Chapter 113 - Quarreling For The First Time (3)

Chapter 113 - Quarreling For The First Time (3)

Lan Jinyao was hesitant at first, but Fu Bainian’s current attitude allowed her to made a decision.

In any case, because of this matter, they were now quarreling. So, why should she discard this opportunity too? Wouldn’t she suffer a double loss then?

As she walked out of the company, Lan Jinyao dialled Li Qi’s phone.

“Li Qi, I want to tell you something.”

“Oh, Meimei, I also want to tell you something.”

It was noisy on the other end of the phone like he was in a bar or something.

Shen Wei’an’s matter hadn’t occurred too long ago, and yet it had already been smoothed out, without implicating Lan Jinyao. The scandal between herself and Jiang Cheng had also been covered up. She thought that the latter issue must’ve been solved by Fu Bainian.

“I’ll go first!” she interrupted Li Qi.

“Okay, okay, you speak first.”

“Accompany me to the River Group Corporation tomorrow!”

“What are you going to do there?”


Lan Jinyao had wisely moved the phone away from her ear slightly. The next second, Li Qi’s shout could be heard from inside the phone in her hand.

“What?! You said that you’re going to the River Group Corporation to audition?! Young Lady, are the activities that I’ve recently arranged for you not to your liking? To think that you’re going to our arch-enemy camp. Even though the entertainment company under the River Group Corporation allocate a lot of funds to their new production, it’s still not as good as our Blue Hall Entertainment’s.”

“I’ve already thought about it thoroughly, and I want to go,” Lan Jinyao said calmly.

At this moment, her tone didn’t contain the slightest trace of anger or resentment. She felt calm now as though she was no different from tranquil water.

“What about President Fu?” Li Qi probed.

Lan Jinyao thought she was calm already, but the moment she heard that name from Li Qi’s mouth, she exploded in that instant.

“Don’t mention him to me!” she unexpectedly blurted.

Li Qi, on the other side of the phone, was stunned by her bellow. He froze for a long time.

“What happened? Are you two quarreling?” Li Qi asked.

Lan Jinyao refused to say anything more.

Being the shrewd person that Li Qi was, he immediately understood her silence.

“Does President Fu disagree?” he asked again.

“I don’t care if he disagrees; I’ve already made my decision,” Lan Jinyao huffed in anger.

Li Qi chuckled. “Your decision is useless. Your contract is still with President Fu.”

“Li Qi, I’m seriously telling you that we’re not discussing this anymore. We will be there on time tomorrow morning at 8. In addition, Shen Wei’an will also come. I don’t want to arrive later than her, so please pay attention.”

She hurriedly finished her talk and hung up before Li Qi could respond.

As Li Qi was in a bar, he didn’t clearly hear what He Xiaoyun asked him as he stared at his phone. After a moment of hesitation, he dialled Fu Bainian’s phone.

“President Fu, Meimei just called me and told me to pick her up tomorrow morning to go to the River Group Corporation. Do you know of this?”

After a quite long time, Li Qi heard two words from the other end. “I know.”

Then, the phone was abruptly hung up.

Li Qi was dumbfounded as he looked at the phone, then he asked He Xiaoyun, “What do you think President Fu meant? Does he agree or disagree? What the heck did he means by ‘I know’? He knows, but I know nothing.”

He Xiaoyun smiled and said to him, “You should go with Meimei tomorrow. Relax, no matter what decision President Fu has made, it won’t affect Meimei’s decision. If President Fu doesn’t agree, he’ll do something to stop her tomorrow.”

“Hmm, you’re right!”

After leaving the company, Lan Jinyao went straight home. She’d initially wanted to sit in a cafe for a while, but then she’d realised she couldn’t be exposed in front of the public. So, after thinking twice, she dropped that thought.

Since she’d promised her Mother-in-law to reduce her workload, Li Qi was particularly excited and had immediately decreased all her activities. She was currently more laid-back than any of those outdated artists in the company.

After returning home, Lan Jinyao dialled Jiang Cheng’s phone.

Unexpectedly, the person answering the phone was not Jiang Cheng, but a woman. The woman’s voice was one that she didn’t ever want to hear in her life.

“Lan Jinyao, you are really something. I’ve really underestimated you in the past. I wouldn’t have expected that not only did you seduce Fu Bainian, but you’re also busy fooling around with Jiang Cheng. Aren’t you afraid of capsizing when you step on so many boats at once?”

Lan Jinyao sneered. “You’re still safe and sound even though you’ve done so many bad things, so why would I have an accident, Shen Wei’an? Anyway, give the phone to Jiang Cheng, I have something to tell him.”

Shen Wei’an let out a weird chuckle before saying to her, “Jiang Cheng is in the bathroom, we just got out of bed. Just call him back later!”

Shen Wei’an then hung up.

Lan Jinyao was baffled. Could it be that Jiang Cheng and Shen Wei’an had that kind of relationship? Then, why did he make her the female lead, and Shen Wei’an the second female lead?

Why was he doing this?

At this moment, Lan Jinyao’s mind had no other thoughts; she didn’t understand Shen Wei’an’s intentions. If it was Fu Bainian, she might not stop to ponder it, but the other party was Jiang Cheng. She had no feelings for him at all, let alone feeling jealous as Shen Wei’an imagined!

Not long after the phone was hung up, Jiang Cheng called her back. Lan Jinyao accepted the call and asked, “What do you want this time? Aren’t you done yet? Give the phone to Jiang Cheng later!”

“...I’m Jiang Cheng.”

“Oh…I’ll go to your company for the audition tomorrow. Tell Shen Wei’an not to be late.”

“You’re agreeing?” Jiang Cheng seemed to be particularly happy.

“Yep, I agree. I’ll be there on time tomorrow.” Jiang Cheng might regret this later, but since she’d already joined the production team, she wouldn’t let things go smoothly for Shen Wei’an. Maybe this TV series would be abolished later.

In fact, after she was reborn, Lan Jinyao felt that she could no longer be called a qualified actor. She’d lost her pursuit for art and the basic qualities as an actor.

Fu Bainian hadn’t returned yet even though it was now dark. Lan Jinyao had already showered and lay down on the bed while holding her phone. The address book had been flipped over by her, but all along she could not keep herself calm.

She wanted to call Fu Bainian, but she was also worried that he would be angry.


After a while, a long sigh escaped her mouth.

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