Chapter 8 - Moving To A New House (1/2)

Even after she’d received the bank transfer, Sheng Jiaoyang still wasn’t all that happy. Her mind kept thinking back to Shen Zhining’s last words.

‘Using her name’...who was ‘her’?

Is that person called Jiao Yang, like herself?

He’d also said that even though there was a genius before her, she still insisted on copying someone else and making a fool out of herself! He’d clearly been stating that she was imitating someone else’s artistic style!

The world was vast, but the scope of artists with the same name as her’s was tiny. If there really was a person with the same name and in the same profession as her, how could she not know?

If that person was her…

Sheng Jiaoyang was suddenly enlightened. She hadn’t thought of it before because she still considered herself the her from her past, but to other people’s eyes, she was already another person.

“Really, who would've thought it? So it turns out that Shen Zhining’s impression of me is actually that good and he considers me a genius!”

Sheng Jiaoyang put the new ATM card in her bag and walked out of the bank in an exceptionally good mood. Then, she walked towards the car-free shopping street.

An hour later, Sheng Jiaoyang left the optometrists wearing a pair of glasses with a dark green frame. Now that she had more than enough money for glasses, she wanted to get LASIK surgery to correct her myopia.

The world had once again become clear, and now she didn't have to move within one metre of a person to see their face. Plus, her pockets were finally fat. It was currently the best time to be Xu Jiaojiao.

However, in the blink of an eye, her good mood was swept away. Her eyesight was now perfect, so naturally, she could look into the distance. Unfortunately, the vision of a man and a woman standing at the counter of a jewellery store across the street from her accidentally her field of sight.

Sheng Shiyun and Lin Yu.

One was her half-sister.

The other was the boyfriend that she’d been dating not too long ago.

Of course, these were all relationships that she’d had as ‘Sheng Jiaoyang’. Now, they had no connection with her whatsoever.

Remembering what had happened to her because of what they’d done, Sheng Jiaoyang felt that there should be some kind of atonement. And one of her strongest strengths was that what other people gave her, she would always return it.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked around and spotted a tea shop nearby. After buying a cup of tea, she then entered the jewellery store.

Without hiding her intentions, she walked straight up to Sheng Shiyun and poured the tea all over her feet.

“Ahh--!!” Sheng Shiyun shrieked as she jumped backwards.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Sheng Jiaoyang apologised with an insincere smile on her face. “My hand slipped.”

“You crazy bitch!! Do you know that my shoes are…”

“Very expensive, I know. They’re Christian Louboutin shoes,” Sheng Jiaoyang swept a glance over the high-heeled shoes on Sheng Shiyun’s feet, and a corner of her mouth curled into a smirk. “Last year’s edition.”

Sheng Shiyun was unaware of what the strange girl in front of her was trying to achieve, but at the moment, she felt utterly embarrassed. Under everyone’s gaze, she quickly picked up the damaged shoes and called out to Lin Yu as she rushed to the bathroom.

“Why did you do that to Shiyun?” Lin Yu frowned at the face of the unfamiliar girl before him, confused as to why her expression was full of undisguised malice. Even an idiot could see that there was a problem.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Lin Yu’s handsome face that closely resembled the sketch that she’d drawn at Hundred Flowers Square. She couldn’t help but remember the first time she’d met Lin Yu, and her heart was filled with sorrow. She’d suspected that Lin Yu was a member of the Lin family, and had specifically asked him whether or not he knew Lin Yan, but he hadn’t known who that was.

“Your girlfriend was just in an accident, and yet here you are on a date with Sheng Shiyun. Oh wait, that’s wrong! Even before the accident the two you’d been fooling around together. The two-timing skills of Young Master Lin are truly exceptional!” Sheng Jiaoyang raised her brows and indifferently said.

“Don’t talk nonsense; Shiyun and I are just friends. Who are you and how do you know us?”

“I’m Sheng Jiaoyang’s…” Seeing Lin Yu’s face freeze in shock, Sheng Jiaoyang laughed. “Friend.”

“Before Sheng Jiaoyang had her accident, she told me that her good sister had given her a picture of her boyfriend and herself. Sheng Shiyun had also told Sheng Jiaoyang that Brother Yu was very busy recently and that if nothing important occurred, not to go looking for him. That slut is so pretentious! If she’d really fancied you, then she should’ve just said it straight to your face. Instead, she’s a disgusting person that stabs people in the back.”

“What are you talking about?” Lin Yu’s expression became solemn.

A corner of Sheng Jiaoyang’s mouth raised into a slight smirk as she said, “I find you more and more interesting. There’s a white lotus hanging around you that considers you her own, and yet you were completely unaware. You can’t even refute it. What kind of person Sheng Shiyun is; I know better than you!”

“It’s her fault that Sheng Jiaoyang had an accident, and yet you, as a boyfriend, still accompanied the main culprit to go jewellery shopping. It seems that your kind of like is half-hearted at best!”

Looking at Lin Yu’s stricken expression, Sheng Jiaoyang turned around and walked away filled with satisfaction.

Come on, hurt each other~

While tunelessly humming, Sheng Jiaoyang entered a popular cafe.

Although they hadn’t been dating for very long, she nonetheless understood Lin Yu. Among all the men she knew, Lin Yu was a rare pure-hearted person, but his character was interpreted as unusual by other people. He was very good to his friends, but a friend was only a friend; he made that extremely clear to the female friends around him. It was no wonder that Sheng Shiyun had never dared to confess. If she’d exposed her true feelings to Lin Yu when he had no feelings of affection for her, he wouldn’t have hesitated to cut off all connections with her.

Now that Sheng Shiyun’s malicious actions had been exposed, her beautiful dream of slowly winning over Lin Yu was dashed. According to Sheng Shiyun’s character, the more Lin Yu distanced himself from her; the more ardent her attempts to stick to him would be. Unfortunately for her, Lin Yu would only be increasingly disgusted by her approaches.

Due to all of this, Sheng Jiaoyang had always been unable to understand why Lin Yu, who was incapable of turning a blind eye, could’ve liked her when she’d continuously slandered Sheng Shiyun. At that time, almost all of his friends had advised him against dating her, but he’d never wavered. When she was busy on the days that she’d promised to go on a date with him, he would personally get food for her.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t think that her charm was so great that it would make a person like Lin Yu so resolute in his feelings. Otherwise, why would the person that she liked, who obviously had feelings towards her, refuse to accept her. She could only conclude one thing: Lin Yu was a weirdo.

As for those who’d take advantage of her, Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t care whether or not that person had an uneasy conscience. Could a conscience be eaten or used? Could it change the fact that she’d now become a little poor girl? What uses did it have? She only knew that those who dared to mess with her would be paying her back for the rest of their life.

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