Chapter 124 - Falling From Grace (3)

Chapter 124 - Falling From Grace (3)

“Fu Bainian-!”

Shen Yu’s angry voice echoed inside the office.

His hands were placed on the desk as he looked down at the man sitting in the chair behind it. At this moment, in this office, there was no boss and subordinate; only close friends.

He was practically shouting at Fu Bainian’s expressionless face.

“You can’t do this, do you hear me? We are now falling deeper and deeper! You can’t let your emotions control your rationality, don’t lose your mind!”

Apparently, since Shen Yu didn’t usually yell at people, his voice sounded a little hoarse. After he’d finished shouting, he coughed violently.

Fu Bainian furrowed his brows, stood up from the chair, and then went to the coffee table and poured a cup of tea. “Are you done shouting? Here, moisten your throat.”

Shen Yu took the cup of tea, and after he’d finished downing the drink, he said, “Fu Bainian, I’m serious, I also have shares in those stocks. I can’t let you continue down this path, or we’ll all suffer a huge financial loss. Jiang Cheng is clearly waiting for that!”

After frantically saying all that, he stared straight at Fu Bainian, waiting for his answer.

“Are you done?” Fu Bainian said indifferently in response.

“Let me emphasise my point again; I’m utterly serious this time! If you don’t stop, then I will withdraw my investment!”

The two men glared at each other for a minute before Fu Bainian said, “Ok!”

“What do you mean?” Shen Yu hurriedly asked. “Are you agreeing to stop?”

However, Fu Bainian shook his head. “You leave first, and I’ll consider this matter again!”

Listening to his ambiguous words, Shen Yu seemingly sighed in relief. He patted Fu Bainian’s shoulder and said, “Alright, think about it carefully, I won’t bother you. I’m leaving.”

After the office door closed behind Shen Yu, Fu Bainian sat on the couch and stared at the cup of hot tea, lost in his thoughts.

After a while, his phone rang. It was a new text message.

“Fu Bainian, I haven’t given up yet, so our marriage can't be considered as over! No matter what other people say, I will not believe it!!!”

Fu Bainian stared at the last sentence, especially the exclamation marks, for a long time. Suddenly, he smiled. It was a very shallow smile, but the corners of his mouth still rose slightly.

Half an hour later, Shen Yu received a phone call from Fu Bainian. The voice was as cold as usual. “Shen Yu, stop it!”

Shen Yu was in the hall. After receiving the call, he couldn’t help cheering. His money was saved, at least for the time being.

After he’d calmed down, he found that everyone around him was staring at him. He gave those people a bright smile. “I’m so happy today; I’ll treat you all to dinner tonight!”

And thus, everyone in the hall started cheering.


In the evening, it was Lan Jinyao’s turn to perform. She stood under the shadow of the tree, holding a long sword. Her figure was wrapped in a long white dress that fluttered along with her movements. Her actions were swift, yet elegant. She was flying fast with grace.

There were pink petals raining down around her; some landed on the ground, and some landed on her white clothes.

Such a magnificent scene stunned the crew.

Xiaolin pulled out her phone and aimed the camera at Lan Jinyao as she was performing her sword dance.

The woman captured in the camera looked cold, like a white lotus in the snow that exuded a chilly aroma.

“Brother Li, you see, Sis Meimei is really beautiful, right? She looks like a fairy spirit dancing in the breeze. Those eyes of hers are mesmerising.”

Li Qi was staring fixedly at the figure under the tree, unable to shift his eyes away. He unconsciously whispered, “Yeah, such a beautiful person, I seem to have seen her!”

“Who?” asked Xiaolin in puzzlement.

However, Li Qi didn’t answer her question.

A beat later, Xiaolin asked him again, “Brother Li, say, can I upload this clip to Weibo in advance? If it’s posted, it’ll definitely cause a sensation.”

Li Qi’s attention was finally pulled back by her. He glanced at the video on the phone and exclaimed, “I didn’t expect the pixels of your phone’s camera to be quite so clear!”

“Of course, just don’t look at the brand of my phone!” Remembering her question, she asked again, “What do you say, can I post it online? Regarding this, Jiang Cheng hasn’t set any rules, right?”

“About have to ask Jiang Cheng. I can’t make the decision.”

At that moment, Li Qi found that everyone on set was staring at the pure white figure. Then, there was the sharp sound of a sword whistling through the air, and Xu Hao appeared. His face was masked by a black cloth, revealing only a pair of eyes filled with viciousness. A black and white figure, clashing in the air with their swords, were in an unusually intense fight.

Suddenly, Shen Wei’an appeared. She stood behind the group of staff members without anyone noticing her.

Xiaolin was still recording everything. Her camera wasn’t only focusing on the fight between Lan Jinyao and Xu Hao, but also the surprised or stunned expressions of the staff.

Suddenly, a small movement caught her attention. A woman standing amongst the crowd bent down and picked up a small stone. Just as everyone’s eyes were focused on the performance, Shen Wei’an threw the stone in her hand. The light shone on the long sword, reflecting a white light on a spot where a dark shadow suddenly appeared.

Lan Jinyao’s right hand abruptly stopped moving, and Xu Hao’s sword stabbed into her chest.


By the time the scream was heard, it was already late.

The white figure had been stained with blood.

“Don’t make a fuss; it’s just fake blood!” Li Qi yelled at Xiaolin, who was standing next to him.

Xiaolin examined the situation and patted her chest in relief, muttering under her breath, “But, it looks like real blood. Fortunately, it’s just a blood bag prepared by the staff in advance.”

However, Li Qi’s expression soon changed, and he rushed to Lan Jinyao’s side in large strides. As Xiaolin followed closely behind him, she looked back at the crowd and found that Shen Wei’an had disappeared.

“Huh, where is she?”

Lan Jinyao was lying on the ground. Li Qi quickly supported her head as he nervously asked, “How could it become like this?! Wasn’t the sword in Xu Hao’s hand just a prop? What kind of prop is so sharp?”

Xu Hao was also stunned. He blankly looked at the sword in his hand and unconsciously muttered, “How could it be like this?”

When Jiang Cheng came closer, he was greeted with the sight of a figure dressed in white lying on the ground, and a group of people surrounding her.

He suddenly felt a burst of dizziness and almost fell to the ground.

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