Chapter 114 - Quarreling For The First Time (4)

Chapter 114 - Quarreling For The First Time (4)

Lan Jinyao snapped out of her thoughts upon hearing her phone ring. In that split second, she was so excited when she saw the word ‘Fu’ on the screen, but unfortunately, after another look, she realised that it was actually Fu Changning who was calling.

Fu Changning was currently becoming more intimate with her, and it had quickly surpassed her relationship with Fu Bainian.

Thinking of Fu Bainian, she snorted coldly.

However, Lan Jinyao didn’t think that Fu Changning’s words would make her even angrier.

“What’s the matter that you’re calling me this late, Changning?”

Fu Changning stammered as she asked her, “S-sis-in-law, are...are you quarreling with my brother recently? It’s already so late, yet why hasn’t my Brother gone home?”

“How do you know that Fu Bainian isn’t home?” she quickly asked.

“ Brother, he’s in the bar right now, and I happen to be here…”

Fu Changning hadn’t finished speaking when she was interrupted by Lan Jinyao hurriedly saying, “Look after Bainian, I’ll be right over.”


Stepping outside, Lan Jinyao was greeted with a bright and colourful night scene. In this pleasure-seeking city, people’s nightlife had just begun. She immediately got in the car and drove to the bar.

A while later, she arrived outside the bar. A figure in pink was standing by the bar entrance, looking around anxiously. Lan Jinyao then ran over to Fu Changning and asked, “Where’s your Brother? Hurry and take me to him.”

Fu Changning hung her head low while fiddling with her fingers; she kept silent for a long time.

Lan Jinyao was getting impatient, so she asked her again, “Changning, quickly tell me! Where is your Brother?”

“My Brother...has already left. I didn’t follow him.”

“He’s driving while drunk? Doesn’t he don’t want to live anymore?!” Lan Jinyao exclaimed. Then, she asked, “Did you see the direction your Brother went?”

Fu Changning gritted her teeth and pointed to a direction. Lan Jinyao looked at the direction her finger was pointing at in a daze. That was the way to the Fu residence. Was Fu Bainian determined not to see her?

Lan Jinyao clenched her fists tightly.

“Let’s go, Changning, we chase after your Brother,” she said high spiritedly, the distress in her eyes not so obvious in the dark.

Fu Changning finally raised her head, a smile gracing her lips as she looked at Lan Jinyao. The two returned to Fu residence together. The moment they saw the car parked outside, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“It seems that your Brother didn’t drink too much!”

“It’s strange. I saw it with my own eyes, Brother, he looked very depressed, and drank glass after glass. I tried to persuade him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. He was able to come back safely because his alcohol tolerance is good. In the past, he drank quite a lot when he attended banquets, but he’d vomit after drinking and had stomach problems. After that, he restrained himself. It was just that my Brother hadn't drunk like this for a long time.”

Lan Jinyao saw the distress in Fu Changning’s eyes when she was talking about this.

The two didn’t alarm anyone as they went in, and Lan Jinyao went straight upstairs. Right then, Fu Changning noticed that Lan Jinyao was wearing a pair of slippers.

She bit her lower lip, feeling touched.

Fu Bainian wasn’t in the bedroom. After Lan Jinyao came out of the bedroom, she stood by the room that was always locked. She pushed the door, but it didn’t open. This time, the door was locked from the inside. It seemed that Fu Bainian was really inside.

Lan Jinyao leaned against the door, her eyes sad.

Fu Bainian, what secrets are hidden behind this door? Why do you hide in there and shut me out? Could it be that, besides my work, there is something else in there that I don’t know about?

Two minutes later, Lan Jinyao slipped out of the house by taking advantage of the darkness and went straight home. Lying alone on the double bed, she no longer felt sleepy.

Her eyes were wide open, looking at the ceiling.

In the dark.

Fu Bainian was lying on the big bed in the locked room. This room was no different from any other place, but, only he knew that there was a morbid soul shut within. He didn't dare to mention it to anyone, and only Changning knew, but Changning was too young. She thought it was love. It wasn’t. It was crazier than love; it was his morbid obsession towards one person.

Instead of closing his eyes, he took out a photo album and slowly flipped through it. Occasionally, his finger gently slid over the woman’s delicate face in the picture, his caress similar to that of a lover.

A twisted obsession was lingering in his eyes.

In the past, he used to look at her from afar and didn’t deliberately approach her. There was such a vast chasm separating the pair.

Later, he wasn’t satisfied with only watching; he wanted to take her as his and had even prepared a ring. Unfortunately, the person had died before the ring was presented.

It was God who took pity him so that he had another chance to meet her. They registered a marriage and formed a family. He’d thought that this was what he’d asked for.

Humans were always like this; the more they got, the more they wanted.

For most people, he stood at the peak of success with a happy family, and numerous properties, but he still wasn’t satisfied. Fu Bainian wondered if he was really too greedy, resulting in their current predicament. However, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Jiang Cheng harboured ulterior motives, and it was only Lan Jinyao who didn’t realise it.

She also didn’t understand how dangerous that man was.

This wasn’t the first time that Fu Bainian had felt a sense of danger. It was just that the sense of danger had come from himself back then, and now it was coming from someone else.

Now that a small gap had been created between them, what should he do next?

He really didn't want to be like this. He didn't want their relationship to shatter into nothing.

Fu Bainian’s brows creased tightly. He held the photo album in his arms and gradually closed his eyes.

The next day sunlight filled the room. When Fu Bainian was awakened by the blinding sun, he saw a figure standing by the window. Standing against the light, he thought it was that person, so the word ‘Jinyao’ slipped from between his lips. However, when the person standing by the window turned around, he knew that he’d been mistaken.

“Brother, are you still drunk? Take a good look; I’m Changning!”

Fu Bainian groaned and sat up from the bed. He hadn’t changed his clothes last night, so they were covered with the smell of alcohol, making him frown.

Obviously, Changning also smelled it. The girl pinched her nose and said with displeasure, “Hurry up and wash, then come down for breakfast. I’m going down first.”

When Fu Bainian went downstairs, he found that everyone in the room was staring at him.

“What is it?” his voice was slightly hoarse.

The two elders didn’t speak, but Fu Changning couldn’t restrain herself and said to him, “When you were drunk last night, I called Sis-in-law. She immediately went to the bar, even forgetting to change her slippers. But, then you left the bar, and Sis-in-law had to follow you back with me.”

“Where is she? Upstairs?” Fu Bainian asked.

Fu Changning shook her head. “I think Sis-in-law left last night.”

As she spoke, Fu Changning’s voice was choked up as she asked him, “Why didn’t you sleep in the bedroom? If you were in the bedroom, Sis-in-law wouldn’t have left.”

The next second, Fu Bainian dashed out of the room before anyone could react.

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