Chapter 95 - Old Affection

“You want to go with us?” In the morning, Madam Ning stared at Sheng Jiaoyang with astonishment.

“Yep, Aunty.” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded with a smile.

“You’re still a student, studying is more important!” Mister Ning said seriously.

“Uncle, there’s no problem. I’m still a freshman.” Sheng Jiaoyang’s smile didn’t waver.

“Freshmen still have military practice!” the pretty cousin said.

“Even if military training was more important, it’d still be below accompanying Uncle and Aunty.” Sheng Jiaoyang’s smile was like a flower.

The pretty cousin: Damn schemer! Bootlicker!

“Zhining’s worried that something might happen at the company midway, and then he’ll have to neglect you guys. So, he asked me to come along. I also accompanied Grandfather Shen and Grandmother Andy the last time they came to visit, so I’m pretty familiar with Zhining’s island. If there’s any problems, you guys can just contact me!”

“You’ve met Zhining’s grandparents?” The Ning couple were astonished.


“What’d they say?”

“When we left, they wished Zhining and I happiness and are waiting for Zhining’s good news,” Sheng Jiaoyang said with a mix of truths and lies.

“Is that so? Zhining?” Madam Ning asked Zhining, not believing her.

Shen Zhining nodded.

Last night, the Ning couple had discussed how they could persuade Shen Zhining to break up Xu Jiaojiao, and now they felt a bit stifled. If his own grandparents had already given approval, then wouldn’t they, as the uncle and aunt, be disrespecting Grandfather Shen and the Madam if they continued to oppose them?

The pretty cousin was also unhappy as such a perfect, excellent man had been taken away by such a pig. Even his grandparents had approved of it!

As for Ning Xiaoruan…he felt sick at heart. Once again, he was being slapped by PDA /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

When they arrived at the island, Sheng Jiaoyang went to the same room as before.

When Sheng Jiaoyang returned to her room, she found that everything looked the same as when she entered it the first time.

The rooms arranged for the others were also on the second floor.

“You guys don’t live together?” Madam Ning saw that Sheng Jiaoyang also lived on the second floor and found it rather strange.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression was confident as she said, “I’m still young, so of course we wouldn’t.” She then thought darkly: If they actually lived together, she’d be forced to sleep on the floor! How could the floor be as comfortable as an actual bed? Furthermore, simply staying with Demon King Shen was uncomfortable.

This sentence made the Ning couple change their views on her slightly. Regardless of what the other was like, she at least conducted herself with dignity.

While they were enjoying the island’s scenic views, the scandal about Xu Jiaojiao two-timing Gu Zhou was resolved overnight through the hard work of Entertainment International’s PR team.

Zeng Huan noted that the views on the video of Li Weiqi’s confession towards Xu Qing were phenomenal. It was being reblogged by everybody. The dramatic confession reversal, and the unusual confession speeches in the video, were all very interesting. Especially the line ‘I don’t want to be your little brother. I want to hug you, embrace you like a lover, and kiss you like a spouse’. The phrase became very popular as many men used it to confess to women older than them. The scene where Xu Jiaojiao staunchly stood by her mother and told her that she’d always support her also caused many people to become Xu Jiaojiao’s fan. Such a reliable and dedicated girl was very admirable.

The young fans that were scolding Xu Jiaojiao without restraint the other day, were now running to Gu Zhou’s social media to scold everybody that said Gu Zhou was being cheated on. There were also many people who thought that the video was specially shot to clear up the scandal. A lot of people also realised that Entertainment International only cleared up what had happened between Xu Jiaojiao and the male lead of the recent scandal, and that they didn’t make any statements about her relationship with Gu Zhou. Were the two really dating?

Of course, something must also be mentioned about the ones who’d pushed the two-timing incident, believing that they could catch Xu Jiaojiao’s tail and ruin her with public opinion. At this moment, they were probably angry enough to explode. The evidence was obviously conclusive, and as long as they acted, it should’ve been easy to stomp her down. Yet, the evidence suddenly turned into a joke overnight? It had even helped Xu Jiaojiao become more famous, resulting in them getting the opposite effect of what they’d wanted. The mastermind was truly pitiful.

Inside a certain somebody’s office, a man saw the video and let his cup drop on the floor in shock.

Knocking sounded at the door.

“Please enter.”

“President Pan, are you alright?” the secretary asked with concern.

“It’s nothing, I just wasn’t careful and knocked over the tea.” Pan Zihui’s face was expressionless.

“I’ll help you clean up.” The secretary started to pick up the broken teacup’s shards and accidentally saw the video on the computer. She asked in astonishment, “President Pan, you’re actually interested in that?”

Pan Zihui replied calmly, “I was thinking of finding a new spokesperson and thought that Xu Jiaojiao could be a good choice. So, I’m following her news.”

“Oh, I see!” The secretary seemed to suddenly understand. Only after she’d left the office did she realise that something didn’t seem right. Finding a new spokesperson was the Planning Department’s job, and President Pan normally didn’t get involved in such things.

Inside the office, Pan Zihui stared at the video on his computer. The woman was holding in happy tears as she accepted the roses, glowing with the sweet aura of a mature woman. He couldn’t help but think back to their days at school.

Xu Qing’s appearance belonged to a very natural sort of beauty. She didn’t need to use makeup to attract everybody’s attention, and combined with her gentle temperament, she was the crush of many boys in the school; himself included. Being together with Xu Qing was also quite wonderful as it always felt like you were being blown by a pleasantly cool breeze. Even though she’d been dating him, she still had many pursuers. Thus, he proposed to her before they’d even graduated.

At that time, he was whole-heartedly working hard to give her a better life, create a family, and grow old together. However, people changed after entering society. They’d always pursue fame and profit, becoming self centered and selfish. He’d enjoyed the special treatment of being chased by the rich girl, Jiang Yin, and over time, grew increasingly arrogant. Later, an accident occurred, and as they became more intimate, they naturally started to become a couple. This made him feel very guilty, causing him to treat Xu Qing with irritation. He knew that everything was his fault, but the vicious root in men caused him to continue anyways. Later, Jiang Yin had told him that she was pregnant and that the child couldn’t live without her father. Thus, he finally divorced Xu Qing.

That foolish woman never did anything wrong. If there was one thing, it would only be that she shouldn’t have believed him and entrusted him with her happiness so easily.

Compared to how he’d seen her earlier, the woman in the video seemed cleansed anew, blossoming with the same carefree splendor she’d carried during their schooldays. He should be happy that she’d found new happiness. After all, it would lessen the guilt that had plagued him for so long. However, he didn’t feel happy at all.

Inside the office of another company’s Boss, Qi Yonggao received a text from his treasured daughter.

Little Darling Huahua: Dad, did you pay people to hate on Xu Jiaojiao?

Qu Yonggao replied: I didn’t, it’s not the right time.

Little Darling Huahua: Forget about it, there’s no need to care about her. I don’t hate her that much anymore.

Qi Yonggao was very surprised. He was clear about his daughter’s temperament. She wasn’t the type to easily let go of her anger, and absolutely had to get revenge.

He asked: Why?

Little Darling Huahua: Although that slob, Xu Jiaojiao, is very loathsome, she’s still quite filial to her mother. So, this Miss has decided to show her some mercy.

She then sent him the video. Qi Yonggao was astonished when he saw the woman being confessed to in the video. Although they hadn’t met in almost twenty years, he could still recognise her in a single glance. After all, first love always left the deepest memories.

So, Xu Jiaojiao is actually her daughter!

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