Chapter 125 - Falling From Grace (4)

Chapter 125 - Falling From Grace (4)

Lan Jinyao felt dizzy as she slightly opened her eyelids. Surrounded by a pure white light, she seemed to see Fu Bainian’s figure within.

She reached out to touch the man. However, after waving her hand in the air several times in an attempt to touch him, she realised it was fruitless, and her hand powerlessly fell to the bed.

When Lan Jinyao completely opened her eyes, it occurred to her that it was just a hallucination. She was all alone in the empty ward.

Lan Jinyao smiled. “Fu Bainian, why haven’t you come?”

Her smile looked somewhat wan.

Lan Jinyao then closed her eyes again. Twenty minutes later, Xiaolin quietly walked in, holding a thermos.

Xiaolin gently called out her name, “Sis Meimei, are you awake?”

“Mhh,” Lan Jinyao responded weakly and opened her eyes. “Xiaolin, President Fu...has he come yet?

Xiaolin shook her head. “No. What’s wrong? Do you want me to call President Fu? In this kind of situation, he should visit.”

“Yeah, in this kind of situation, he really should have visited, but he hasn’t, right?” she chuckled, and due to that, her wound stretched. Due to the pain, she sucked in a sharp gasp.

“Maybe President Fu is busy, and because the production team is very good at keeping work confidential, he doesn’t know yet! Sis Meimei, don’t overthink things, and just focus on recuperating properly!” Xiaolin was anxious and quickly consoled her.

What a clumsy excuse! Fu Bainian knew everything; there was no way to hide anything from him.

Seeing her like this, Xiaolin was depressed, so she tried to change the topic. “Sis Meimei, I don’t think your injury was an accident. That night I saw…”

“Saw what?” Li Qi, who’d suddenly opened the door and walked in, asked urgently.

However, Xiaolin didn’t say anything once she saw that there was an additional person in the room. Initially, Lan Jinyao’s curiosity was piqued, and upon seeing Li Qi enter the room, a thought came to mind. Because of this, she decided to wait until she and Xiaolin were both alone to ask her.

“What did you see that night?” Li Qi questioned once more.

Xiaolin was unwilling to speak at first, but due to Li Qi’s interrogation, she said loudly, “The sword in Xu Hao’s hand was only a prop, so how could it pierce Sis Meimei’s chest? Fortunately, the stab wasn’t deep and it only grazed her flesh. If it had pierced any deeper, Sis Meimei might be dead by now.”

To Xiaolin, it felt like she had an injury matching Lan Jinyao’s on her body, and after she’d finished speaking, she started crying.

Li Qi quickly persuaded her to stop her crying. “Alright, don’t cry anymore. Don’t disturb Meimei’s rest!”

Xiaolin stopped crying, and then said in a choked voice, “Let’s go out. Sis Meimei needs to rest properly.”

While walking out, Xiaolin turned her head to look at Lan Jinyao. Her expression was hesitant like she had something to tell her. However, since Li Qi was still in the room, it wasn’t a convenient time to talk.

Her relation with Li Qi was very good, so to say that they were close wasn’t excessive. Then, why was Xiaolin avoiding Li Qi, and wanted to let only her know? Unless what she’d seen was the reason why Lan Jinyao had received an injury and she didn’t want to disclose it. After all, if it had been just a little more serious, then Lan Jinyao wouldn’t exist anymore.

After Li Qi took Xiaolin out of the ward, Lan Jinyao was left alone in the room. She was lying on the hospital bed, unable to sleep as she was thinking about everything that had happened the past few days. She had to tidy up her thoughts.

In fact, this injury, she’d anticipated it a little. No, rather than expected, she’d even played a role in adding fuel to the situation, intensify the conflict between her and Shen Wei’an. That way, she could speed up the brewing of hatred in Shen Wei’an’s heart.

Yes, hatred. The moment before Lan Jinyao had fallen from the rooftop; she’d already seen that Shen Wei’an’s vicious heart hiding under her smile was filled with hatred.

Therefore, Lan Jinyao felt that the matter this time must be connected to Shen Wei’an. As long as she could collect the evidence, then that woman was done for.

In the afternoon, Jiang Cheng came to visit her. When he came to the hospital, he had a basket of fruit in his hands. Lan Jinyao gave a quick look at the basket and noticed that it was all fruit which she liked to eat.

“I didn’t come to see you in the morning because I had to deal with everything on set. It turns out that Xu Hao’s sword wasn’t a prop prepared by the crew. Someone had replaced it, and the prop sword was found in the pond in the back.”

Lan Jinyao had already guessed everything, so when Jiang Cheng told her this, she wasn’t surprised at all.

“Why do I feel that you already know all this?” Jiang Cheng asked.

“I guessed it!” Lan Jinyao replied casually. Then, she said, “So, have you found out who changed the swords?”

Jiang Cheng asked in reply, “Haven’t you already guessed it?”

“I just want to confirm it!” In fact, if Jiang Cheng had investigated, then there must currently be evidence in his hands. Since she’d guessed it all by intuition, she couldn’t prove anything based on that alone.

Jiang Cheng sat down on the chair in the room, a smile suddenly gleaming in his eyes. “Since you’re here, isn’t it hard to deal with Shen Wei’an? Now, I have evidence that Shen Wei’an hurt you in my hands. So, I want to ask you, are you interested in making a deal with me?”

Lan Jinyao didn’t have to ask as she could roughly guess what kind of deal he wanted.

This time, she didn’t hesitate to answer Jiang Cheng. “I’m not interested!”

Her resolute tone stunned Jiang Cheng. A beat later, he burst into delighted laughter. “Don’t you want to ask me what the terms of my deal are? Why are you so anxious to refuse?”

“President Jiang is a successful businessman, and for a successful businessman, all the deals can be used to make a profit. I don’t want to save a little only to lose a lot later.”

Her analysis was reasonable. Meanwhile, Jiang Cheng was left speechless.

“Alright then, let’s not mention the deal for the time being, just recuperate properly. As for the person who injured you, I won’t intervene. I’ll just wait for you to teach her a lesson yourself!”

Jiang Cheng got up and was about to leave when Lan Jinyao thought of something. She quickly called, “Hold on, since I’ll be staying in the hospital, what about the drama?”

“Sorry to make you worry about the drama. Don’t worry about it; I’ll try to get the Director to shift your scenes around as much as possible first. If that doesn’t work, then we’ll use a stuntman.”

Lan Jinyao agreed. “Okay!”

Her purpose had almost been achieved, so it didn’t matter if she didn’t go.

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