Chapter 84 - New Register

“Yuanyuan, today’s the last day to check in. Why isn’t Sis Jiao here yet?”

“Maybe she’s already checked in. We don’t know.”

“Didn’t you just check the Foreign Language department? I went to take a look and didn’t see Sis Jiao’s name. Are you sure you’re not wrong?”

The other girl in the dorm room admiring herself in the mirror couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Lulu, you really are bewitched. You never used to chase stars before.”

Liu Lu clasped her face with her hands. “I really am bewitched by my Sis Jiao’s charms, sigh… There’s been no news of her for a week, it’s terrible!”

Her roommate rolled her eyes, feeling she was incurable, and turned to look at Zheng Yuan. “It’s only been one summer. How come you’ve also begun to chase stars like Lulu?” Everybody knew that Zheng Yuan was a STEM shut-in, and an intelligent top student STEM shut-in at that.

“I’m not chasing stars.” Under her roommate’s relieved gaze, Zheng Yuan calmly stated, “I just like Sis Jiao.”

They’re all incurable!!! The roommate pulled her hair in frustration before continuing to look at herself in the mirror.

“I have to go to the Foreign Language department to look.” Liu Lu excitedly ran out.

“She really has gone mad. On such a hot day, instead of just staying inside, she’s going out!” The roommate tsked before shaking her head and sighing.

Zheng Yuan took out her laptop and started to type when the phone suddenly rang. She glanced at the caller ID before picking it up, her gaze still focused on the computer screen. “Hi Senior, what’s up?”

“I remembered that you didn’t have class tonight, so let’s go watch a movie!” a man’s gentle voice said from the phone.

“Can’t! I already have plans tonight.” Zheng Yuan supported the phone on her shoulder and used both hands to tap the keyboard, searching for the newest news on Sheng Jiaoyang.

The caller heard her typing. “Do you need any help?”

Zheng Yuan paused for a moment, her eyes lighting up. “Senior, I actually do need your help.”

On the other side, Liu Lu was fiercely running to the Foreign Languages department. She went to check the list of names in the register, and when she found that Sis Jiao’s name still wasn’t on there, she went to find a shady spot near the registration office to wait. After sitting for a while and helping out the new students find their way, she got a call from Zheng Yuan.

“Lulu, I just searched up Sis Jiao’s flight. It only arrived an hour ago, so Sis Jiao should arrive soon.”

Zheng Yuan’s voice was like a summertime breeze, rousing Liu Lu’s spirit. She was filled with energy and no longer felt that it was too hot as she eagerly stared at the students registering.

Hehehehe, she was actually about to see Sis Jiao in person. How exciting!!

Liu Lu stared longingly, standing for so long that she almost turned into a rock, but she still couldn’t see her. Liu Lu grew a bit uneasy, wondering if she’d missed her amongst the crowd when she was blinking. That shouldn’t be, but then, why hadn’t Sis Jiao arrived yet? Don’t tell me she really did miss her? Liu Lu paced back and forth, her face filled with anxiety.

When you’re waiting for somebody, it would always feel like an eternity.

Liu Lu was just thinking about going back to check the registration list when Zheng Yuan called her again, saying that a few people at the school gates had seen Sis Jiao and posted pictures of her. Zheng Yuan’s news seemed to inject Liu Lu with another shot of stimulant, filling her with excitement. Before Zheng Yuan had even hung up, Liu Lu could see a figure slowly walking towards her.

Those long legs!

That modelesque figure!

That unique temperament!

Even though she was far away, and the big hat plus oversized black sunglasses made it hard to clearly see Sis Jiao’s face, Liu Lu was certain that it was her!

Jiaojiaojiaojiaojiaojiaojiaojiao! Liu Lu rushed up impatiently, scaring quite a few people who thought she’d crash into them. She dashed up to Sheng Jiaoyang and snatched her luggage, a brilliant smile on her face. “Sis Jiao!”

Having her luggage suddenly snatched away, Sheng Jiaoyang was startled for a moment before turning to see a smiling face staring at her. Her memory had always been exceptional, so she naturally remembered who the girl was. It was the first person who’d bought her painting. “Liu Lu.”

“Sis Jiao, you still remember me?! I’m so happy!” Liu Lu smiled widely.

Her smile was infectious, causing Sheng Jiaoyang to smile as well.

Wow~ Liu Lu’s hand covered her chest. Seeing Sis Jiao’s smile up close was truly… she felt like she was about to step onto the road of no return…

“Were you specially waiting for me here?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked as she walked.

“Hehe, that’s right!” Liu Lu said, pulling Sheng Jiaoyang’s luggage for her.

“We’re schoolmates now! Sis Jiao, do you have any social media accounts? Apart from the National Supermodel account, I never see you anywhere. I’ve really missed you! Why did you suddenly go abroad? Was it because you wanted to hide from that scandal with Gu Zhou? I don’t think it’s that, right? If you two were dating, everybody would support you, and if you’re just friends, then the truth would come out eventually-”

Sheng Jiaoyang wasn’t impatient as she listened to Liu Lu’s rambling. When they neared the registration table, Sheng Jiaoyang interrupted her to ask, “Why are you calling me Sis Jiao?”

Liu Lu blinked, feeling nervous. She’d given a nickname to Sis Jiao without asking first. Would Sis Jiao be angry? Thinking of this, she hurriedly said, “It's because your name has two Jiaos in it, so I abbreviated it to Sis Jiao. I didn’t mean anything by it, I just felt that calling you like this makes us closer. ”

Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and didn't say anything else.

Liu Lu grinned when she saw that Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t mind. She’d already made some inquiries about Sis Jiao's class number, so after reaching the registration place, Liu Lu immediately led her to the right room to register.

“I feel like I’ve seen you before somewhere!” The girl sitting behind the table stared at Sheng Jiaoyang.

Another girl, who was sitting nearby and playing with her phone, lifted her head and looked towards them. When she saw that it was Sheng Jiaoyang, she jumped up. “It's actually you! I thought it was another person with the same name. Xu Jiaojiao, can I take a picture with you?”

“There’s no need to, right? I’m not a star or anything.”

The girl sitting behind the table shouted in understanding, “Oh, I know now! You're Gu Zhou’s rumoured girlfriend from the scandal!”

Her cries attracted a crowd, some of them even raising their phones to take a picture.

After signing her name, Sheng Jiaoyang asked, “Where do I fill in the forms?”

“I'll lead you there. I’ve even helped you by organising everything already!” Liu Lu hurriedly volunteered.

Because she was involved in that scandal with Gu Zhou, she was on the top searched list twice. Sheng Jiaoyang was already famous, but, since she hadn’t taken it seriously, she had no idea that she was now a celebrity. With her height and mannerisms, although she was only wearing a simple white chiffon garment and a pair of jeans, she still appeared eye-catching. There were very few people these days that didn’t go online, so there were a lot of people who recognised her. Fortunately, she was born with a calm disposition and didn’t feel awkward at all, despite being stared at by so many people.

Liu Lu had said that she was leading her to the office, but in reality, it was just Liu Lu running back and forth.

“Sis Jiao, the two people dorms were already divided between the graduate students, so I helped you apply for a four person dorm. However, the school’s enrollment numbers were very high this year and there were a lot of new students. You were too late, so the four person dorms allocated to your department were fully booked. There was only a shared room left, the same as my dormitory,” said Liu Lu, who was at her beck and call.

Under many people’s stares, Liu Lu helped Sheng Jiaoyang finish registering before leading the way to the mixed bedrooms at the girls' dormitory building.

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