Chapter 85 - Awesome!

“Daddy, it’s all your fault. If we’d come earlier, I wouldn’t have been assigned to a mixed bedroom dorm.”

“Who was the one that lost control and forgot everything while playing earlier?”


Sheng Jiaoyang and Liu Lu had just entered the dorm room when they heard the earlier dialogue.

“Jiaojiao?” a pleasantly surprised voice said.

Sheng Jiaoyang narrowed her eyes. The world really was small. The school had so many students, yet she was actually paired with this body’s half-sister from her cheap dad.

“Daddy, Mum’s still here! What are you doing being so excited to see other women?” Pan Mingyue glanced at Sheng Jiaoyang and pulled at Pan Zihui’s hand to show her ownership.

Pan Zihui glanced at his unsmiling wife and daughter with some awkwardness and sighed in his heart, no longer saying anything.

Inside the small dorm room, there was Pan Mingyue and her family of three, their nanny, as well as two other girls each sitting on their own beds. They were originally scrolling through their phones and had subconsciously glanced over when they heard somebody new arrive. Their eyes widened as they stared at Sheng Jiaoyang. These days, everybody goes on the internet. That means, it was inevitable to see some of the headlines of the entertainment world. Thus, it went without saying that they recognised Sheng Jiaoyang.

“You’re also in our dorm?” a woman leaned against the door and asked.

“Yep! Please treat our Jiaojiao nicely in the future!” Liu Lu replied for Sheng Jiaoyang, just like a parent. She set Sheng Jiaoyang’s luggage in front of the remaining bed by the door and swiftly began to clean it up. Sheng Jiaoyang wanted to help, but was rejected by Liu Lu as she cleaned with an unprecedented amount of enthusiasm. From the table to the cabinet to the bed, everything was tidied up thoroughly.

Liu Lu was even faster than the Pan Family’s nanny in cleaning up the bed. Her speed could even be called astonishing. By the time she finished, she was gasping for breath with sweat dripping from her forehead as she turned to Sheng Jiaoyang. “Sis Jiao, let’s go together to buy household necessities!”

Sheng Jiaoyang took out a tissue and dabbed the sweat off Liu Lu’s forehead before saying under Liu Lu’s shocked and admiring gaze, “It’s not urgent, go take a shower first. I have new clothes here that you can change into. Go wash up while I search for them.”

Liu Lu dazedly entered the bathroom. Only after she’d stripped down and the cold water fell over her did she suddenly wake up from Sheng Jiaoyang’s gentle charm. She cupped her face in her hands as she thought excitedly: She was probably the first fan to have been treated so gently by Sis Jiao. Hehehe…and she’s even going to wear Sis Jiao’s clothes! How lucky was she?!

Sheng Jiaoyang found a new set of clothes and knocked on the bathroom door. “It’s me.”

The door opened a crack and a wet hand extended out, groping around. Sheng Jiaoyang handed Liu Lu the clothes. “The towel is also new, don’t worry.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s even better if it’s not new- cough!” Liu Lu just realised her thoughts had sneaked out and grew embarrassed as she hurriedly took the clothes and closed the door.

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed softly and turned around to look at her desk. She fished her phone out of her bag to give Lina a call to reassure her that she’d arrived safely. She’d just hung up when she saw Pan Mingyue’s mother walking towards her. She frowned slightly, waiting for the other to speak.

“In the future, you girls will be roommates with our Mingyue. So, Mingyue’s father and I want to treat you all to a meal to help you all bond.” Jiang Yin’s tone was relatively gentle.

With how polite Jiang Yin was being, it was hard for the other two girls to reject her. Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t buy it. She didn’t want to bond with their family at all and directly rejected them.

Pan Mingyue was angry at Sheng Jiaoyang for not giving her mother any respect, so she didn’t look at her as she left the dorm, snorting as she pulled her mother’s hand. Pan Zihui wanted to say something, but facing Sheng Jiaoyang’s icy face, he just hesitated for a moment before leaving.

The dorm room abruptly became quiet and peaceful. Even the air felt a little fresher.

Suddenly, an embarrassed shout came from the bathroom, “Sis Jiao, can you please bring me my phone?”

“Are you done washing?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked as she passed over her cell phone.

A hand sneaked out and grabbed the phone before hurriedly shutting the door as Liu Lu spoke in a muffled voice, “Yep.”

“If you’re done washing, then come out. We’re going to eat dinner.”

“Wait…wait a sec, Sis Jiao, I still haven’t changed. Your clothes are a bit too small, I…I can’t fit…”

Sheng Jiaoyang was speechless.

“I’ll call Yuanyuan to bring me clothes. It’ll be quick since she’s right next door,” Liu Lu said hurriedly.

Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t help but smile. Liu Lu was a bit chubby, so Sheng Jiaoyang had purposely found the loosest clothes she had, but she hadn’t expected that it still wouldn’t fit. It seemed that Liu Lu’s body was rather impressive.

“Yuanyuan’s my roommate. She’s a tech major and is very good at editing videos. She even made a fan video of you before! She also really likes Sis Jiao, we’re both Sis Jiao’s greatest fans! If Yuanyuan met you, she’d definitely be very excited…” After calling Yuanyuan, Liu Lu began to excitedly chatter again inside the bathroom.

Sheng Jiaoyang leaned against her desk, a slight smile on her lips as she listened to Liu Lu talk.

This was precisely the scene that greeted Zheng Yuan when she walked in. A pretty girl leaning against the table, a charming, slight smile gracing her face.

“You’re Yuanyuan?” Sheng Jiaoyang also saw Zheng Yuan enter.

Zheng Yuan subconsciously pushed up her glasses, suddenly feeling very awkward, “Yep, I came to bring Liu Lu her clothes.”

“I’m in here!” Liu Lu shouted from the bathroom.

After Liu Lu had changed, she came out holding Sheng Jiaoyang’s clothes. She glanced at her shyly, stampering as she spoke, “I’m sorry, Sis Jiao, I wasted your good intentions.”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s go eat now!” Sheng Jiaoyang had Liu Lu put her clothes on the table and looked at Zheng Yuan. “You too.”

Zheng Yuan hid the gleam in her eyes behind her glasses and adjusted them, nodding seriously.

Sheng Jiaoyang brought her two fans to the best restaurant near the school and entertained them.

“I’m so full!” Zheng Yuan touched her stomach.

“That’s good. I’m going to go wash my hands.” Sheng Jiaoyang smiled as she stood up and left the booth.

After exiting the bathroom, Sheng Jiaoyang was just about to return to the booth to call Liu Lu and Zheng Yuan, when another booth’s door suddenly opened and a group of people walked out.

“I truly didn’t expect that after not seeing you two for such a short time, that you two would already be together. Wei Yang, you-” The speaker didn’t finish before being interrupted by a surprised shout.

“Xu Jiaojiao!”

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced over, not recognising any of them. From their clothes, it was clear that they were a group of second generation rich kids. She was about to pretend she didn’t hear them, but one of them blocked her.

“Xu Jiaojiao, don’t think that just because you had a makeover I wouldn’t recognise you!” Wei Yang clenched his teeth and stared at Sheng Jiaoyang.

Liang Shuangyi was most afraid of Wei Yang thinking about others and immediately walked over to hug Wei Yang’s arm, staring at Sheng Jiaoyang. “What are you doing here?”

The rest of the group inspected Sheng Jiaoyang. They’d all seen and teased Xu Jiaojiao before and had to admit that she’d truly changed dramatically. It was almost like she’d become another person.

“Who are you guys?” Sheng Jiaoyang raised a brow as she looked at the two indifferently.

Wei Yang was angry! Mad! Furious! Did Xu Jiaojiao think she was now a phoenix since she was able to fly on a little tree? So now, she could pretend not to know him? Sure enough, she really was just playing with him earlier! “So, it turns out you were acting before and this is the real you. Xu Jiaojiao, how great you are, swindling me for so long!” The last sentence was especially bitter.

“Thank you.” Sheng Jiaoyang’s lips curved.

“You really are shameless! Don’t think that you’re so amazing just because you’re a little bit popular now. Who knows how many people you’ve slept with, you slut!” Liang Shuangyi scolded her. She wanted to both curse Xu Jiaojiao and also show Wei Yang how unbearable that woman was.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes turned cold as her expression turned more and more disdainful. She crossed her arms and looked at Liang Shuangyi, her voice indolent as she said, “Looks like you’re only good at bullshitting.”

Looks like you’re only good at bullshitting…

Her trash talking skill was maxed out! That single sentence was like a knife stabbing into Liang Shuangyi ruthlessly, running through her heart. Her expression immediately turned sinister as if she wanted to attack Sheng Jiaoyang. Wei Yang’s face also turned ugly.

After saying that, Sheng Jiaoyang ignored them and tried to walk around them.

“Apologise to Shuang Yi-” Wei Yang reached out to grab Sheng Jiaoyang’s hand.

In a split second, with that single misstep, a loud bang was heard as he was shoulder thrown to the floor!

The gathering onlookers were stunned.

Liang Shuangyi was speechless as her jaw dropped.

Sheng Jiaoyang, who only knew this one move to protect herself against perverts, was disgruntled as she patted her hands and looked down at the fallen Wei Yang. Her voice was infuriating as she said, “Hey, sorry, but I don’t really like strangers touching me.” Then, she swaggered away.

“Damn, she’s so cool!” a few of the onlookers murmured.

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