Chapter 83 - Role

“Lina, your new assistant is so cool!”

Lina turned her head to look at the person leaning on the wall nearby. That person had short black hair, a faded haircut, sword-like brows, and black eyes that glimmered with an indifferent indolence. However, the bright, brilliant studs on his ears couldn’t compare with the slight, dazzling smile on his face. He was dressed completely in black, bringing about a remarkable impression with his tall and straight figure.

Earlier, a certain person had said that they would pretend to be her assistant to be her ‘Flower Protection Emissary’. Lina had jokingly said that she only needed a male assistant, so the other had dressed up to bring about a heroic aura, not realising how eye-catching she looked. Even Fanny, who’d always looked down on her and never dealt with her, repeatedly stole glances at her.

She’d already lost count of how many people had come by to praise her as she gave a nod. “I agree.”

There were plenty of handsome men and beautiful women within the film crew, but such a mysterious, androgynous sort of beauty was rare. She was just like a black pearl amongst a group of colored pearls. It was impossible not to attract attention.

“Hey, handsome guy over there! Come here!” the director shouted.

The others on the set followed the director’s gaze. Wait, wasn’t that Lina’s new assistant?!

Lina was startled for a second before walking over.

“My dear Steve, what did you want her for?” Lina asked.

“Her? Not him?” Director Steve latched onto Lina’s sentence.

Sheng Jiaoyang walked by and laughed upon hearing the director’s words. Sheng Jiaoyang had never been a shy person, so her laugh was filled with confidence, making it very attractive.

Director Steve’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed to Lina, “Your assistant’s figure is really good!”

“She’s actually my friend, not my assistant,” Lina explained.

“Oh? She looks so young. Is she still a student?”


“What’s your name?” Director Steve asked Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Xu Jiaojiao, but you can call me Joy.”

“Oh~ A Chinese person!” Director Steve continued, “Joy, do you want a role in the drama? I have a very fitting character for you, but I need to see if you can act it out.”

“I…” Sheng Jiaoyang was just about to refuse when she was stopped by Lina.

Lina immediately agreed for Sheng Jiaoyang.

Director Steve called for somebody to bring over the backup script and personally circled the character’s lines. He then had Lina take Sheng Jiaoyang to the stylist and told her to study the script.

“Mei Niu, I’ve never acted before. If I fail, it’ll definitely cause you to lose face.” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Lina.

“There’s nothing in this world that you, Sheng Jiaoyang, can’t do! I believe in you.”

Lina has too much confidence in me! Sheng Jiaoyang thought. Even she wouldn’t dare to believe that she was so amazing.

After finding the stylist, Lina gave her the reason for coming. Once the stylist knew the character that Sheng Jiaoyang was playing, she gave her a complete makeover.

To not drag Lina down, Sheng Jiaoyang looked over the English script and studied the role earnestly.

“Do you need help understanding the character?”

Sheng Jiaoyang waved her hands, driving her away. “Nah, you can do your own stuff!”

By the time her makeup was done, Sheng Jiaoyang understood the character she was to play.

The role she’d been given was a cannon fodder type supporting role. Because the character wasn’t alive for long, she only had a few scenes and basically died soon after appearing in the drama. But, since it was a character in the main script, it naturally was important. You could say it was one of the more necessary cannon fodder characters since they directly influenced the main character’s fate.

Director Steve finished a scene and turned to talk to the deputy director before spotting a figure from the corner of his eye. “Blake!” he called the name of Sheng Jiaoyang’s character. The deputy director followed Steve’s gaze to see a tall, thin, eastern-looking short-haired youth. The youth looked just like Blake from the script!

“You’re calling me?” Seeing that both of the directors were staring at her, Sheng Jiaoyang walked over.

“Are you done with the script?” Director Steve asked.

“Yep.” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded.

“You’re a girl?” The deputy director heard her voice and was astonished. He looked at Steve. “Blake is a male character.”

“Noooooo!” Director Steve shook his head so hard his brain rattled. “Nobody said that Blake had to be male.”

From Director Steve’s expression, he seemed to be set on Sheng Jiaoyang. In any case, her role didn’t have much screen time and wasn’t a very memorable character.

While they were about to start filming nonstop, the popularity of a certain somebody’s scandal had cooled down significantly since the person involved had disappeared.

“Xu Jiaojiao really is a weirdo. It’s such a good time for her to get media attention, yet she ran away to play around overseas. I heard that President Li was even planning to take this opportunity to promote her more, but she disappeared and made everything you did pointless,” Gu Zhou’s manager, Wen Ge, said during Gu Zhou’s break.

In the middle of fanning himself, Gu Zhou paused for a moment before continuing, clearing away the summer heat.

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