Chapter 110 - A Different Fu Bainian (4)

Chapter 110 - A Different Fu Bainian (4)

“What do you want to do?!”

A woman let out a high-pitched scream that echoed throughout the office, the sound reverberating for a long time.

Accompanying the shriek was a loud bang and a dull vibration as Shen Wei’an slammed the tabletop in front of her.

Her hands were propped up on the tabletop as she stared at the man sitting behind the desk with a condemning look full of anger, and her breathing was uneven as she gasped for air.

Jiang Cheng, who was sitting on a cortex office chair, slightly looked up and glanced at her indifferently as he retorted, “Don’t forget who you’re talking to at this moment! Who gave you the audacity to behave so atrociously in my office?”

Jiang Cheng’s body was currently emitting a dangerous and cold aura. His intense gaze made Shen Wei’an feel somewhat intimidated, so she slowly removed her hands from the table.

However, she didn’t want her fear to be noticed by Jiang Cheng, so she turned around and headed to the lounge area, then sat down on the sofa.

“President Jiang, the first time you came to find me...this isn’t what you said back then. At that time, you promised that you would help me. But, what about now? Don’t tell me that you want to go back on your words?”

Shen Wei’an propped up her head with one hand and peered at Jiang Cheng out of the corner of her eye.

Following this, Jiang Cheng replied indifferently, “I don’t intend to go back on my words. I have my own arrangements!”

“What’s the meaning of this then? You rejected my role for the previous TV series, and now want me to play as a supporting role alongside Chen Meimei? Who are you trying to help?” her volume subconsciously rose as she questioned him, her voice carrying a hint of resentment.

Hearing that made Jiang Cheng frown impatiently.

His voice was deep and low as he coldly replied, “You don’t need to worry about who I’m trying to help. You should know that the moment you signed that contract with our company, you’ve already completely cut off your way out. Just think about it: Are you currently worse off here than when you were under the banner of Blue Hall Entertainment?”

Shen Wei’an’s expression instantly sunk when Blue Hall Entertainment was brought up.

“This is just your perception. In fact, when I was in Blue Hall Entertainment, even though Fu Bainian was the one in charge, he never made things difficult for me.”

What she’d said was the truth, but when Jiang Cheng heard this, he suddenly burst into laughter. Moreover, his laugh was permeated with ridicule.

After a while, Jiang Cheng stopped laughing and said, “How innocent you are! Did you really think that since he didn’t hurt you before, he wouldn’t do so in the future? Don’t forget, Chen Meimei is his wife. In that body resides the soul of the woman that he’s deeply in love with, not to mention, Fu Bainian is well-known for his schemes. He didn’t touch you back then just to pave the way for Chen Meimei to play with you little by little until your last breath.”

Jiang Cheng paused, and the smile on his face widened as he continued, “You’ve already realised this in your heart. Otherwise, why did you rush to end your contract with Blue Hall Entertainment before you found your next patron? You were even willing to pay such a hefty penalty fee. You must’ve seen my sudden appearance as your last straw to clutch at, right?”

Speaking up to here, Jiang Cheng’s voice suddenly darkened.

“So, remember, the next time you speak, don’t forget to show some respect.” He pointed towards the door and added, “If you’re done talking, then quickly get out of here.”

Shen Wei’an was extremely angered by his word. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any bargaining chips in her hands. Even though her complexion had turned pale, she still struggled to pull off a smile.

“OK, I’m leaving, but there’s still one thing I’m curious about. The person that President Jiang likes; is it the former Chen Meimei or the current Lan Jinyao?”

In that instant, Jiang Cheng’s cold aura faded and his lips curled up into a smile as he softly said, “You’ve already guessed the answer, so why bother asking?”

Shen Wei’an clenched her hands into fists and angrily strode out of the room, the click-clack sound of her stilettos echoing in the corridor as she walked away.

Jiang Cheng, how almighty you are for arranging everything! Since you’re placing me and that woman, Lan Jinyao, in the same production team, just you wait and see! Let’s see who’ll have the last laugh in the end!

“Meimei, did you have a fight with President Fu?”

Lan Jinyao had just set foot in the company’s entrance when she was stopped by Shen Yu.

She glanced at the hand grasping her arm, then looked around at the people coming and going and coughed twice. “Watch your image; quickly let go of my hand.”

Following that, Shen Yu noticed the peculiar gazes around him, so he hastily let go and smiled awkwardly at Lan Jinyao. “I’m sorry about that, I wasn’t paying attention earlier. I only wanted to ask: Did you quarrel with President Fu? I walked into the office this morning and got scolded for no reason at all. President Fu’s angry fit was so sudden that all I could think of was that something had happened between the two of you. Your love life doesn’t seem to be very harmonious.”

Lan Jinyao extended a hand and patted him on his shoulder. “Shen Yu, if you keep letting your imagination run wild like this, I think you’re not very far away from reaching menopause. The relationship between you and President Fu is very good, so, it’s definitely not because of me.”

Shen Yu obviously didn’t believe her and asked again, “It’s really not because of you?”

His rhetorical question made Lan Jinyao feel muddleheaded. She ought to have given him an affirmative answer and say that it wasn’t because of her, but instead, the words got stuck in her throat, and she hesitated.

In the past few days, Fu Bainian’s peculiar behaviour was very obvious, so how could she not have seen it? But, whenever she asked him, he would always act indifferent about it and wouldn’t tell her anything. If it were in the past, Fu Bainian would’ve shared his thoughts with her, and even if he were unhappy, he’d still express it. However, ever since the shooting of that last advertisement, Fu Bainian wasn’t willing to share his thoughts with her anymore.

Some people said that the relationship between a husband and wife starts with the secretion of hormones, and ends with less communication over time.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao suddenly wasn’t so sure of what to answer anymore.

Seeing Lan Jinyao’s hesitation, Shen Yu clapped his hands and looked at her with an empathetic expression. “I hit the nail on the head, right? As expected, there was something wrong between you two. Everyone knows that President Fu is a very reserved person. Normally, most people can’t read his mind even when they look him straight in the eyes, but you, on the other hand, look just like a little simple-minded white rabbit. It would’ve been weird if you’d actually managed to figure out why he’s angry.”

After a long period of silence, Lan Jinyao looked up at Shen Yu and murmured, “Perhaps, what you’ve said is right. Fu Bainian is, in fact, really angry with me; it’s just that he doesn’t want to say it out loud.”

After having understood this point, she asked Shen Yu, “He’s currently in his office, right? I’m going to look for him now.”

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