Chapter 115 - Quarreling For The First Time (5)

Chapter 115 - Quarreling For The First Time (5)

Li Qi’s phone rang as he prepared to go to the River Group Corporation, and the gazes of the three people in the van all focused on him.

Li Qi glanced at his phone screen before he said to Lan Jinyao, “Meimei, it’s a call from President Fu. Do you want to pick it up, or should I pick it up?”

“Pick it up and listen to what he says,” Lan Jinyao said indifferently.

“Oh, ok!” Li Qi responded. His mind had already thought about the situation a thousand times.

In fact, everyone in the car knew why Fu Bainian was calling; it must be about whether Chen Meimei could join River Group Corporation. It was called an audition, but in fact, it was just for a formality as the the female lead role had already been given to Chen Meimei.

“President Fu.”

“We’re on the way to the River Group Corporation audition, and it’ll be another ten minutes before we arrive.”


The exclamation made Lan Jinyao’s heart leap up to her throat. Then, Li Qi’s voice was calm again. It was just that they’d been talking over the phone for a few minutes, and she couldn’t hear what they were talking about at all.

Seeing Li Qi hanging up the phone, Lan Jinyao quickly asked, “What is it? Is he...still opposed to me going there?”

Li Qi nodded. “Yes, President Fu isn’t allowing you to participate in River Group Corporation’s audition.”

“If I still insist on going?” Lan Jinyao was furious.

Li Qi’s eyes started darting everywhere as he stammered, “President Fu said...that you’re an artist signed under Blue Hall Entertainment. If you violate the contract and do something against the interests of the company, the company will consider terminating their contract with you, and you’ll have to pay a huge penalty.”

The driver, along with the Assistant, sucked in a cold gasp of air as they both stared at Li Qi in shock.

At that moment, the van had already stopped by the roadside.

“What do we do now, Meimei?” Xiaolin asked. “Are we going back like this?”

Lan Jinyao gritted her teeth as she said to Xiaolin, “Cancelation of the contract it is then! Let's go back and bookmark the cancellation date, and then come back. Xiaolin, call President Jiang first and tell him that we may not have the time to go over now. If he's willing to wait…”

Xiaolin nodded, pulled out her phone, and made a call.

Li Qi sighed in relief. Since they could go back, it proved that things weren’t so serious. However, soon he found out that things were much worse than he thought.

After Lan Jinyao returned to the company, she went straight towards the President’s office. When she entered, the door was closed behind her with a loud bang. In the past ten years, no one had dared do that before.

Li Qi stared at the closed door in front of him; his eyes opened wide. Chen Meimei sure has guts; this wasn't something that was easy to do.

Fu Bainian was wearing a suit as he sat behind the desk reading documents. He looked shrewd and capable, but when he looked up at Lan Jinyao, she discovered the purplish shade under his eyes. Fu Bainian usually paid great attention to his personal image and charm. This was Lan Jinyao’s first time seeing him going to work with dark circles. The anger surging within her heart seemed to have dissipated slightly.

“Fu Bainian, don’t you believe in me?” Lan Jinyao stood in front of the desk and glared at him. “I’ve clearly promised you before that it’ll just be filming this one time, nothing more. Why aren’t you willing to change your mind? Can’t you let me go just this once?”

Fu Bainian only looked up and glanced at her once before burying his head in the piles of documents again.

Upon hearing Lan Jinyao ask this, he answered faintly without lifting his head, “It isn’t that I don’t believe in you, but...I don’t believe in myself.”

He clearly knew that she wasn’t only going to film this one time. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have immediately accepted the TV drama without even carefully thinking about it. Right after Jiang Cheng had said to her that Shen Wei’an would play as the second female lead, she hadn’t even hesitated to have a big argument with him. He knew she was determined, but he still disagreed because he didn’t believe in himself.

He didn't believe in his charm, and that he could make her indifferent towards other men. He also doubted his ability to protect her from the slightest accident when she was dealing with Shen Wei'an.

He lacked so much self-confidence that he only wished for Lan Jinyao, the woman that he loved dearly, to be nearby.

“Fu Bainian…” Lan Jinyao was shocked. She didn’t think that Fu Bainian would say such helpless words.

However, she only felt guilty for one second, because the next second, she discovered that his tone changed. It became cold and formal, causing the only remaining part of remorse in her heart to completely vanish.

He lifted his head and looked at her with a cold look, and formally said, “Chen Meimei, I hope you will think it over carefully. Your current cooperation with River Group Corporation has already damaged the interests of our company. Therefore, please stop your cooperation with River Group Corporation immediately. Otherwise, we will rescind our contract, and you'll have to pay a huge penalty for breach of contract.”

“Fu Bainian-!”

Lan Jinyao suddenly raised her voice, “Who promised me at the beginning that he would help me?! You wouldn’t be forgetting about that, would you?”

She really hated Fu Bainian talking to her in this formal tone because it made her feel that there was no relationship between them, let alone one of as a husband and wife or lover. This kind of feeling was awful.

“Of course I remember!” Fu Bainian’s tone was still indifferent and calm. “But, now it’s not the same as back then. I have to consider the company’s best interests.”

What nonsense about interests?! It was merely an excuse to fob her off.

Lan Jinyao abruptly felt a small flame grow within her heart, burning all her rationality into ashes.

“Fu Bainian, why can’t you take a step back?”

Lan Jinyao took a deep breath and lowered her voice. In fact, when she was like this, it meant that all her patience had been depleted.

Of course, Fu Bainian understood her. Currently, his hands under the desk were clenched so tightly that veins were visible. He was repressing his emotions with everything he had.

“There’ll be no more discussions on this matter.”

Outside the office, Li Qi was anxiously pacing; his head was filled with thoughts. President Fu and Chen Meimei had quarreled so badly. Chen Meimei was also a tough woman. They wouldn’t fight each other in the office, right?

Just as he was anxiously walking around in circles, Shen Yu appeared holding a pile of documents.

“Huh? Director Shen, are you replacing Qian Ran as President Fu’s Assistant now? Why is it you who’s sending the documents?”

Shen Yu’s expression didn’t look very good. He pondered for a moment before slowly opening his mouth.

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