Chapter 104 - Misunderstanding (1)

Chapter 104 - Misunderstanding (1)

In the evening, Lan Jinyao sat on the recliner on the balcony. She loved sitting at this little spot. When the breeze caressed her face, it was very comfortable and made her relax.

She held her phone in her hand and thought for quite a while before finally dialling Lan Xin’s phone.

Between her and Shen Wei’an, there was a hostility as deep as the sea that tied her for a lifetime. If she didn’t make a move first, she would continue being bound forever. But Lan Xin? What did her relation have to do with Shen Wei’an? Lan Xin had had plastic surgery to change her face, but was it because she was a fan, or did she have another purpose?

“Hey, it’s me.”

When she suddenly received a phone call from Lan Jinyao, Lan Xin was seemingly flabbergasted. After a moment of silence, she responded, “Meimei? How come you’re calling me so late? Do you want to ask me out for a drink?”

On the phone, the woman’s voice sounded calm. It seemed that after Lan Jinyao had met Lan Xin, she noticed that she faced everyone with this attitude. She was neither arrogant or impatient. Only two times her emotions had leaked, and they seemed to contain the hint of a conspiracy. The first time was when she’d used that face to deliberately approach Fu Bainian, and the second time was when she was drunk...

“After our last time getting drunk, something major occurred. How would I dare accompany you to drink again?” she said while chuckling and subtly trying to probe her out.

Lan Xin was silent for two or three seconds, and then said in the same relaxed tone, “Yeah, I didn’t expect that your tolerance for alcohol was so bad. It’s not good if you can't drink a lot, especially if you’re in the entertainment industry.”

Obviously, Lan Xin wanted to shift the topic to the previous matter, but how could Lan Jinyao fulfil her wish. The whole reason she’d made this call today was to figure everything out.

“Lan Xin, there’s something that I feel is odd. When I went to the bar the other day, I accidentally mentioned our previous matter with He Xiaoyun, but she said that you left the bar, and then later you came back again. Were you worried about me?”

Lan Xin was hesitant to answer. Lan Jinyao heard a long sigh over the phone, as though she was taking a deep breath.

After a while, Lan Xin said, “If I say that I was worried about you, I’m afraid you won’t believe me. So, Chen Meimei, what do you want to know that you called me tonight? No matter what you want to know, I must first say that I have a bottom line, and no one can touch it.”

Lan Jinyao held the phone and didn’t speak. Since Lan Xin had said this, it meant that she was discreetly admitting it.

“That matter was your doing, right?”

Lan Xin released a ridicule filled laughed that travelled through the phone. She then said, “Yes, it was my doing. I just wanted to give her a warning, that’s all, but what about it? The police can’t figure out who did it, and those stupid fans of Shen Wei’an’s don’t harbour suspicions about me…”

She paused, and suddenly lowered her voice. “So, Chen Meimei, will you report me?”

“If I were going to report you, I wouldn’t be calling you right now. You have your bottom line, but did you know that what you’ve done has affected me? Those rumours point to me, and I’m extremely troubled. Before you did this, didn’t you think about me? You said that...we’re friends.”

When she said the last part, her voice was lowered.

“Yes, we are friends, but Chen Meimei, do you know why we became friends? Before you, I had no friends.”

Lan Jinyao’s emotions were rattled. She didn’t expect Lan Xin to say such things. She’d thought that since Lan Xin was good at disguising her true self, she could befriend anyone as long as she wanted.

“I didn’t know!” She’d thought that friend were friends, and that they could be friends if they had the same personalities and hobbies. But, now it didn’t seem that way.

“It’s because you and a past friend of mine are very similar. She was the only friend I’ve ever had, so that's why we could become friends!”

Lan Jinyao suddenly asked, “So, what you want to do is related to your friend?” Could it be that she wasn't the only one that Shen Wei'an had schemed against? Were there other victims as well? 

This time though, Lan Xin didn’t go silent; she immediately hung up the phone instead. Lan Jinyao stared at the phone screen, lost in her thoughts. She thought that she’d managed to touch Lan Xin’s bottom line.


At a luxurious villa, lush green Boston Ivy covered the walls. A glass greenhouse was filled with red roses, and there was a stone bench made of marble.

A man was sitting on the stone bench letting a pot of tea steep before slowly tasting it.

Not far from the man, Shen Wei’an wore ten cm high heels as she leisurely walked towards him. Anger was visible on her face, and her eyes seemed to be burning with small flames.

The leather purse in Shen Wei’an’s hand was slammed fiercely on the table in front of the man, and a few drops of brownish yellow liquid spilled out of the man’s cup.

Jiang Cheng’s gaze fell upon the brownish yellow droplets, the thoughts running through his mind veiled in his eyes.

“Jiang Cheng, you said that you would help me!”

That night, when she was drunk, a group of men had surrounded her. Even though her face was covered with tears, she still couldn’t push them away. It was then that this man had appeared in front of her like a God descending from heaven to stand in front of her and block her from those men. Following that, she was graced with the sight of the sorry appearance of those men.

She’d thought that this is probably what it feels like when you fall in love with another person! Her heart had lost its excited beating because of this man.

She’d used a secret as an exchange, and the man had decided to help her.

However, the ad that initially should’ve belonged to her became that woman’s. Yet, when she was subjected to countless threats, this man was busy creating a scandal with the woman who was the cause for all calamity in her life. That woman continuously stood in her way, resulting in her losing her chances to succeed again and again.

Jiang Cheng poured another cup of tea, and then quietly tasted it. Once he’d finished his drink, he looked up at her and said with dissatisfaction, “To be an outstanding artist, you must first become an elegant woman, and never lose your composure and elegance; no matter what.”

Shen Wei’an was angered by his words. She took a few deep breaths and managed to calm down before saying to him, “I'll regain my composure, but please keep your promise. I won't argue with you over the fact that you secretly gave the ad to Chen Meimei, but why do you have to get into a scandal with her now? Don't tell me that you want to poach her into our company?”

The man chuckled. "I've already said it before, at the interview. I won’t secretly poach her. I will snatch her from that man's side fair and square. ”

“You…” Shen Wei’an stared at him in disbelief.

“Shocked? Actually, you don’t have to be, because she originally belonged to me.”

In that split moment, Shen Wei’an saw madness flashed within the man’s eyes.

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