Chapter 109 - A Different Fu Bainian (3)

Chapter 109 - A Different Fu Bainian (3)

Fu Bainian was a handsome man with a tall, slender build, and wherever he went all eyes would follow him. He walked in the spotlight and lived like a movie star.

Lan Jinyao knew that in Blue Hall Entertainment alone, many female artists had a crush on him. Outsiders saw him as an aloof, resolute, and fearless person.

A man like him, who didn’t even have to see others eye to eye, what on earth could make him show that kind of expression from a second ago?

Was he panic-stricken just now? Lan Jinyao contemplated. That must be it; she couldn’t have been wrong. That document on Fu Bainian’s desk, which he didn’t want her to see...was it something related to Jiang Cheng?

She was startled when that thought crossed her mind.

When Fu Bainian put the folder away in the drawer, Lan Jinyao didn’t question him further about it and instead commented, “You seem to be very busy these past few days. Mum told me earlier that you only went to rest after 2 AM last night, and I didn’t even know that. Say, would you think that I’m not as good as Chen Meimei?”

She knew just how suitable she was for the entertainment industry; as long as she wanted to, she could fool anyone with her acting.

Speaking up to here, she tried hard to put on a pitiful appearance and made it seem as if Fu Bainian was the one in the wrong.

Following that, Fu Bainian sighed and said, “There is no way to compare the two of you. The one I love is you, not Chen Meimei.”

That was right, the person he loved was her, but how long would this love last? Lan Jinyao didn’t want to think about this right now; she just wanted to quickly finish what had to be done.

Lan Jinyao was about to call Li Qi and ask him to cancel all those unnecessary activities when her phone suddenly rang. She stared at the unfamiliar number flashing on her screen and frowned.

If she remembered correctly, this was already the third time that she’d received a call from this number.

Could it be someone she was acquainted with?

Lan Jinyao didn’t think too much into it and answered the call.


The person on the other end remained silent for a moment and then gleefully said, “I finally managed to get through to you, and here I thought that this number was not in use.”

It was Jiang Cheng; his voice carrying a trace of delight.

“…How did you get my number?”

“ that surprising? I’m able to get in touch with your Manager, so did you really think that I wouldn’t be able to get your number?” Jiang Cheng’s tone sounded quite different than usual; it was brimming with delight this time.

Hearing this, Lan Jinyao remained silent.

Jiang Cheng then added, “It was just that your phone was either off or on with no one answering, so I’d initially thought that your Manager was trying to fob me off. I didn’t expect to get through to you today.”

At this moment, Lan Jinyao started to get a bit impatient, but she then recalled those words that Jiang Cheng had told her a few days ago and patiently asked, “For President Jiang to call me in person, is there something you would like to discuss?”

“I heard that you’re quite interested in Shen Wei’an. Our company has recently invested in a new TV series. If you’re willing to come over, I can keep the female lead role for you.”

Filming again with Shen Wei’an? Thinking up to here, Lan Jinyao suddenly felt a burst of excitement. She felt quite regretful when things had turned out like that for the ad series. She didn’t expect for a new chance to come knocking at her door so soon.

“What about Shen Wei’an? What kind of role would she play?” She was quite interested in this offer, but she didn’t agree immediately.

Lan Jinyao went to the balcony to answer the call, so she hadn’t noticed that Fu Bainian had appeared at the door of the bedroom. Fu Bainian, who was standing behind her, suddenly halted his steps when he heard her answer the call.

He stared at her quietly and didn’t say anything.

Jiang Cheng’s voice grew louder as he laughed and said, “Looks like you’re extremely interested in this matter. Shen Wei’an will act as the second female lead, but if you’re willing to participate in this drama, we can re-evaluate Shen Wei’an’s role with the scriptwriter.”

The conditions that he had offered were very tempting. Lan Jinyao was more certain than ever that Jiang Cheng had approached her with an ulterior motive, and, more importantly, he also knew her secret.

“President Jiang, as far as I know, Shen Wei’an has already accepted a role for another drama. Besides, after that previous incident, I’ve heard that she’d decided to take a break from filming for a while and won’t accept any new work!”

After a while, she heard the silent Jiang Cheng say, “Shen Wei’an was originally signed under Blue Hall Entertainment, so she had to pay a penalty fee for breaching the contract when she left. That fee was 20 million, and I’m sure that you’re well aware of this!”

Of course, she knew that it was 20 million. Shen Wei’an’s departure had made her spit out a big mouthful of blood.

“Why, are you saying that the penalty fee for the contract that Shen Wei’an signed with your company is even higher than that?”

To her surprise, Jiang Cheng denied her and response, “No, the penalty fee is zero, but there’s one clause stating that if she doesn’t cooperate with the company’s arrangements, then she can no longer do this line of work anymore for the rest of her life. Shen Wei’an is a smart person, so she knows what to choose. Now that she’s an artist under the banner of our company, we’ll certainly let her exhibit her biggest value.”

After listening to Jiang Cheng’s words, Lan Jinyao suddenly felt a cold shiver run down her spine and a chill in her heart.

As expected of River Group Corporation’s Young Master. When confronted with such authority and power, Lan Jinyao didn’t dare to underestimate him.

“So, you’re saying that if I don’t participate, you’ll arrange some other work for Shen Wei’an, and when that happens, I’ll never be able to reach that woman again?”

Jiang Cheng didn’t answer her but laughed instead. Lan Jinyao then understood that he’d silently admitted to it.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao started hesitating, but she felt quite conflicted in her heart. She wanted to approach Shen Wei’an without regards for anything and drag that woman down from the peak. But, when her thoughts got to here, Fu Bainian’s face suddenly flashed in her mind. She was currently wondering whether Fu Bainian’s anger had already subsided or not.

It wasn’t just Jiang Cheng who was waiting for her answer. Fu Bainian, who was standing at the door, was also waiting.

Fu Bainian subconsciously clenched his hands into fists, and it seemed that a storm was brewing in his heart.

Don’t accept his offer, don’t!

Lan Jinyao didn't notice the person standing behind her. She was currently immersed in her thoughts.

One one side there was Shen Wei’an, and on the other side, there was Fu Bainian. One side made her feel the pain and hatred of the past, while the other made her made her feel happy and look forward to the future.

This was a treacherous ridge. Lan Jinyao was extremely hesitant; she wasn’t sure whether she could cross over it successfully.

After a long while, she took a deep breath and softly said, “President Jiang, please let me think about it! I’ll give you an answer in three days!”

She didn’t agree nor refuse.

However, this answer made Jiang Cheng feel delighted but made Fu Bainian feel dejected.

Fu Bainian’s hands loosened, and he quietly turned around and walked away.

At this instant, Lan Jinyao seemed to have sensed something, so she immediately turned around but didn’t see anything. The corridor in front of the bedroom was still empty.

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