Chapter 119 - In Name Only (2)

Chapter 119 - In Name Only (2)

Lan Jinyao was struggling to a pimple on her face in the car, while Li Qi was reading some news on his phone. In the entertainment industry, the news would change as almost every minute; no one knew who would fall in the next second. Therefore, they were always concerned about the latest entertainment news.

Usually, when Li Qi was reading the news, he would talk or exclaim a lot like a fifteen-year-old girl. But today, he was just quietly staring at his phone screen without saying a word.

Xiaolin was the first to notice Li Qi’s bizarre behaviour.

“Bro Li, why are you so quiet today? Did you find any significant news?” Xiaolin asked as she moved closer to see his phone.

Li Qi subconsciously hid his phone when he suddenly saw a face appear beside him. This move was so quick and conspicuous that even Lan Jinyao, who was busy dealing with the pimple on her face lifted her head and looked at him.

How clever was Lan Jinyao? With just a mere glance she understood Li Qi’s behaviour.

She asked, “Is there more news? About me?”

Li Qi nodded.

Xiaolin started getting agitated. “Are people saying bad things about Sis Meimei again on the Internet? Those online rumours are really too much. They don’t know how good Sis Meimei is, but they still love to talk rubbish. In the end, the one who gets hurt is always Sis Meimei.”

Compared to Xiaolin’s emotions, Lan Jinyao didn't feel much towards this because there were many occurrences of this happening. As long as she led a good life, what did that have to do with others? Those noisy people weren't leading a life as good as hers.

Lan Jinyao continued to squeeze the pimple on her face. She had just started when Xiaolin grabbed her hands and exclaimed, “Sis Meimei, do you want your face to be disfigured? If you squeeze a pimple with makeup still on your face, it’ll get infected. Just apply some medicine later, it’ll soon get better.”

Lan Jinyao gloomily muttered, “It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten one, so I didn’t expect one to pop up today. Looks like it might be a hormonal imbalance.”

Soon though, her attention was once again attracted to Li Qi, and she was no longer focusing on the pimple on her face.

“Li Qi, why are you being so secretive? What is the news about? Just tell us.”

Li Qi laughed somewhat uncomfortably. “It’s really nothing, just some messy things. I’ll let you have a look if you want to.”

After that, he passed his phone to Lan Jinyao. She looked at the phone but didn’t see any significant news. Isn’t this just the latest entertainment news? What was the reason for hiding this?

However, just as Lan Jinyao wanted to return the phone to Li Qi, a thought suddenly occurred to her, and she opened up the web browser history and the news that Li Qi had just read immediately appeared on the screen. Lan Jinyao looked at the enlarged photo, anger bubbling forth in her heart.

“Who's hyping things up? Jiang Cheng?” Lan Jinyao sneered. “Did he want the show to be a hit before it was even filmed? To think he used such news to cause a fuss!”

There were two people in the photo, one was herself, and the other was Jiang Cheng. In the background was the bar where He Xiaoyun worked. This was nothing new as this news had been posted before. The only difference was that this time, the article had attached a magnified photo of Jiang Cheng and Fu Bainian’s fight from the other day.

The popular married actress Chen Meimei was caught cheating! Her new lover and old lover are in a love-hate feud.

At that time, in Fu Bainian’s office, it was obvious that there was only the three of them. Beside Jiang Cheng, she couldn’t think of anyone else who would expose such boring news.

“Meimei, don't get agitated. President Jiang may be doing it for the promotion of the new drama. This is just a marketing trick. There are plenty of people in the entertainment industry who do this. We still need to be on our way to shoot the drama, so don't put this small matter in your heart to avoid exhausting yourself due to anger.”

Lan Jinyao said coldly, “Whether Jiang Cheng wants to publicise the drama or stir up trouble, we all know the truth in our hearts. Anyways, as I said, after I finish filming this TV series, I don’t want to have anything more to do with that man. Every one of them is a treacherous and cunning person who only wants to take advantage of others.”

She wasn’t merely referring to Jiang Cheng, but also to Shen Wei’an. Both of them were just as cunning as each other in her eyes.

“Yeah, he isn’t a good person! To think that he even wants to drive a wedge between Big Sis Meimei and President Fu!” Xiaolin echoed.

Li Qi seemed to ponder something before he said to Lan Jinyao, “Meimei, no matter what happens out there these coming 4 weeks, you don't have to worry about it. Just set your mind at ease and focus on filming. These entertainment sites will stop making a big deal out of this when the audience gets tired of it. If anything happens, leave it all to me.”

Lan Jinyao nodded but then felt that something was amiss.

She asked, “Why did you say that? Do you know something?”

Li Qi magnanimously looked at her and said, “The news has already come out, so no matter who was behind this, other news stations will consecutively publish it too. At that time, the rumours on the internet will certainly be even worse. I'm a little worried that the misunderstanding between you and President Fu will become worse.”

“Can the situation between us be worse than it is now?” Lan Jinyao sighed. “That seems impossible. No matter how it will worsen, to what extent could it get? It will be fine after this month is over. By that time, all the confusion will have been sorted out.”

Li Qi patted her shoulder in a comforting manner. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. It’s just that during filming, I heard that President Jiang would also come, so you should pay attention.”

“I know.”

Speaking of Jiang Cheng, a touch of worry rapidly flashed in Lan Jinyao’s eyes. That man seemed to have suddenly broken into her world. He was like an intruder getting closer step by step with a hidden agenda. Not only did Fu Bainian feel uncomfortable, but he also made her feel inexplicably flustered.

This time they went to film at Movie City, which was filled with ancient decorations. Entering Movie City was equivalent to isolating oneself from the outside world.

It was only Lan Jinyao who was paying attention to the news outside.

Every time she saw the news, she would tightly frown. The media, as Li Qi had said, were trying to sow discord between her and Fu Bainian. Not only did they say that she was having an affair, but they had also said that their relationship had long been damaged. And, because they wanted to leave some face for the two families, they didn't apply for a divorce, but that Fu Bainian had already found a new love.

Those last four words in the news inexplicably stung her eyes.

When she asked Li Qi about it, she heard him say, “Those media sites just wrote it all without basis. They even said that you and President Fu have gotten a divorce, but is that the truth?”

Thinking this way, Lan Jinyao finally got a little peace of mind. However, she always felt that things the media reported on weren’t entirely unfounded.

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