Chapter 127 - Falling From Grace (6)

Chapter 127 - Falling From Grace (6)

Movie City was only a few hundred meters away from the nearest hospital. While Xu Hao was blaming himself for making a mistake, he realised that Chen Meimei had stolen his photos. Due to this, he never entered the hospital.

Currently, he was preparing to apologise to Chen Meimei who was still in the hospital and admit his mistake.

A bouquet was clenched in one of Xu Hao’s hands as he casually strolled along the brightly lit street. As it was still quite early, there were many people around. To avoid being recognised, Xu Hao was wearing a cap on his head.

However, when he was at the hospital entrance, he realised that he was being followed. As his shadow stretched in front of him from the street lights, he discovered another shadow besides his own. Xu Hao abruptly turned around, but before he could do anything, his mouth was covered, and a knife was pressed against his neck.

“Don’t make any noise, just follow me. I won’t hurt you!”

When Xu Hao heard the woman’s voice, he knew who was pressing the knife against his neck.

“Where are you going to take me?”

“To a quiet place. I have something to tell you.”

Shen Wei’an’s voice sounded tense, and her eyes darted everywhere as she scrutinised her surroundings.

Xu Hao nodded. “Okay, but move the knife away from my neck. A knife doesn’t care who it injures, and I don’t want to die when your hand accidentally trembles.”

Shen Wei’an hesitated for a moment before finally removing the knife. Xu Hao threw away the flowers in his hand and followed Shen Wei’an. He was still unaware that the sword in his hand back then had been switched by Shen Wei’an.

About ten minutes later, Shen Wei’an had led Xu Hao to a motel. Seeing the simple and crude building before him, Xu Hao hesitated. But, when he saw Shen Wei’an enter without any hesitation, he followed her.

The landlady was a fat woman, and her eyes held disdain when she looked at them. There seemed to be a misunderstanding.

Xu Hao pressed his cap down to block most of his face and continued walking without explaining anything.

Shen Wei’an opened the door to a room and let him in.

Seeing the huge suitcase and the simplistic decorations in the room, Xu Hao asked, “Why don’t you stay in a hotel? You have money, right?”

When Shen Wei’an replied, her tone was odd. Additionally, her hands seemed to be badly shaking.

“How could I stay in a hotel? There’ll be reporters waiting for me in the hotel nearby. They can’t wait for me to fall and forever disappear from the entertainment industry.” Shen Wei’an held her head with both hands, occasionally clutching her long hair.

Xu Hao thought: Haven’t you already fallen?

Then, he asked, “So, why’re you looking for me? They all say that you threw a stone, which led to the sword in my hand piercing Chen Meimei’s chest. Is that true?” Xu Hao softly asked as he sat down beside Shen Wei’an, gently putting his hand on top her head.

Whether it was to an outsider’s point of view, or to Shen Wei'an’s eyes, he was a very reliable guy. It seemed that even Shen Wei'an thought that he genuinely liked her. However, how could he possibly like a woman who used underhanded means and would sell her own conscience and body in order to climb to the top of the entertainment industry?

Needless to say, Xu Hao was an outstanding actor.

Even he was almost fooled by his skills.

Shen Wei’an shook her head, her expression crumbling. “Do you know that the female lead role was supposed to be mine? But, because of Chen Meimei, Jiang Cheng not only changed me into the second female lead, he even had the screenwriter rewrite my scenes. I thought that he and I were on the same page.”

You weren’t even aware of who you were comrades in arms with, so you deserve to be in your current messy situation. Xu Hao’s lips curled up into a sarcastic smile. You’ll soon disappear.

“Then, that thing, was it your doing?” he repeated his question.

“How could that be my doing?!” Shen Wei’an shouted in helplessness.

Xu Hao raised his brows. He thought it was Shen Wei’an. But, besides Shen Wei’an, who else had a motive? Was it Chen Meimei herself? No way, because she didn’t have a reason!

As he was lost in his thoughts, Shen Wei’an abruptly grabbed his sleeve and stared at him with a expectant look. “Xu Hao, don’t you believe me? I admit that I threw the stone at that time, but that was just me being mischievous. I never would’ve dreamed in a million years that someone would change your sword. I thought at was yours!”

Xu Hao, who was being accused, widened his eyes. “It wasn’t me! I have no reason to do that!”

Shen Wei’an smiled. “Who knows, maybe you just wanted to help me?”

Shen Wei’an rested her head on Xu Hao’s chest. She didn’t even notice that Xu Hao’s body had stiffened.

She said softly, “Xu Hao, I have to leave. There’s no more place for me here now. Do you know who Shao Jun’s wife is? His wife belongs to the second generation of an official’s family, and since she doesn’t she want to see me, what else can I do?”

Xu Hao knew a little about Shao Jun. Shao Jun had an excellent figure, almost close to the golden ratio of a model, and Xu Hao had heard things about his wife as well. She was a very powerful woman, but no one knew her background. But, what he didn't think of was that Shao Jun’s wife belonged to the second generation of an official’s family.

With such a low-key woman, it was really difficult to imagine.

“What are you gonna do now?” Xu Hao asked her.

Shen Wei’an choked as she said with a sad tone, “I have no other way, I can only leave and go to a place where no one can find me. I have to recuperate and build up energy. The reason I looked for you today was to bid farewell, and also, I want to ask a favour from you. All the accounts in my bank are frozen, so I want to borrow some money from you.”

Shen Wei’an seemed to be ashamed to say that; so much that she didn’t dare look straight at Xu Hao.

“Your accounts have been frozen? Who did it? Was it that woman?”

Shen Wei’an shook her head. “It wasn’t Shao Jun’s wife, but Jiang Cheng! In the name of breaching his contract, he asked the legal department of the company to submit relevant documents to my bank. All my money is gone. The man even slandered me by saying that I had misappropriated the company's property, but the cheque was clearly given to me by him!”

Xu Hao calmly analysed the situation, and after a while, he said to her, “You fell for his trap!”

“I don’t care about that anymore, just lend me some money, please. I will make a comeback! That woman is still living well, so how can I be defeated by her?”

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