Chapter 116 - Quarreling For The First Time (6)

Chapter 116 - Quarreling For The First Time (6)

“These documents are critical, and they’re not about Blue Hall Entertainment. So, it’ll be me who’ll deliver them for the time being.”

While saying this, Shen Yu’s expression was solemn.

“Oh, I see,” Li Qi nodded as he responded, no trace of doubt on his face.

In fact, Li Qi had already heard that the company would be expanding. President Fu had started planning everything in the past year. Besides Blue Hall Entertainment, Fu family’s properties could be found in every trade.

“What about you?” Shen Yu asked. “What are you doing in front of President Fu’s office? Are you also changing professions to guarding the door?”

Shen Yu’s expression relaxed when he said this; there was even a faint smile on his face. However, he soon couldn’t smile anymore!

“Fu Bainian! Don’t bully me too much…”

A sharp female voice came from inside the office. Chen Meimei’s lung capacity was large, and her voice was high. After the car accident, she would always speak with a soft voice, which had made everyone forget that she used to be a tough woman that was capable of causing the collapse of a building with one scream.

Li Qi rubbed his ear, and then he spread out his hands towards Shen Yu. “It’s exactly as you heard; our Madam Fu is quarreling with the President. If you enter now, you’ll only be setting fire to yourself, so you should stay here with me! It’ll be better after they finish quarreling.”

Shen Yu hardly hesitated as he resolutely said, “No, these things are very important, so I must go in now. Move aside and don’t block the door.”

“Bro, remember that you’re deciding this by yourself,” Li Qi said as he stepped aside.

Shen Yu knocked on the office door, but the quarrel continued inside.

By now, Lan Jinyao’s fair cheeks had flushed red due to anger, and even her foundation couldn’t cover it. Meanwhile, Fu Bainian was as motionless as a mountain. He sat stiffly behind the desk and stared at the documents before him without looking up as if he was ignoring her.

Just as Shen Yu came in, he heard Lan Jinyao say, “Fu Bainian, since this is the case, then we have nothing to talk about. Give me the termination contract!”

Even after standing there stunned for a while, Shen Yu still couldn’t return to his senses.

While their always astute President Fu actually pulled out a document from the desk drawer. Shen Yu came closer to have a look and saw it really was a termination contract.

And thus, his palm slammed down on the document. In that second, two pairs of eyes instantly focused on him.

“This document can’t be signed now!” he braced himself as he spoke.

Lan Jinyao knitted her perfectly shaped brows and asked him coldly, “Why not?”

Shen Yu sarcastically smiled. “I have urgent business, so set aside the termination contract for now. President Fu needs to look at this document first. Please wait a moment, Madam.”

At such time, anyone would need a stepping stone, and now that someone was willing to be a stepping stone, she just had to go with the flow.

Lan Jinyao shrugged. “Alright.”

She went to sit on the couch and looked outside the window with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

Shen Yu’s voice resounded in the office as he talked just loud enough for her to hear.

“Boss, this is a piece of land that we recently bid for. Please have a look at the outcome of the bid. It's a pity, but we didn't win this time. I feel a little puzzled, as the other party's price was just slightly higher than ours.”

Fu Bainian’s face become grave at this statement.

He massaged his temples, and said, “The company has a traitor. Investigate this matter quickly. I don’t want similar things to happen in the future.”

Shen Yu voiced his agreement. However, he didn’t immediately leave, and it looked like he was hesitating to say something.

At that moment, Lan Jinyao found that Shen Yu’s gaze seemed to be set on her.

Suspicions immediately rose inside her. Is the following matter somehow related to her? Although she’d cooperated with Jiang Cheng, she didn’t intend to be a traitor. Moreover, she wasn’t a person on the same boat as Jiang Cheng.

Obviously, Fu Bainian also realised this particular detail. He said to Shen Yu, “She’s not related. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

This sentence made Lan Jinyao felt mildly happy inside. It seemed that Fu Bainian hadn’t completely lost all faith in her.

Shen Yu hesitated for some time, but he finally clenched his jaw and said, “Boss, this piece of land was awarded to River Group Company, and these following documents are also related to River Group Corporation. I think that what we’ve done to River Group Corporation has been noticed by Jiang Cheng. He is now continuously attacking us as a warning. Do we need to stop, Boss?”

Fu Bainian swept a glance at Lan Jinyao, whose eyes were looking everywhere but at him before he said to Shen Yu, “Proceed as planned. This isn’t Jiang Cheng’s warning to us, but our declaration of war against him. Although B City is a prosperous city, it’s mainly just that large piece of land. If we want to expand, there will eventually be conflict.”

Shen Yu responded in a low voice, “Yes, then I will arrange the following matters. However, I’m worried that old institutions die hard. Even if the Jiang family no longer have a foothold in B City, our corporation’s properties will also take a big hit. Currently, the profits of our other businesses have already started to significantly decline.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao subconsciously frowned.

Before Fu Bainian could respond, she had already stood up and quickly walked over to say, “Bainian, you can’t be so radical. What Shen Yu is saying is right.”

Fu Bainian ignored her, and instead waved his hand to let Shen Yu leave first.

After Shen Yu had left, the office returned to its quiet state. The two remaining people stared at each other as if they were engaged in a silent war.

After some time, Fu Bainian opened his mouth to say, “This is something related to the business world; you don’t understand anything. Just mind your own business.”

“How can I not understand? Shen Yu said that our company would receive the impact. You can’t be persistently wilful; you have to consider other people. You have to think it through clearly. If you do this, then you are nothing but selfish.” She thought that besides being emotional about their relationship, Fu Bainian was calm and cool-headed. But now, it appeared that he’d completely lost all rationality.

“Chen Meimei, is it your own selfishness acting up or mine? Why’re you stopping me from doing this? Are you doing this for that man?”

He was rambling incoherently, but at this moment, he had no control over himself.

“Fu Bainian, that’s enough!” Lan Jinyao’s eyes finally reddened.

The atmosphere was locked in a stalemate like a dense and sticky net covering the two, causing them unable to breathe.

Fu Bainian tightly clenched his jaw but didn’t utter a word, his complexion unsightly.

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