Chapter 93 - Together

“Hi Jiaojiao, I’m the assistant that President Li arranged for you. My name is Zeng Huan.”

Sheng Jiaoyang had just left Li Yu’s office when she saw a girl standing outside. She had a round face and wore her hair in a ponytail, appearing very young.

“My job is to take care of your daily necessities and needs. If there’s anything you need me to do, you can call me,” Zeng Huan added.

“Perfect, I actually do need somebody right now to help me find a man. I need him to be young and handsome, and it’d be best if he was a model,” Sheng Jiaoyang immediately instructed.

“Huh?” Zeng Huan was dumbstruck.

The secretary standing nearby was also astonished.

“I want to use him for acting, so he has to have acting skills. It also has to be fast as I need him by tonight. The price isn’t a problem. Decide it yourself and ask me for reimbursement later.” Sheng Jiaoyang waved her hand. “It’s time for you to show your stuff, go! I’ll wait for your report downstairs.”

Zeng Huan recovered from her shock and ran to check her contacts.

Sheng Jiaoyang then turned around to look at the secretary and asked, “Are there a lot of actors in the company? Ones that aren’t married or have a partner? Both males and females are fine.”

“What is Miss Xu planning?”

“It’s just that I haven’t seen any young actors in the company during my time here.”

What did she mean? The secretary looked at her curiously and replied, “Apart from the actors in-training, very few will stay at the company after they debut.”

“Oh.” Sheng Jiaoyang was a bit disappointed.

“Does Miss Xu need anything?”

“Nope, I just wanted to meet them,” Then, Sheng Jiaoyang left to take the elevator downstairs.

The secretary thought about their conversation and a weird expression appeared on her face. This specially-treated Miss Xu really didn’t let off men or women!

After reaching the bottom floor, Sheng Jiaoyang found a sofa to sit on in the lobby and swiped through her phone.

“I need two people! Hurry up and help!” a shout was abruptly heard in the main lobby.

Sheng Jiaoyang continued to scroll through her phone, not bothering to go see what had happened.

“Is the one sitting on the sofa part of the company?”

“Yeah, she’s one of the newly-signed artists.”

“Which manager is she under?”

“This…I’m not sure, I’ve never seen any managers with her.”

“Oh, no wonder she’s so free.”

The clacking of high heels echoed in the lobby as a woman walked up to Sheng Jiaoyang. When Sheng Jiaoyang heard someone noisily clear their throat, she looked up from her phone to see a woman with heavy makeup standing in front of her.

“Come and help us move stuff!” the woman ordered.

Sheng Jiaoyang leaned back on the sofa and crossed her legs, asking leisurely, “Are you talking to me?”

The woman obviously hadn’t expected for a newcomer in the company to have such an attitude with her, and she narrowed her eyes. “Do you know who I am?”

“What does that have anything to do with me?” Sheng Jiaoyang smirked as she replied carelessly.


“Sis Yu, it’s better that I call over a few colleagues to help us move this,” the receptionist interrupted, wanting to mediate the situation. She’d seen how this new artist had used the chairman’s special elevator before.

The woman didn’t reply as she stared at the short-haired girl with black sunglasses. “Who did you sign a contract with?”

“Li Yu.”

“Li Yu? Is he in the company?” The woman frowned.

The receptionist answered weakly, “He is.”

“Who is it? How come I never knew there was a person who could sign on new artists with that name?”

“It’s the chairman,” the Receptionist reminded the woman quietly.

What? The woman’s expression was startled before turning doubtful. President Li was a very busy person, where would he have the time to go and sign on this kind of new artist?

“Why are there so many things piled at the front door?” a voice asked from the company entrance.

They all turned their heads to see three people walk in. The one leading was a rather old man with his hair casually bound together. In the middle was a young man wearing a dress shirt and pants, so handsome that he was practically a walking pheromone. Behind him was a young boy, holding the young man’s coat.

“Hello, Wen Ge! Hello, Male God!” When the receptionist saw them, she immediately started to fangirl.

“Sis Yu, is everything outside yours?”

The woman hurriedly pasted a smile on her face as she replied, “Yeah, those are all things our Xinyan got in the fan meet and greet earlier. I was just calling for people to help move it.”

“Oh, do you need help?” Wen Ge politely asked.

“No need, no need.” The woman waved her hand.

“Xu Jiaojiao.” Initially, Gu Zhou wasn’t going to say anything, but the short-haired girl was completely ignoring his obvious staring and he couldn’t help but speak up.

Wen Ge turned to look at him in surprise. He still hadn’t seen her.

Yu Hong was secretly shocked. Gu Zhou actually recognised this girl, and since he’d taken the initiative to greet her, they seemed to have a pretty good relationship. Who is she? Xu Jiaojiao? Why does the name sound familiar…

Having been called out, Sheng Jiaoyang could only stand up, unwillingly waving her hand in response.

“Why are you here?” Gu Zhou walked over.

“Waiting for someone,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied.

She’d just finished speaking when she saw her assistant run out of the elevator. “Jiaojiao, I found somebody, he-” Eh? Wow! Gu Zhou! Male God!!!

“I’m leaving.” Sheng Jiaoyang waved at Gu Zhou and glanced at her assistant, hinting for her to follow as she walked outside.

“Zhou, let’s go. The brand manager is still waiting,” Wen Ge reminded him.

Gu Zhou nodded and walked towards the elevator.

“I remember now! Isn’t Xu Jiaojiao the one who was in that scandal with Gu Zhou?” Yu Hong seemed certain as she looked at the receptionist.

“Yep.” The receptionist was secretly puzzled. When the two leads of a scandal meet each other, shouldn’t they be like water and fire? Why were they so indifferent? Especially Xu Jiaojiao! Her attitude towards Gu Zhou wasn’t enthusiastic at all. The Male God had even taken the initiative to greet her. Was the Male God the rejected one?

Later that night, Sheng Jiaoyang brought Xu Qing and Li Weiqi to an especially romantic patio restaurant. She said she wanted to give Xu Qing a nice surprise and covered her eyes with her hands.

When a tall, handsome young man walked in front of Xu Qing clasping a bouquet of roses, Sheng Jiaoyang loosened her hands.

Xu Qing opened her eyes, stunned at the scene before her.

“Ms. Qing, you might not remember me, but ever since I saw you in the phone shop, I haven’t been able to get you off my mind. I’ve been searching for you ever since you stopped working at the phone shop, and I didn’t expect that you were Xu Jiaojiao’s mother. This time, I don’t want to be silent anymore. Ms. Qing, I like you!” The young man kneeled on one knee, staring at the sitting Xu Qing with sincerity in his eyes.

Li Weiqi stood up, his face filled with astonishment.

“I-I…” Xu Qing had no idea what to say.

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at Li Weiqi and purposely said, “You’re so young and my mum already has a child as old as me. Regardless of whether my mum is willing to be with you or not, even if you like her, will your family even allow this?”

“I’m an adult, I can make my own decisions. Even if my parents have complaints, I’ll take the initiative to please them so that it won’t be a problem. The most important thing is that I hope Ms.Qing will give me a chance and get to know me.” The young man’s face was filled with sincerity, and he almost believed his words.

Xu Qing opened her mouth before hesitating, turning to ask her daughter, “Jiaojiao, what’s happening?”

“He likes you!” Sheng Jiaoyang said with a smile. “In any case, you’ve been single for so many years already. Why not find a boyfriend to date?”

“I…” Xu Qing had just opened her mouth to speak when she was interrupted.

“Ms. Qing.”

Li Weiqi walked around the table and kneeled on one knee in front of Xu Qing, staring at her seriously. “Although I don’t have a rose in my hands, I have something I want to say to you. I like you, I really do like you!”

Xu Qing’s eyes widened, pleasant surprise filling her expression before it was replaced by nervousness.

“Ms.Qing, when I first met you, I just thought that you were a delicate woman that really needed to be cared for. You seemed to hide many stories on you, so at that time, I just wanted to take care of you a little. It’s not that I’ve never dated before, but there’s never been a woman that has made me feel so emotional. That night at Miao Village, when you told me about what had happened with your previous husband, that was when I first thought about taking care of you forever. Although you’re older than me, you’re actually very young. I’ve actually always wanted to confess. Remember before, when I joked about wanting to find a wife just like you? You said that you wanted a little brother just like me, and asked if I was willing to be your younger brother?”

Li Weiqi paused before continuing, “Right now, I want to answer that question. I don’t want to be your little brother. I want to hug you, embrace you like a lover, and kiss you like a spouse.”

Xu Qing felt her heartbeat quicken. Because there were so many people listening, she felt even shyer.

The young man holding the roses faked an admiring gaze to look at the man actually confessing, and stuffed the flowers into his hands before patting him on the shoulder. “Brother, I support you!” He then backed out of the scene and moved aside to watch the show.

Li Weiqi clutched the flowers and gazed at Xu Qing sincerely, his voice passionate as he said, “Although we haven’t known each other for very long, I think we’ve been through enough for me to fall in love with you. I’m sure that you’re the person I want to grow old together with. What do you say?”

Xu Qing pursed her lips, her eyes teary from emotion. However, there was still a trace of uncertainty in her heart. Did she really want to accept this confession from somebody seven years younger than her? What happens if his parents don’t agree when the time comes? If they’ll later end up breaking up because of that, why even start?

“You should follow your heart. I’ll always be behind you, supporting you…Mum.” Sheng Jiaoyang squeezed her shoulder before finally calling her Mum for the first time since she’d become Xu Jiaojiao. After calling out the word Mum once, she found that it actually wasn’t as difficult as she’d thought.

“Are you willing, Qingqing?” Li Weiqi raised the roses, asking loudly.

Tears spilled out of Xu Qing’s eyes as she accepted the roses with a smile, her voice small as she replied, “I’m willing.”

With a bang, fireworks exploded above their heads. After setting the fireworks off, the actor from just now laughed as he stood to the side. Haha, perfect, he’d be getting the bonus pay!

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