Chapter 105 - Misunderstanding (2)

Chapter 105 - Misunderstanding (2)

Lan Jinyao had thought that the last advertisement would be taken indoors, but when Li Qi came to pick her up, he said that it had been changed to outdoors.

Lan Jinyao looked at the road ahead of her, and noticing that it was the road to the company, she asked with confusion, “Do we have to go to the company first?”

The Assistant sitting in the front seat said, “Big Sis Meimei, the shooting location this time is on the company rooftop. Didn’t Big Bro Li tell you?”

“Company rooftop?!” her voice unconsciously rose, and her pupils abruptly shrunk.

The driver looked at her in surprise. Li Qi asked, “What’s wrong? Are you still afraid of heights? The last time we had to walk over the Glass Bridge, but this time our feet will be touching the ground, so why are you afraid?”

Lan Jinyao: “...”

How could she say that she wasn’t still afraid of heights, but she was afraid to stand there! However, how could she use such a strange reason!


Li Qi patted his chest. “That’s good. I thought you were still afraid of heights. Otherwise, things would be difficult if you were. President Jiang was willing to give you a chance, but I’m not so sure he’ll be willing to give you a second chance.”

“What do you mean?” A bad premonition abruptly rose within her heart.

“Because, this time you’ll be standing on the perimeter wall of the rooftop. You don’t have to worry though; I’ll personally check the security facilities and won't let you encounter any problems. There’ll be similar security measures below the building as well.”

Lan Jinyao’s eyes were filled with nervousness, even though she was trying to suppress it.

She asked Li Qi in a shaking voice, “Why does it have to be on the rooftop? Can't we just take a shot of the location and then edit it in later? Or, can’t we borrow another location to shoot this?”

Lan Jinyao still remembered the scene of that night. When she thought of it in passing, she felt nothing. But, when she’d gone to the company rooftop alone the last time, she couldn’t even stand up, let alone daring to look down.

Li Qi put his hands on her shoulders and asked with confusion, “Didn’t you just say that you’re not afraid of heights? Meimei, do you have something that you aren’t telling me? You see, you’re covered in sweat just thinking about it.”

The Assistant quickly took a tissue and wiped the sweat from her forehead for her.

“Li Qi, I don’t think I can do it!” She lowered her head to cover up the fear in her eyes.

The last time, it was dark as it was nighttime, and although there was another person on the rooftop, they couldn’t see each other’s expressions. But, it would be different this time. All the fears hidden deep within her heart would be exposed under the sun, and then it would be discovered by everyone.

With this secret in mind, Lan Jinyao had the restless Li Qi comfort her. “Meimei, there’s nothing that can’t be done. Do you remember what happened when you were on the Glass Bridge? You didn’t even dare open your eyes, but then later, didn't you still overcome it? There’s nothing in life that can’t be overcome; it only depends on whether you want to or not.”

She gripped Li Qi’s hand tightly, thinking that she must be using too much strength as the skin on the back of Li Qi’s hand was turning blue.

“But, you don’t know, Li Qi. You don’t know anything at all. I’m terrified…” She closed her eyes, let her eyelids cover the tears welling in her eyes.

Li Qi and the Assistant looked at each other, both of them frowning.

“Big Bro Li, this situation regarding Big Sis Meimei is somewhat serious. We just mentioned that the filming location will be on the rooftop, and her mood has fluctuated so intensely. When she stands on the rooftop, I’m worried she’ll get into an accident.”

“Bah, stop jinxing her! There are security facilities in place, and there’s no possibility of any accidents!”

He said to Lan Jinyao again, “It’s okay, Meimei. Let us go and see how it goes first. If it’s not going to work, I’ll discuss it with President Jiang and see if I can change the plan. However, I do hope you can tell me the reason? Don’t lie to me; you know that I won’t believe those lies. You managed to walk across the Glass Bridge last time, so you’re not afraid of heights, right?”

However, Lan Jinyao shook her head, refusing to say anything.

Five minutes later, the van stopped outside the company building. Li Qi took her arm and accompanied her into the elevator.

“Meimei, can you do it?”

Lan Jinyao looked at her reflection in the elevator mirror. She appeared haggard, and her complexion was so pale that not even the makeup she was wearing could cover it.

Lan Jinyao shook her head. “I’ll try!”

Lan Jinyao was extremely worried inside. She was afraid that she wouldn’t dare open her eyes when she was standing on the rooftop.

And, in fact, that’s what ended up happening. Three minutes later, Lan Jinyao was standing on the roof while the makeup artist touched up her makeup, and another staff member was attaching the safety chains.

She glanced around, noticing that this time Jiang Cheng wasn’t there.

Li Qi still seemed to be quite worried as he stood by her side and kept asking her, “Are you alright? Can you go up?”

Lan Jinyao nodded without hesitation. “I’ll try!”

However, the moment her eyes landed on the perimeter wall, Lan Jinyao felt a burst of dizziness. Her eyes became blurry, and her legs wobbled. Fortunately, Li Qi was standing beside her and quickly supported her.

The worry in Li Qi’s eyes grew more pronounced.

“I didn’t have breakfast this morning, so it must be anemia,” she said before forcing a smile.

Li Qi waved towards the Assistant. “Xiao Lin, Meimei is anaemic, so go help her buy some glucose. Buy the type that is taken orally. Also, bring breakfast.”

“Why didn’t you have breakfast before going out?” Li Qi asked her.

Lan Jinyao was silent.

How could she say that when Fu Bainian had left this morning the table was empty, and there were only a few cans of cold milk left in the fridge.

When she’d left, she’d subconsciously ignored this problem. She wanted Fu Bainian to slow down, and hoped that time would lessen his anger. However, the situation seemed to be getting worse.

Lan Jinyao had thought that after she’d finished this last ad, there’d be no need for her to ever see Jiang Cheng again. At that time, no matter what explanation Fu Bainian wanted, she would be able to tell him then.

Seeing that Lan Jinyao didn’t speak, Li Qi decided not to ask further. After checking the belt and steel rope around her waist, he patted Lan Jinyao’s back. “If you can’t tell me, don’t force yourself. Remember to shout if you have any problems. I’ll watch you from over there.”

Lan Jinyao nodded, then she took a deep breath and walked towards the wall.

She closed her eyes and an image of a dark night sky appeared in her mind. The woman sitting on the perimeter wall was crying hysterically, and as she carefully walked closer step by step, the woman reached out her hand to her.

Under the sun, sweat slowly seeped out of Lan Jinyao’s forehead.

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