Chapter 121 - In Name Only (4)

Chapter 121 - In Name Only (4)

In the quiet office, Fu Bainian was staring intently at his phone screen, his gaze fixated on the message sent by Lan Jinyao.

‘Arrived safe and sound’, these four simple words made him feel inexplicably at ease.

After struggling for a while, he finally typed out a reply, but after a moment of hesitation, he deleted everything.

Brother, you must let Sister-in-law know how important you are to her. A cold war is never the best way to solve a problem, and I don’t recommend you both continue this way. Don’t push each other too hard, as only then will the relationship become more stable.

I can see that Sister-in-law loves you, you must believe in yourself.

Changning was right; they really should calm down and take things easy, especially himself. These days, he felt that his mental state had really worsened.

While Fu Bainian was pondering all of this, his phone suddenly rang.

It was Li Qi calling him. As soon as the phone was answered, Li Qi started talking in a very low voice, but it was extremely noisy on his end, so Fu Bainian couldn’t hear him clearly. Fu Bainian felt that his patience had been drained away by Li Qi’s mosquito voice.

“You haven’t had your meal yet?”

“Huh?” Li Qi was puzzled by his words.

“Speak louder!” Fu Bainian kneaded his glabella in irritation.

“Oh, President Fu, something has happened on my side. Meimei had just arrived on set, yet Shen Wei’an poured tea on her. Anyway, I didn’t witness the situation at the time, but hearing that scream from afar, it sounded quite pitiable.” Although he wasn’t sure who’d exactly screamed, this didn’t stop him from adding details to the story.

Upon hearing this, Fu Bainian clenched his hands into fists, but his voice was still indifferent. Without the slightest emotional fluctuations apparent in his tone, he said to Li Qi, “I got it. Is there anything else?”

“...there’s nothing else for the time being!”

Following that, Fu Bainian immediately hung up.

Li Qi looked at his phone, feeling stupefied. Did he hang up just like that? How come he didn’t ask whether Chen Meimei was scalded or injured? He’d especially made that phone call to inform him about this, yet he’d just said ‘I got it’, and that was it?

Li Qi asked himself, “Could it be that relationship issues have truly arisen between President Fu and Chen Meimei?”

After Lan Jinyao was soaked with the tea splashed by Shen Wei’an, Assistant Xiaolin led her to change clothes and touch up her makeup. Shen Wei’an was taken away by Jiang Cheng. Lan Jinyao felt that she would never forget the way Shen Wei’an had looked when she’d turned to look at her, her gaze filled with resentment.

She wasn’t the person who’d done wrong, so why did Shen Wei’an make herself look like a victim all the time?

Lan Jinyao felt that she’d been really blind in the past.

When the shoot for the first scene had begun, Shen Wei’an stood by one side and stared at her. Lan Jinyao could a piercing gaze on her all the time, just like a sharp sword pointing at her.

After Shen Wei’an’s previous work was cancelled, Jiang Cheng had invested in this drama and invited Xu Hao to star in it as well. Even though Xu Hao was there, Lan Jinyao saw it as nothing. Xu Hao’s actions, on the other hand, didn’t seem very natural. Lan Jinyao felt that Xu Hao probably liked Shen Wei’an to a certain degree, but it was just a one-sided love from his side and Shen Wei’an’s eyes were never on Xu Hao.

Shen Wei’an didn’t make an appearance in this first scene, so everything went by smoothly.

In the evening, after taking a bath, Lan Jinyao hesitated for a long time before she finally turned on her mobile and texted Fu Bainian. She reported to Fu Bainian what had happened on that day, yet she didn’t receive any reply from him. She reckoned that Fu Bainian was furious with her.

After a while, Lan Jinyao couldn’t take it anymore and called him, but then she realised that his phone was turned off.

Later, when she checked Weibo, she received a lot of new messages. Most of them were messages like ‘congrats with your breakup’ and ‘happy divorce’. Many people said that Fu Bainian didn’t like her so she might as well pull back as soon as possible to save herself from falling deeper. Others said that their relationship had long since died out and that it was now an in name only marriage.

Lan Jinyao looked at the news, and for the first time, she felt so angry that she wanted to throw her phone away. No wonder Li Qi had said those weird things to her before coming here. Being a Manager with sharp senses, Li Qi had anticipated all of this long ago.

That night, Lan Jinyao felt as if she suffered from insomnia.

The next day, Lan Jinyao got up early. When she went out for a stroll, she spotted a surreptitious figure dashing through the corridor. Lan Jinyao’s first thought was that there was paparazzi around. She subconsciously followed him and wanted to check out the situation. Following that, she realised that everything she had known about Xu Hao had been subverted.

The man guarding Shen Wei’an’s door was not paparazzi, but Xu Hao. He was wearing casual apparel and a cap. At first glance, he looked no different from the paparazzi. The most important thing was that he actually had a camera in his hand.

Lan Jinyao hid in the corner; she wanted to see what Xu Hao was up to.

Now, it was still very early in the morning, and since the sun had just risen, Shen Wei’an probably hadn’t gotten up yet. Lan Jinyao stealthily watched Xu Hao’s movements, but it seemed that he was also waiting for Shen Wei’an to appear.

About thirty minutes later, Shen Wei’an’s door finally opened.

It was currently around 6 AM, and the Shen Wei’an whom Lan Jinyao used to know would never have woken up before 8 AM. Lan Jinyao thought: Could Shen Wei’an have changed her habits? The next second, she saw Xu Hao, who was guarding the door, ducking to the side.

When she retracted her gaze and looked in Shen Wei’an’s direction again, she discovered that aside from Shen Wei’an, a man had followed her out of the room. She could only view that man’s back, and from that, she guessed that he must be quite good looking. But, when the man turned around, Lan Jinyao’s eyes widened in shock.

That person was a very popular model in the entertainment industry. She’d heard that not long ago, he and his wife had made it on the front page by publicly displaying their affection. This was still a very hot topic receiving a lot of high praise from citizens.

What was the man’s name again? Lan Jinyao couldn’t recall it at this moment.

When Lan Jinyao was about to take out her phone to take a picture, the man had already turned around and left. After seeing the man off, Shen Wei’an went back into her room.

Seeing this, Lan Jinyao was quite discontented, but then her eyes fell on the camera in Xu Hao’s hand.

The memory card for this kind of digital camera could be backed up.

She stared at the digital camera and a smile slowly crept up on her face.

Since Shen Wei’an liked scandals so much, then this time, she would be a ‘good person’ and help her get back on the front page one more time.

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