly entranced.

At this moment, her emotions and rationality were in a fierce collision.

In her head seemed there were two voices, one was screaming: Fu Bainian is already furious. She couldn’t continue to stay here any longer; she had to leave quickly.

The other was saying: Your ethics and professionalism have been thrown away. You can’t leave halfway through a project. If you go, you will no longer be a qualified actor.

Lan Jinyao was now struggling with her inner emotions. On the other side, Jiang Cheng had already seen her conflicted expression.

“Chen Meimei, if Fu Bainian really loves you, he should support your work, not blindly stop you nor doubt you!”

Those bold and unconstrained words were undoubtedly the best means of convincing people.

Lan Jinyao started to waver.

He continued, “I’ve found a replacement for the second female lead. If you stay, we can continue shooting tomorrow. Meimei, although we signed a contract, you know that I can’t use the contents of the contract to bind you or threaten you. If you say you want to go, I won’t stop you. I just hope that you can think about it.”

In the end, Lan Jinyao nodded and said, “After I finish this drama, the cooperation between us is over.”

Jiang Cheng nodded. “Of course!”

As long as Shen Wei’an was still somewhere in the world, how can the cooperation between them be completed?

Lan Jinyao, this is your vulnerability!

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