Chapter 106 - Misunderstanding (3)

Chapter 106 - Misunderstanding (3)

“I’ll have a slice of cake and a glass of soy milk, please!”

Xiao Lin, with a piece of grape candy in her hand, was standing in the cafe buying breakfast when she saw a familiar figure pass by outside. So, she hurriedly grabbed the bag of breakfast and followed him. “Good morning, President Fu!”

Fu Bainian stopped in his tracks and indifferently acknowledged her before asking, “How come you’re at the company? Where is she?”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Lin didn’t even need to guess who Fu Bainian was referring to as she promptly replied, “Big Sis Meimei is currently shooting the last part of the ad series at our company’s rooftop, but her condition isn’t very good today. She didn’t even have breakfast this morning, so she felt a bit anaemic. Big Bro Li asked me to come down and buy some breakfast for her.”

At that instant, Xiao Lin noticed that Fu Bainian’s hands were clenched into fists for a very brief moment before he loosened them again, yet the expression on his face remained somewhat remorseful.

“She’s currently on the rooftop? Give me the breakfast; I’ll bring it up to her and take a look at the situation.”

Xiaolin blankly stared at him for a while before she acknowledged Fu Bainian’s words, and handed him the plastic bag. Following that, his figure quickly disappeared from her sight as he walked into the building.

Meanwhile, Lan Jinyao was standing in front of the perimeter wall on the rooftop, though she didn’t dare open her eyes.

Li Qi’s brows creased together as he stared at her from behind.

When the Director saw this, he started roaring, “Chen Meimei, why on earth are you dilly-dallying? Could this place be scarier than the Glass Bridge?! Don’t tell me that your courage can’t even be compared to that of a little mouse?”

However, no matter how loud the Director yelled, it seemed like Lan Jinyao didn’t hear anything.

She slowly opened her eyes, but tears were blurring her vision, and she felt as if she’d fallen off the building.

Under the watchful eyes of the crew, Lan Jinyao turned around and clutched her head as she crouched down. She leaned against the wall and started crying loudly; her emotions were in such turmoil that she was on the verge of breaking down.


She’d only taken a quick glimpse, but she was already trembling from head to toe. The fear came from the depths of her heart, so it was beyond her control.

Then, a towering shadow suddenly appeared in front of Lan Jinyao, blocking the sunlight above her head. The man squatted down and extended his hand to pull her into his embrace before gently patting her on the back.

“Chen Meimei, brave it out; isn’t this just a simple mental obstacle? I believe you can overcome it, and you have to believe in yourself too.”

Lan Jinyao raised her head and stared at the man with teary eyes. She then tightly clutched the man’s clothes and said in a loud voice, “You don’t understand! None of you understands this dreadful feeling! I’m petrified!”

Perhaps, Fu Bainian was the only person in this world that would understand the darkness in her heart.

“I understand! I completely understand!”

Jiang Cheng’s chin rested on Lan Jinyao’s head, and a magnetic voice sounded next to her ear, “I know what you’ve been through; about the shadow residing in the depths of your soul that doesn’t allow you to sleep soundly at night. I understand all of that. So, Meimei, you must overcome this obstacle. You must believe in yourself!”

Upon hearing that, Lan Jinyao forgot to cry and forgot about her fear; she just stared at the man in front of her.

It felt as if a century had passed before she slowly opened her mouth to ask the man in a hoarse voice, “Tell me, what do you understand? What do you know?”

Jiang Cheng lowered his head and leaned by her ear to whisper, “I know that our Chen Meimei has changed. She has become thinner, more beautiful, and more confident. Although I really liked your past self, the current you is even greater, more…” Enchanting.

From a distance, the two of them appeared to be intimately hugging and kissing under the sunshine.

One was the President of River Group Corporation with no previous scandals, while the other was a married woman. Yet, their postures looked so intimate. Upon seeing this, Li Qi sighed.

He knew that Chen Meimei’s current state wasn’t very stable, so he wanted to go over and separate the two of them. If another scandal broke out at this time, he’d have no choice but to take the consequences.

But, before he reached them, he heard the sound of a heavy glass object falling and breaking on the ground behind him.

When Li Qi turned around, he felt despair as he saw Fu Bainian standing at the head of the stairway, glaring at Lan Jinyao and Jiang Cheng. What else in this world could make one feel even more desperate than the current scenario in front of him?

Before, just a scandal alone had made Fu Bainian so angry that his entire body emitted a cold aura at work, yet now, he’d personally seen them being so intimate. Li Qi reckoned that this current situation would lead to millions of dead bodies with bloodshed spreading for thousands of miles.

Halting his thoughts, he quickly ran over to the two and firmly pushed Jiang Cheng away as he uttered with an apologetic smile, “President Jiang, President Fu is here.”

He then turned to Lan Jinyao and asked, “Meimei, are you alright?”

Following that, Fu Bainian walked over and picked up the teary-eyed Lan Jinyao in a princess carry before proceeding towards the stairway. When he reached the stairs, he halted in his tracks and said to Li Qi in an icy tone, “Li Qi, since she’s so scared of heights, you shouldn’t have let Meimei take this ad. For this last ad, you better tell President Jiang to find someone better qualified to finish it! Meimei isn’t doing this anymore.”

After that, Fu Bainian disappeared from the crowd with Lan Jinyao in his arms.

From how things looked, Lan Jinyao’s current state of mind was indeed not good; tears were still gliding down her face, yet she didn’t seem to notice that she was crying.

Fu Bainian intensely stared at her as he carried her all the way to his office.

When they arrived in his office, Fu Bainian quickly carried Lan Jinyao to the bed in the lounge area. He then grabbed some tissues and wiped the tears from Lan Jinyao’s cheeks as he gently said, “Since you’re feeling so unwell, why are you persevering? Doing this won’t win you back the things you want; you’re only hurting yourself, do you understand?”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao hugged Fu Bainian and softly said, “Fu Bainian, I’m scared…”

“There’s no need to be scared. I’m right by your side, and I’ll always be with you!”

The two of them snuggled up together and stayed like this for a long time. Only when the sunlight shone through the window and spread into the room did Lan Jinyao get up from bed to sit beside Fu Bainian.

“Just now, did you feel hurt? Jiang Cheng, he…”

Fu Bainian seemed to have guessed what she wanted to say, so he immediately interrupted her and said, “No, I wasn’t hurt.”

After saying that, he inwardly sneered at his words. Fu Bainian, just admit it! You were so jealous that you were about to go crazy! You were so sad that you felt like dying, yet you’re now acting like a hypocrite and won’t dare admit it? What are you afraid of?

“Huh? Oh, I see, and here I thought…” Lan Jinyao had initially thought that he would feel jealous, but it looked like she’d been overthinking things.

After a while, she suddenly heard Fu Bainian say, “In the future, even if you don’t like it, I’m still going to intervene with your matters.”

That Jiang Cheng bore inclinations towards Meimei that he shouldn’t have. In that case, he would just let that guy see who he was messing with!

At this moment, a small flame seemed to be burning in Fu Bainian’s eyes.

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