Chapter 11 - The First Drama (3)

Chapter 11 - The First Drama (3)

Lan Jinyao leaned against the sink and looked at the unfamiliar face in the mirror. She kept pondering one question: Concerning this matter, what would she do if was standing in Chen Meimei’s shoes? What would Chen Meimei have done if she’d heard those words from a moment ago?

Chen Meimei was the daughter of a nouveau riche family, and both her Father and sister doted on her, so she could act lawlessly wherever she went. As for her, however, the two people who’d doted on her weren't even present during her funeral, and only a person like Shen Yu was willing to protect her. But, now that they were strangers, she’d become a mere acquaintance.

She thought about this for a long time, but she still couldn’t think of an answer. Her mind was in disarray; she felt as if countless flies were buzzing about in her brains.

As she clutched her head, the person standing in front of the mirror also clutched her head. Tears were streaming down her face, but even her crying expression looked extremely ugly.

Outside the bathroom, everyone was ready to start, but the second female lead had disappeared. Assistant Director Fu was just about to call someone over when he saw Fu Bainian walking in his direction. He immediately hurried over with a smiling face and asked, “President Fu, how come you’re here today?!”

Usually, something like this wouldn’t happen, so how come he was here now? This was really unusual.

Fu Bainian looked around the set before he said indifferently, “I came to check on how the shoot was progressing.”

“It’s progressing quite smoothly. Today, Fenfang was held back by something and couldn’t make it, so we’re now shooting the second female lead’s scenes. It’s just that sometimes, during the shoot, Chen Meimei isn’t able to get into character. Due to this we stopped shooting for a while. However, we’re just about to start shooting again!”

Fu Bainian’s gaze swept around the set, yet he couldn’t see that chubby figure anywhere.

He asked, “Where is she then?”

Assistant Director Fu didn’t register his question and directly responded, “Ah?”

Fu Bainian repeated his question. “Where’s Chen Meimei?”

“This...we haven’t found her yet. She was here just a moment ago!”

At this moment, a staff member came over and said to Assistant Director Fu, “Chen Meimei went to the bathroom. But, it's been almost half an hour, and she still hasn't come out yet!”

“How about asking a female staff member to go in and check then?!”

As soon as Assistant Director Fu spoke, Fu Bainian walked over to the ladies' bathroom. When he arrived at the entrance, he saw Chen Meimei sitting on the counter and wiping away her tears. Her chubby body was trembling; it seemed like she was quite sad.

Fu Bainian frowned slightly. “Chen Meimei, are you crying?”

Lan Jinyao quickly wiped the rest of her tears away. Unfortunately, Chen Meimei’s skin tone was rather pale, so after crying so much, her eyes had become red. It was hard for others not to notice.

Turning her head away from him, she said overbearingly, “It’s got nothing to do with you whether I cry or not. Hey, this is the ladies' bathroom! What’s a man like you doing in here?!”

Fu Bainian replied indifferently, “There’s no woman in here anyway!”

“You’re saying that I’m not a woman?” She jumped off the counter and walked over to punch Fu Bainian.

He agilely dodged her fist before straightening his collar. “Stop! The Assistant Director's looking for you.”

As they were walking out side by side, Fu Bainian pretended to be casual as he asked, “Chen Meimei, why were you crying just now? Did someone bully you?!”

But, as soon as he asked that, she immediately denied it.

“No way! Those people wouldn’t dare bully me!” Lan Jinyao sniffed and then asked him, “What are you doing here today? Could it be that you took a fancy to the female lead and came to visit her? However, that’s too bad because that woman isn’t here today!”

She recalled that not long ago she’d seen this man having dinner with Xu Jin’ge in the restaurant below her apartment complex. How could he have moved on so quickly?

However, Fu Bainian didn’t offer a retort.

The people standing around set saw the two of them walk out of the bathroom side by side, which caused everyone to stop gossiping. With this, the set was blanketed by silence.

When Assistant Director Fu saw the two’s intimacy, he frowned and muttered to himself, “Didn't they say that President Fu rejected the arranged marriage with the Chen family? Could it be that this wasn’t the case and that President Fu actually likes Chen Meimei?”

When they started shooting, Fu Bainian sat down on the chair next to him and watched. His gaze was fixed on the set before him.

With Fu Bainian watching, the shoot progressed much faster than it had been previously.

Unexpectedly, halfway through the shoot, something tongue-tying happened again! This time, an accident befell Chen Meimei, and she fell off the table. The table wasn't all that high, yet she dropped straight down, so it was somewhat pitiful. Even though Fu Bainian was present, many people couldn’t help but laugh.

It was evident that someone had done this on purpose, and it was done so blatantly. Fu Bainian immediately understood why Chen Meimei, who’d always been so headstrong, would hide in the bathroom and cry.

His face sank as he watched this farce continue.

When they started shooting again, he suddenly said, “Assistant Director Fu! I think that you ought to change to a more professional actor, instead of using such a low-grade performer who slows down the productivity of the entire crew.”

Practically everyone thought that he was referring to Chen Meimei. Even Lan Jinyao thought that he was talking about her.

She patted off the dust on her body before angrily walking up to Fu Bainian, and loudly said, “I’m very professional!”

Fu Bainian extended a finger while pushing her body aside, to then point at the man on the platform. “I meant him! Assistant Director Fu, what do you say?”

Today, something mind-blowing happened on set! To everyone’s surprise, President Fu was actually speaking out for Chen Meimei. Didn’t they say that President Fu absolutely hated this shameless woman?

As soon as shooting ended, Fu Bainian left with Lan Jinyao following right after him. She walked in front of his car and blocked his way with open arms. She then looked at the man sitting in the car with a smile on her face. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for her without waiting for Fu Bainian’s instructions. So, Lan Jinyao immediately got into the car.

“Fu Bainian, you didn't come to set today to see me, did you?”

The man replied indifferently, “Do you think that could ever happen?”

His indifference didn’t extinguish Lan Jinyao’s enthusiasm. She still said excitedly, “But, everyone on set said that you did it for my sake! You...could it be that you fell in love with me?!”

Chen Meimei had waited for this man to fall in love with her, yet she was no longer here. How tragic was this!?

The man turned his head and looked at her. His eyes examined her from top to bottom a few times before he suddenly raised his voice and said, “That’s impossible!”

His voice was several times louder than before, so Lan Jinyao was almost frightened to death by him.

“If that’s not true, then so be it. Why are you so loud?!” Lan Jinyao quietly muttered.

When Lan Jinyao finally decided to remain silent, she suddenly saw Fu Bainian take the initiative to speak. He looked at the scenery outside the car window, and as if telling a story, he said, “In fact, I already have someone that I’ve liked since a long ago. It’s been so long that the like turned into a deep love, and I’d intended to take her as my wife. Therefore, Chen Meimei, it’s impossible between us.”

“Oh! I get it now!”

Fu Bainian looked at her suspiciously. “You’re not heartbroken?”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao was stunned, but she immediately shook her head and replied, “No, I’m very heartbroken. I’m telling the truth!”

Fu Bainian. “...”

Why didn't he see any trace of sadness in this woman's expression?!

Lan Jinyao asked, “So, when are you planning on holding your wedding?”

“...She’s passed away already!”


In fact, she was also already dead! But, she’d since been reborn into someone else’s body.

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