Chapter 123 - Falling From Grace (2)

Chapter 123 - Falling From Grace (2)

As expected, the owner would set-up a password if there were secret files stored in the laptop. It was the same as a house full of treasures; it would always be locked for security reasons.

The moment Lan Jinyao saw the password prompt, she made a bold conjecture in her heart. She quickly ran to the bathroom, and sure enough, she saw a broken camera in the trash can. The memory card was most likely already flushed down the toilet.

After confirming her suspicions, Lan Jinyao walked back to the desk and stopped in front of the laptop again.

“What exactly is the password? Xu Hao’s name in pinyin? His birthday? Shen Wei’an’s name and birthday?”

She tried entering them one by one, but none of them was right, and her patience was running out as the word ‘wrong password’ popped up more frequently.

“This will be the last try, if it’s still not right, then…”

With the input of four numbers, the laptop was unlocked and the desktop popped up.

Seeing this, Lan Jinyao’s lips curled up into a smile. As she’d expected, Xu Hao’s password was actually Lan Xin’s name in pinyin. Sure enough, Xu Hao and Lan Xin were acquainted. Both of them paid close attention to all of Shen Wei’an’s movements. In that case, the reason why Xu Hao had gotten close to Shen Wei’an must be for the sake of Lan Xin.

After ten minutes, Lan Jinyao had smoothly made a backup of all the files.

Meanwhile, during the break on set, Shen Wei’an happened to stand near the spot where Lan Jinyao’s bag was located. Li Qi was quick on his feet and quickly took Lan Jinyao’s bag in his hands before cautiously asking, “What do you want?”

Shen Wei’an looked around the set and said with a sneer, “Why? Chen Meimei doesn’t dare to watch me perform? Was she worried that the limelight would be stolen by me?”

“She went to the bathroom!”

Li Qi didn’t like Shen Wei’an’s manner of speaking, and somehow hearing it made him feel uncomfortable.

“Oh? She went to the bathroom? How long has it been already? Don’t tell me that she fell into the latrine?”

Following that, Shen Wei’an smirked at Li Qi and then sat down at the side to rest.

Li Qi finally realised something and quickly checked the time. More than ten minutes had passed already...why wasn’t she back yet? He wanted to go take a look, but he was worried about Lan Jinyao’s bag, so he took the bag and went to find her.

When Lan Jinyao came out of the room, she saw Li Qi rushing over with her bag in his hands. The two of them nearly bumped into each other.

Li Qi stared at the phone in her hand and said, “Meimei, your phone…”

Lan Jinyao glanced at the phone in her hand and casually said, “When I was in the bathroom earlier, I realised that I left my phone in the room. I don’t have any scenes at the moment, so I took the chance to come back and get it.”

Li Qi didn’t have the slightest trace of suspicion when she said that. He handed the bag to her and said, “You were right! Shen Wei’an really had her eyes on your bag. Now that you’re filming together on the same set, you’ve got to be careful. Don’t let me see what happened a few days ago repeat itself, or else I’ll inform President Fu!”

His threat, which didn’t really count as a threat, made Lan Jinyao baffled.

“What did you say? Did you tell Fu about the last incident?”

Li Qi didn’t expect her to overreact like this, so he sheepishly smiled and replied, “That’s right. I mentioned it casually, but you don’t have to worry because President Fu wasn’t angry.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao abruptly smiled. Li Qi thought that she was worried that Fu Bainian would be angry at her for insisting on coming here, yet she got bullied in the end. But, in fact, what she was worried about was that Fu Bainian, who was so deeply in love with her, was starting to give up on her.

Li Qi gave him a call, yet when she sent him a text message, she didn’t receive any reply. When she called him after that, his phone was already turned off.

“Meimei, don’t laugh!” Li Qi started to feel anxious when he saw her sad smiling expression.

“Li Qi!” Lan Jinyao tightly clung onto his sleeve and asked, “Was I being too willful? Do you think Fu Bainian is angry with me? Or, is he giving up on me?”

Often, when one bashed their head against a brick wall, they wouldn’t be persuaded so easily. Li Qi understood that, and at this moment, this woman in front of him was bashing her head against a brick wall.

“Without a doubt, he’ up on you!” A shrill female voice rang out behind them.

Shen Wei’an walked over to their side. The break was over, and the crew was ready to start the next scene.

The Director, standing not too far away, was about to call Shen Wei’an but was stopped by Jiang Cheng next to him. The Director stared at Jiang Cheng with a puzzled look, and he then heard him say, “Let’s wait for a bit! You can rest for another ten minutes.”

Most of the staff loved to gossip and were more than happy to watch a show, so they didn’t mind and naturally didn’t intervene.

Things were a complete mess now. Li Qi had initially thought that Chen Meimei, this troublemaker, wouldn’t forgive Shen Wei’an this time and if things got worse, then the two of them might even get into a fistfight. However, just as he was getting all the more anxious, he suddenly saw Chen Meimei, who was initially brimming with anger, reveal a smile.

In that split second, Li Qi had seemingly seen a trace of fighting spirit flash through her eyes.

His gaze then fell on Shen Wei’an, and he understood why. As expected, it was because of Shen Wei’an.

Lan Jinyao looked towards Shen Wei’an and declared, “Shen Wei’an, you’re not fit to intervene in our matters. Let me tell you, I, Chen Meimei, am not someone you can mess with so easily. I still haven’t returned that cup of tea to you!”

Shen Wei’an coldly snorted and rebuked, “Sure enough! I’m waiting!”

The development of the current situation was beyond Jiang Cheng’s expectations, and his eyes looked a little disappointed as he said to the Director, “Enough rest, let’s begin.”

The Director immediately shouted at the top of his lungs, “Wei’an, come here quickly. It’s time for the next scene.”

“Alright, I’ll be right there!”

When Shen Wei’an turned around to leave, Lan Jinyao forcefully grabbed her arm. The spot she tightly held onto turned slightly red. She closed in and whispered in Shen Wei’an’s ear, “Shen Wei’an, you’ve got guts! You clearly know the reason why I’m participating in this drama, yet you didn’t care to avoid me and instead met with me head-on. You think you have Jiang Cheng backing you? Haha, don’t you forget, Jiang Cheng told me that he doesn’t like you!”

When Lan Jinyao had said these words, she’d inadvertently swept a glance in Jiang Cheng’s direction, and Shen Wei’an had followed her gaze. The blood in her fingertips slowly receded, and because the warmth of blood flow didn’t reach the nerve endings, her fingers were as cold as ice.

“Are you scared now?” Lan Jinyao loosened her grip and then imitated Shen Wei’an’s usual expression by covering her mouth and haughtily laughing with a smug look on her face.

Shen Wei’an’s complexion was as pale as a zombie as she walked back to the set.

Lan Jinyao stared at her rigid figure fading into the distance, her expression somewhat ugly.

Shen Wei’an, how come we’ve become like this? You’re so arrogant, who can enter your heart?

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