Chapter 103 - Her Suitor (2)

Chapter 103 - Her Suitor (2)

Lan Jinyao suddenly felt that the man currently sitting next to her wasn’t the same as the one she’d seen when she was shooting the ad. At that time, he was serious and focused, and he had never smiled when speaking to her. If it wasn’t for him giving the ad to her after it was originally promised to Shen Wei’an, and watching her shooting the ad at the Glass Bridge in the middle of the night, Lan Jinyao might’ve thought that this man had feelings for her.

However, at this moment, what she sensed from him was very different; this man could actually smile.

Although Jiang Cheng was the first to show up in this kind of program, the audience was extremely enthusiastic. Every word he spoke was followed by thunderous applause that came from below the stage.

When the host asked whether he would poach Chen Meimei to his company, the audience was beyond excited. Everyone’s gaze was fixed upon Jiang Cheng; even Lan Jinyao’s gaze was focused on the man.

Lan Jinyao wondered what it would look like on camera when she looked in Jiang Cheng’s direction, and Jiang Cheng looked in hers. Even if one said that their gazes were affectionate, it wasn't excessively so.

“There’s no such plan for the time being, but…”

The audience sighed in disappointment upon hearing the first part, but then became excited once more after hearing the word ‘but’.

“Oh, ‘but’ what? Our audience is very interested in President Jiang’s answer!” the host said to lead the topic to its climax.

Jiang Cheng glanced at Lan Jinyao before he said, “But, I’m very interested in Meimei. If she wants to come to our company to develop, I would definitely welcome her.”

Ambiguous words like those were feared greatly in the entertainment industry as they could let a person’s imagination run wild.

Lan Jinyao laughed. “Thank you for you thinking so highly of my work, President Jiang. As for switching management companies, I’ve never considered it.”

Her statement prevented the host from asking the next question.

Jiang Cheng only appeared on the show for ten minutes before he left. In the remaining time, the host asked some questions regarding the future of Lan Jinyao’s career, as well as some things between her and Fu Bainian. A celebrity in the entertainment industry was there to entertain the public, and with the issues surrounding her relationship being quite complicated to begin with, it was harmless to mention them.

Later, the host also mentioned her weight loss experience.

Chen Meimei, who’d looked as plump as pumpkin, had turned into such rich and fair beauty. It was her weight loss that had made her more confident.

Lan Jinyao smiled mysteriously as she said, “Of course, I have a secret method. If you love someone very much, and he’s not interested in your fat body, you will surely gain the motivation to lose weight.”

In fact, what things couldn’t you overcome after you’d died once?

After the show finished recording, the host jokingly said to Lan Jinyao, “Actually, we’d initially wanted to invite President Fu to come on today’s program. After all, President Fu is the most suitable candidate. However, after considering your relationship with President Fu, we consequently invited President Jiang to come instead. I’d previously heard that your relationship with President Jiang was very good, but only after personally seeing it did I learn that the relationship between the both of you is really enviable. To think that President Jiang, who never appears in public, actually agreed to the invitation from our production team!”

These words made Lan Jinyao’s heart fill with doubt. Was the relationship between Jiang Cheng and Chen Meimei really that good? Why had she never heard about it? In addition, was Jiang Cheng really invited by the production team? If so, why did he agree?

Lan Jinyao had a lot of questions swirling around in her mind, but it didn’t show on her face.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect him to take the time to participate on this show!”

After exchanging a couple of words with the host, Lan Jinyao walked out of the office building. Li Qi was waiting for her in a restaurant. As soon as she was seated, the waiter began to serve them.

“It was your first time recording this kind of program; how do you feel?”

Lan Jinyao shrugged. “Not bad, but I have a feeling that maybe someone is done for.”

“Who? It won’t be me, right?” Li Qi was frightened.

Lan Jinyao didn’t answer and instead said, “Today’s program invited a special guest. I’m guessing that you don’t know who it was?”

Li Qi was puzzled by her words, so he asked her, “Don’t they only invite people in the entertainment industry on this kind of interview program? Since you were the main guest, then the person who was invited was someone familiar with you, and famous too. In short; was it Chen Zetao?”

“Your thoughts mirror mine, but, you’re wrong! The person invited by the program was Jiang Cheng,” her tone became agitated. “It was Jiang Cheng! Say, don’t you feel it’s strange? He’s a businessman! To think that he actually participated in this program; does he intend to change jobs and become an actor?”

Since she became agitated as she was saying this, Lan Jinyao abruptly stood up. The patrons of the restaurant stared at her, even though her face was covered by a pair of large sunglasses.

Li Qi quickly pulled her down. “Don’t get so agitated! Can’t we just sit down and talk?”

When she’d mentioned Jiang Cheng, Lan Jinyao thought of the news this morning. The news was obviously using her and Jiang Cheng to create a sensation. As for why, Lan Jinyao thought that she might understand it now.

“I think that this matter isn’t so simple.” After learning that the special guest was Jiang Cheng, Li Qi’s brows creased and his expression became serious.

After carefully thinking about it, Li Qi said, “This matter is definitely related to the news this morning. If it wasn’t for the show’s own popularity, then there is only one possibility…”

“Jiang Cheng-”

Lan Jinyao and Li Qi said in unison.

“You and I are thinking the same,” Lan Jinyao said.

The protagonists of the scandal were her and Jiang Cheng, and the location was the bar. When she’d just left the bar, how did Jiang Cheng coincidentally end up standing next to her when the reporter had taken the picture?

Lan Jinyao suddenly recalled that when she’d come out of the bar that day, it seemed like she’d bumped into a man. At that time, she’d only said sorry and left in a hurry as she’d been worried about the paparazzi taking a photo of her. She didn’t expect it to really happen.

“You keep insisting that you were at the bar with Lan Xin that day, so where was Lan Xin?” Li Qi suddenly asked.

“Lan Xin came out later.”

She added, “Lan Xin must be unaware of this incident.”

“How are you so sure?” Li Qi asked.

“Of course I’m sure!” Because, she knew why Lan Xin had gotten drunk that day. As for the scandal, she was certain that it had nothing to do with Lan Xin.

Li Qi froze as he was about to pick up food from a dish with chopsticks, and he asked her, “What are Jiang Cheng’s intentions? Why would he want to be in a scandal with you?”


Li Qi continued, “President Jiang wants to pursue you.”

Lan Jinyao’s brows slightly furrowed. Was Jiang Cheng her suitor? She didn’t think it would be that simple.

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