Chapter 112 - Quarreling For The First Time (2)

Chapter 112 - Quarreling For The First Time (2)

Brewing and tasting tea was about appreciation, but Lan Jinyao wasn’t one who knew how to fully enjoy a cup of tea. Fu Bainian had meticulously prepared a cup of Oolong tea for her, yet she just downed the cup in one go. Aside from a subtle acerbic taste, she couldn’t taste anything else. She drank it too quickly.

After finishing the tea, she put the teacup on the coffee table and said to Fu Bannian, “What I wanted to say was…”

“I know!”

Lan Jinyao’s words were interrupted once again. This time, she was sure that Fu Bainian was doing it on purpose.

“You already know about it? Then, do you consent?” She was referring to the new drama that Jiang Cheng had invested in.

Fu Bainian didn’t hesitate and immediately said, “I don’t! I have something to discuss with you too. I don’t mind you participating in the audition for Chen Zetao’s new film, but the prerequisite is that you have to participate in one of the new productions that Blue Hall Entertainment has invested in. The shooting for this drama happens to be right before Chen Zetao’s film, so the timing is perfect.”

“Fu Bainian, you did this on purpose! Why now, of all times?!” Lan Jinyao’s voice suddenly rose several pitches higher.

Fu Bainian stood up and sat down in his office chair after walking over to his desk. His voice sounded somewhat chilly as he said, “That’s right, I did this on purpose. Don’t forget that you’re an artist under Blue Hall Entertainment, so no matter what kind of script you take on, you have to take the company’s interests into account. Now, the new drama that our company has invested in conflicts with that of River Group Corporation’s. I believe you know what one to choose.”

Lan Jinyao bit her lower lip and didn’t say anything as she was furious at this moment.

She used to have a good temper in the past, but after experiencing all those incidents, her emotions were getting more out of control and would easily fluctuate.

“Is this non-negotiable?” she probed, sounding a bit aggrieved.

“What do you think?” asked Fu Bainian in reply.

Lan Jinyao took a deep breath, and then gathered up her courage to say, “How about just this once? I promise, there will be no next time! Our company has many artists, so it doesn’t have to specifically be me, right? Moreover, Shen Wei’an will also act in that new drama, so when the time comes, I will be able to do whatever I want to her.”

She didn’t realise that her words had touched Fu Bainian’s raw nerve, and his expression instantly darkened.

Fu Bainian sneered bitterly at her. “It seems that you’ve already made a decision, so why pretend that you want to discuss this with me? Aren’t you here to simply announce your decision?”

“That’s right! There are plenty of artists in our company, and many of them can surely take part in this new production if required, but have you ever pondered about this thoroughly? What about River Group Corporation? Shen Wei’an is their company’s artist; why didn’t that man let her play the female lead role? Why did he ask you, an outsider, to play this role?”

His tone was quite harsh this time, and as Lan Jinyao listened to him, her heart felt pained.

It wasn’t that Lan Jinyao had never thought about why Jiang Cheng would do this. After all, there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Jiang Cheng showing her kindness without reason or cause must be because he had ulterior motives. In short, his intention wouldn’t be anything good. However, he had delivered this opportunity right at her doorsteps. If she didn’t seize this chance, then she’d certainly regret it in the future.

She really didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

After remaining silent for a while, Lan Jinyao suddenly asked, “Then, Bainian, can you assure me that Shen Wei’an will return to make an appearance in the new drama that Blue Hall Entertainment has invested in?”

Her tone was very soft, seemingly carrying the trace of a prayer in it.

Fu Bainian looked away. His thin lips were tightly pressed together, and he didn’t answer her.

The answer, of course, was no.

“That’s a no, right?!” Lan Jinyao bitterly laughed and added, “Then, let me go and take part in the other drama! I’ll take care of myself, and as for what you’re worried about...I’ll take note of that too.”

Hearing this, Fu Bainian finally opened his mouth and asked, “You know what I’m worried about? You won’t know, you don’t know anything. So, that’s why you can say this. Chen Meimei, I’m telling you, since you’ve signed a contract with the company, then you have to respect the decision made by the top-level management.”

Lan Jinyao ultimately ran out of patience and sneered coldly, “Top-level management? Fu Bainian, are you trying to be dictatorial?”

People were always like this. When quarreling with others, their IQ would drastically plummet to zero, and they would then speak irresponsibly.

Lan Jinyao felt that something had already torn down her last bit of rationality. She only had one thought in her mind, and that was: Someone wanted to stop her from avenging herself, but she couldn’t let external factors shake her resolve.

“Chen Meimei, are you done? Now, please get out!”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s train of thought was interrupted. She stared at Fu Bainian in disbelief and asked, “You're kicking me out? Fu Bainian, you’ve truly gone too far! Since you’ve said what you wanted to say, then I’m also telling you that this time, I’m definitely going!”

He was honestly too much! To think that he’d treat her like those other women in the company. They were a married couple and were supposed to stay together for a lifetime. Not to mention, was she, Lan Jinyao, so easy to bully?

The flames of anger were welling up, sparkling intensely in her heart.

“You! Shut up and don’t say anything more!” Fu Bainian kneaded his temples and felt as if someone was continually drilling in his head due to the severe pain.

Lan Jinyao bit her lower lip and didn’t speak. Her complexion had turned pale, and her eyes had reddened.

She just stared at Fu Bainian in a daze. Meanwhile, Fu Bainian stood in front of the window and stared at the outside world, unwilling to face her. His back was ramrod straight, giving off a distant vibe and telling others to stay a thousand miles away from him.

“Fu Bainian, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. We both need time and some space to calm down,” her voice was weak as she quietly sobbed.

Behind Fu Bainian, the tears continued rolling down Lan Jinyao’s face.

Perhaps, they needed more time to get along with each other to understand one another’s intentions, as right now, she couldn’t quite grasp Fu Bainian’s way of thinking.

She didn’t understand; she had already given him her promise. It was just filming a drama. She wouldn’t let herself get hurt, and she also wouldn’t let Jiang Cheng get close to her. So, she didn’t understand what Fu Bainian still had to worry about.

Before Lan Jinyao walked out of the room, she’d already wiped her tears away. However, her eyes were still a little red, so one could see that she’d cried earlier.

It was only after Lan Jinyao’s figure had disappeared into the distance that Qian Ran dared to step out of the corner. He stared at the tightly closed door and sighed while shaking his head.

What was the current situation? President Fu was such an outstanding person, yet now that Chen Meimei had managed to win him over, she didn’t know how to cherish him any more. To think that they quarrelled over a new drama; that was truly worrisome. If it was another woman and President Fu had said no to her, that other person would’ve definitely not accepted the offer from River Group Corporation. Unexpectedly, Chen Meimei was quite unyielding.

He then murmured, “I’m sure things won’t end here. Fortunately, I was quick on my feet and hid. Otherwise, I’d have been burned to death by this fire already.”

Qian Ran had guessed correctly, and it didn’t take long before he heard the sound of documents landing on the floor inside the office. He was so startled that he started quivering, and even his neck had shrunk like a scared turtle.

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