Chapter 102 - Her Suitor (1)

Chapter 102 - Her Suitor (1)

The next day, Lan Jinyao discovered the root of the problem after watching the news.

When Li Qi later came to pick her up, Lan Jinyao started berating her right after she entered the car. “Was that news report your doing? If I’d known that the news you’d been talking about was this, I would’ve rather accepted a police investigation.

"I’ve been wronged! The news that I arranged to go out hasn’t been published yet. Also, I didn’t even know that you were with the President of River Group Corporation that night…”

Li Qi's words were not yet finished when he was quickly interrupted by Lan Jinyao.

“I was with Lan Xin that night, not the President of River Group Corporation at all. Wait a minute...aren’t you the one who divulged this information to the journalists?”

In this industry, the direction of entertainment news was generally controlled by journalist or PR departments. If Li Qi didn't leak the topic of this news, then there was only one possibility left. A journalist had intentionally started the rumours.

Lan Jinyao frowned at the thought. This brazen behaviour would likely offend the management company she was with. Who was it that was so bold and daring to commit this act?

“Meimei, could it possibly be President Fu’s doing? Didn’t you say that President Fu had also noticed this incident?”

Upon saying this, Lan Jinyao threw a glare towards him. “You think that Fu Bainian is a person who plays such tricks? Why he would come up with something like that in order to cover up a potentially sensational news story for me, resulting in him looking like a foolish husband with a cheating wife?”

Li Qi smiled in embarrassment. “I was just blabbering without thinking things through. Don’t be angry; it might increase your wrinkles. Our President Fu is certainly not such a stupid person, but he loves you. Whether it’s men or women, when it comes to love it’s all the same; a person’s IQ will be slightly skewed.”

Exactly! When a person’s IQ was impaired, it would be easy to head down a blind alley.

Thinking this way, Lan Jinyao felt a little wronged. “He must’ve been angry last night because he ignored me when I talked to him!”

Li Qi was amazed by that. “President Fu’s temper in his private time is quite...childish. He’s usually so cold on the outside.”

Lan Jinyao swept him a glance out of the corner of her eyes, and Li Qi immediately went silent.

Both of them were then quiet for the rest of the journey.

Lan Jinyao had initially thought that as long as she explained, the misunderstanding between her and Fu Bainian would be solved. But, she didn’t expect that things would become worse after her last interview program; it even managed to overshadow the attention on Shen Wei’an’s case.

This interview program focused on the entertainment industry and had become very popular as it especially reported on the private lives of actors and singers. Additionally, the ones that they invited on the show were all big shots.

Before coming, Li Qi told her: With your current popularity, you still aren’t well known enough to get on this program, so you have to thank me. After you appear on this show, your popularity will definitely increase.

She looked at Li Qi’s appearance, noticing that he was pleased with himself.

Lan Jinyao replied cooly, “That’s great, but, I heard that the host is an experienced person in the industry. Moreover, this program specialising in digging into people’s privacy. Are you sure that the host won’t ask questions that are difficult to answer?”

Li Qi smirked and said, “Do you still have a secret that you can’t let people know? Or, a secret that you don’t want to be known by President Fu?”

Lan Jinyao gave him a look.

“Okay, okay, don’t worry, the host has a sense of propriety. This program says that it digs into people’s privacy, but actually, it only asks some superficial questions, that’s all. Also, they follow a script, so it’s unlikely that they'll ask question that you don’t wish to answer.”

Li Qi patted her shoulder as he followed her into the building.

This program wasn’t a live broadcast, so if there was any dissatisfaction, one could discuss it with the TV station and cut it out before the program aired.

Lan Jinyao remembered that she had never participated in this type of program in the past. She’d thought it was because either Li Qi or Shen Yu had wanted to train her into an outstanding actress, so she wasn’t allowed to appear on such a program. Later on, she’d learnt that it was all because Fu Bainian had intervened.

Suddenly remembering this, Lan Jinyao asked Li Qi, “Does Fu Bainian know that I’m going to participate in this program?”

“I don’t know, why...? I thought that you’d tell him!” Li Qi’s expression was filled with confusion.

Following that, Li Qi’s wail rang out around them.

It was only when Lan Jinyao was standing on the stage did she realise that Li Qi had dug a big hole for her to fall into this time. Fu Bainian was still sulking, yet here she was getting involved with Jiang Cheng once more.

There was a segment in the program where they invited someone who had a good relationship with her to question. In this industry, there were only a few people who had a good relationship with Chen Meimei, so the only person she could think of was Chen Zetao.

However, Lan Jinyao gaped in surprise when she saw the man who appeared from backstage.

Jiang Cheng?!

The male lead from this morning’s scandal!

When the President of River Group Corporation took a seat next to her, Lan Jinyao could feel her smile quickly freezing.

Lan Jinyao’s mind was blank. Why did the program’s production team think that Jiang Cheng was someone who had a good relationship with her? Even if they wanted to invite a big-time boss, they should’ve asked her husband, Fu Bainian, okay? Jiang Cheng truly had it easy joining in the fun while creating trouble for her!

She kept on telling herself inwardly that this was just a show, so she had to be tolerant and generous, and smile when she needed to. However, as soon as she thought of Fu Bainian’s dark face and the cold air surrounding him that seemed to be like an air conditioner, she felt like crying in her heart.

When Jiang Cheng sat down, he gave her a polite smile, and then turned to the host to say, “When I was invited to be on this show today, it was quite unexpected.”

The host smiled and said, “Is it because President Jiang doesn’t usually participate in such programs? Or, is it because other shows are afraid to invite President Jiang?”

Jiang Cheng pondered for a moment before saying, “If I have to give a response, it’s because your program is rather special and daring! TV shows don’t normally invite a businessman to participate in this kind of program.”

When this was said, the two men laughed.

As she was listening to Jiang Cheng’s magnetic laughter, Lan Jinyao was surprised: As a businessman, you can actually participate in this kind of show, and you seem to be quite happy.

“Since you, President Jiang, have such a good relationship with Meimei, have you ever considered poaching Meimei for your company?”

Lan Jinyao silently cursed. No wonder this program’s ratings were so high that it managed to pressure other TV stations that broadcasted similar entertainment programs. As soon as it started, the host dared to ask such an explosive question. It would be odd if it weren’t popular.

Meanwhile, Jiang Cheng’s gaze slowly landed on her.

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