Chapter 92 - New Gossip Arises

What? Boss wanted a copy of Xu Jiaojiao’s travel itinerary?

Li Yu was instantly put in an awkward situation. Ever since the boss had asked him to sign on Xu Jiaojiao, he hadn’t asked about her anymore. That girl was too disobedient, so he could only deal with her in a transparent manner. One month passed by quickly, and he had to deal with so many things everyday. Where would he find the time to recall that there was such a person under him?

He had no choice but to tell the truth.

"Arrange an assistant for her. I must be able to know her whereabouts at any time I want," a dull, dominant voice said over the phone.

Since Boss had said this, Li Yu had no choice but to comply. After the call had ended, he stared at the phone for a while. Xu Jiaojiao’s background was ordinary, but what exactly did she possess for Boss to care so much? Could it be that he wants to choose her as the future Lady Boss?

Thinking about this, Li Yu trembled in shock. He quickly called the admin director to deploy a few staff members to get the task done. Afterwards, he searched all over for Xu Jiaojiao's number and phoned her, only to find that her cell phone was turned off. Li Yu frowned and immediately asked his secretary to check Xu Jiaojiao’s whereabouts.

“President Li, Xu Jiaojiao isn't at school. I was informed that someone helped her ask for leave on the day of admission.”

“Then, where did she go?” Where could an underaged girl run off to? Li Yu was puzzled.

“After her scandal with Gu Zhou died down, no one paid attention to her anymore. Now, you can't find any recent news about her online.”

Li Yu felt a headache starting. He leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed and thought for a moment. He tapped the armrest a few times before opening his eyes to look at his subordinate. He then instructed, “Go to the airport and investigate. At the same time, look around and see if you can find any die-hard fans. Oh, right…does she even have die-hard fans?” He was particularly sceptical about this. How could someone like Xu Jiaojiao, who works by fits and starts, attract any fans?

The secretary, who’d previously investigated Xu Jiaojiao's experiences, quickly found a blogger. After looking through the blogger's Weibo posts, it wasn't hard to tell that the person was a huge Xu Jiaojiao fan. After all, the latest updates were all about Xu Jiaojiao.

She was about to contact this blogger to see if the other knew anything about Xu Jiaojiao's whereabouts when she saw this blogger post a new update.

Tech-savvy Orbit: [Sis Jiao’s invasion~ (Image 1) (Image 2)… (Image 6)]

All the images attached were screenshots of a fashion show. In the background, there was a luxurious hotel lobby and a red carpet, filled with people on each side who were watching the show. With a closer look, one could also find familiar faces of a few international superstars. There were many cameramen standing outside trying to capture the scene. However, this crowded background couldn’t even hide the demeanour and radiance of the real protagonist in the picture. No matter if it was the indomitable momentum she exuded while walking, the amorous aura she carried while posing, or the graceful view of her back. She walked out with an aura and spirit that no one else possessed, and a style that was exclusively hers, making it impossible for others to take their eyes off her.

For those who were following this fashion show, there was nothing strange about the background. The only unfamiliar part was the protagonist walking the runway in those pictures. This was the first time that this face had appeared at one of the four major Fashion Week shows.

The secretary was so fascinated by what she was seeing that she didn’t even hear Li Yu calling out to her. She only managed to react after hearing a knock on the table. She looked up and saw Li Yu standing in front of her, stuttering as she asked, “P-President Li, h-how can I help you?”

“What are you looking at? I called you twice but you didn’t respond,” Li Yu responded with a frown.

"President Li, Xu Jiaojiao is currently in Paris."

“You found out on the internet again?” Li Yu felt bitter in his heart. She’s his company’s artist…the artist that he’d spent so much money to sign on. To think that the only way for him to find out her whereabouts was to go online and check the news…

“Xu Jiaojiao is in Paris attending the new Spring and Summer Collection fashion show, and photos of her on the runway are already out online.” The Secretary passed the phone to Li Yu to show him the pictures.

Upon seeing that she could still find such resources without relying on the company, even Li Yu had to admit that Xu Jiaojiao possessed amazing skills. Whether this opportunity was offered by others or not, in the end, she’d still managed to get this chance with her own abilities. This was already proof enough that she had great social skills.

Xu Jiaojiao was just like a wild horse. He must find an assistant to look after her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know where she would run off to next.

At the same time, that ‘wild horse’ had just appeared at the airport with a brand new looking ‘wild mother horse’.

A reporter who was initially laying in wait for another star to appear just happened to see Sheng Jiaoyang, and took a few pictures in passing. A casually dressed young man greeted the stylish-looking mother and daughter pair with a smile and hugged them, one after another. He then helped them with their luggage and the three of them left the airport while talking and laughing.

Consequently, when Li Yu saw Xu Jiaojiao in the news again, new gossip about Xu Jiaojiao cheating on Gu Zhou was being spread like wildfire by netizens. At this point, he had only one thought: Damn, Xu Jiaojiao has caused trouble again.

Li Yu immediately picked up his phone and called her. The call finally got through this time.

“Xu Jiaojiao, come to the office at once.”

“Send someone to pick me up,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied and gave him her address.

After a month, the two finally met again in the president’s office.

The secretary, who served tea, stole a few glances at the short-haired girl in front of her. Up close, she appeared very glamorous. The imposing aura she exuded, and her charming eyes suffused with grace and elegance didn’t make her appear like a child from an ordinary family at all.

Only when the secretary had left the office did Li Yu ask, “You have a boyfriend?”

“If your Boss Shen doesn’t count as one, then no.”

Li Yu was startled by her words, but at the same time, he felt that this made sense. No wonder this girl is as bold as brass. It turns out that she has Boss Shen backing her behind the curtains!

“Then, what’s this all about?” Li Yu handed her an iPad, and on the screen was a picture of three people walking into a building together.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked through all the photos and said, “I was followed by a paparazzo? Am I really that popular already?”

“Don’t change the topic and just say it. Who’s that man? He went to the airport to pick you up, and you guys even went home together. Who’s going to believe that there’s nothing going on between you two? Yet, here you are, not even a tad bit worried. Aren’t you afraid that Boss will misunderstand?” Li Yu solemnly asked, his fingers tapping on the table.

“He wouldn’t care about something like this,” Sheng Jiaoyang answered with a faint smile tugging at her lips.

Hearing this, a glint flashed across Li Yu’s eyes. Does this imply that their relationship was stable or feeble…? If his girlfriend were to have an ambiguous relationship with another man, it would be impossible for him to not overthink things.

“Even if Boss doesn’t mind, you still ought to pay attention to your image. After all, you’re a public figure now. Don’t give people the impression that your love life is a mess at such a young age. So, tell me, that man who went home with you, who is he to you? If he’s a family member then it would be easier to explain, but if he’s just a male friend, it’s going to be much more troublesome,” Li Yu said.

“He likes my mother, so does he count as a relative or a friend?”

Li Yu was rendered speechless.

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