Chapter 120 - In Name Only (3)

Chapter 120 - In Name Only (3)

On the first day in H City, Lan Jinyao saw Jiang Cheng and Shen Wei’an together. The two of them were sitting on the grass under the tent set up by the staff. Shen Wei’an held a script in her hand and was seemingly discussing the plot with Jiang Cheng.

When Lan Jinyao saw that scene, she harrumphed coldly and felt somewhat disdainful as she thought: If one wanted to discuss business and management with Jiang Cheng that was still alright. However, to discuss a script...could he even recognise the difference between a good and bad plot? After sneering, she pondered again: Don’t tell her that Shen Wei’an had joined hands with Jiang Cheng to deal with her? If this drama production was really a trap set for her by them, then she reckoned that the road ahead wouldn’t be so easy this time.

However, this didn’t seem to be the case. She saw that Shen Wei’an was talking non-stop on her own, and Jiang Cheng seemed to be replying with a lack of interest, his expression cold like usual.

These two appeared harmonious but were in fact divided at heart; why were they together? How did Jiang Cheng find out about her secret? Could it be that Shen Wei’an was the one who told him?

Li Qi, who was standing beside her, lightly nudged her and asked, “Meimei, what’s wrong?”

Lan Jinyao shook her head and replied, “It’s nothing!”

After that, she turned around and saw Li Qi staring at her with a peculiar look in his eyes. She immediately guessed what he was thinking.

“Li Qi, behave while we’re at work and stop overthinking things!”

Upon hearing this, Li Qi awkwardly smiled at her and rubbed his nose.

Having arrived at H City, Lan Jinyao knew that she would be very busy in the coming period. Besides filming, she had a lot of things to do. So, as soon as she’d arrived, she’d sent a text message to Fu Bainian, consisting of only four words: “Arrived safe and sound.”

This was the first time that she hadn’t received any reply or call from Fu Bainian, but Lan Jinyao had long expected this, so she didn’t mind and turned off her phone. She then found a quiet place to go over the script.

Jiang Cheng appeared to be looking for someone and wandered around the place by himself. When he saw Lan Jinyao sitting under a tree, he immediately strode over and said with a surprised expression, “You’re here! I initially thought that you couldn't make it this morning.”

Lan Jinyao didn’t depart with the production team; she’d arrived later with Li Qi.

She indifferently acknowledged his words and only swept Jiang Cheng a quick look before returning her gaze to the script in her hand. Jiang Cheng’s current expression was completely different from when he’d faced Shen Wei’an earlier, which dispelled the doubts she had in her heart.

Following this, a thought had suddenly flashed into Lan Jinyao’s mind, so she looked up and said to Jiang Cheng, “President Jiang, I hope that no matter what kind of publicity we do in the future, please do not involve my private life in it as that will only make things difficult for me! And, that will also have a certain impact on my personal life.”

“Private life?” Jiang Cheng chuckled at this and added, “What kind of publicity will affect your private life? Chen Meimei, what kind of person do you see me as?”

His words ought to have been spoken in a weighty tone, yet his voice sounded extraordinarily gentle and there was even a faint smile plastered on his face. Seeing this made Lan Jinyao feel that he was very contradictory, just like a patient with split personality disorder.

Lan Jinyao ignored the strange feeling in her heart and answered, “Maybe I was wrong about President Jiang, but today’s news made me very unhappy after reading it.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Cheng’s expression sunk. He then said, “I understand!”

His tone seemed to carry a trace of anger this time, but why was he angry? Lan Jinyao was a little puzzled at this. Could it be that he wasn’t the one behind this? But, apart from Jiang Cheng, she couldn’t think of anyone else who could have done such a thing.

After a while, Jiang Cheng walked away and Shen Wei’an, who’d been hiding in a corner this whole time, finally made her appearance. She put on her large-framed sunglasses as she walked towards Lan Jinyao and sat down in front of her.

Lan Jinyao ignored her and continued reading the script in her hand.

Shen Wei’an looked around and saw that no one was nearby before commenting, “Lan Jinyao, you’re occupying someone else’s body, but aren’t you afraid that the spirit of the deceased will return to find you?”

These words had seemingly touched Lan Jinyao’s raw nerve as she abruptly put down the script and stared at Shen Wei’an with a chilly gaze. “Shen Wei’an, what about you? You personally committed those sins, and your hands are stained with blood, aren’t you afraid that those you’ve killed will come back to find you? Did you really think that in this world, one could be reborn after they die? If it wasn’t evil spirits, then what else could it be?”

Shen Wei’an’s face turned white after she’d listened to this and her hand had subconsciously covered her neck. Lan Jinyao saw that action and shifted her gaze to Shen Wei’an’s neck, noticing that something was hanging around her neck with a red cord.

Seeing this, Lan Jinyao smiled and added, “Shen Wei’an, you’re actually very afraid of that, right? After all, no one knows whether gods or demons are real or not. Otherwise, why would you want to ward off evil spirits?”

Lan Jinyao’s smiling expression was somewhat malicious. In the past, she would’ve never shown such a smile as that wasn’t in line with her elegant and graceful personality. However, ever since she’d become Chen Meimei, she’d subconsciously tried to fathom Chen Meimei’s behaviour and habits. As a result, she’d started to behave like a different person as if she’d been gradually influenced.

In fact, she admired Chen Meimei’s personality. At least, Chen Meimei wouldn’t allow a woman like Shen Wei’an to approach her at all.

Shen Wei’an subconsciously retracted her hand and roared, “Lan Jinyao, you won’t remain arrogant for too much longer! Jiang Cheng will be mine alone, and you’ll eventually end up with nothing! You’ll even lose Fu Bainian!”

Shen Wei’an was yelling at her like a victim, but Lan Jinyao’s expression remained indifferent.

She then asked, “You fell in love with Jiang Cheng? But, he doesn’t seem to like you though! I remember that you used to like Director Shen; he’s such an outstanding man that you must have coveted him for a long time, right? It’s such a pity that he’d already found his other half to spend his life with. Don’t tell me that you were so depressed you decided to shift to another target? I’m apprehensive about your marriage! Say, what kind of man would like a ruthless woman like you?”


Shen Wei’an’s finger, which was pointing at Lan Jinyao, was trembling due to anger. After she uttered ‘you’ several times, she picked up a cup of tea and threw it at Lan Jinyao. Meanwhile, Lan Jinyao didn’t guard against her sudden move which resulted in her being splashed with tea.

When Lan Jinyao was about to retaliate, a shriek suddenly resounded in the area. She swiftly threw away the teacup, and porcelain pieces smashed everywhere when it landed on the ground.

When everyone arrived on the scene, they saw Lan Jinyao’s sorry figure as she stood there with her drenched clothes, while Shen Wei’an looked around frantically.

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