Chapter 71 - Thinking Too Much

Gu Zhou’s fans ogled his Weibo for nearly half a month, and finally saw him post something again!

Gu Zhou: [Little Junior Sister, you won’t refuse me this time, right? // Entertainment International Official: Warmest welcome to our Entertainment International’s new family member, Xu Jiaojiao! [clap][clap][clap]]

The fans instantly went into an uproar!

[OMG! OMG! OMG! What did Little Zhou Zhou just post?!]

[You. Won’t. Refuse. Me. This. Time. Right?]

[Every single word is understandable, but how come when placed together, those words are incomprehensible?]

[Those words carry a lot of messages…]

The comments section below the post instantly exploded with comments. No matter if they were fans, passersby or haters, all of them left comments, and they were in a heated discussion at the moment.

[Could it be that Movie Emperor Gu is planning to announce his relationship?]

[‘Little Junior Sister’…as expected, it’s a term of endearment…]

[Who does Xu Jiaojiao think she is? How dare she refuse our Prince Charming? Prince Charming Gu, you needn’t feel sad, I’ll absolutely never refuse you!]

[Holy moly! Da fudge!? Such earth-shattering news appeared before my eyes as soon as I logged on Weibo…it scared the living daylights out of me!!]

[Prince Charming Gu, where did your aloof and reserved self go?]

[Prince Charming Gu, why are you taking this so seriously, whyyy…?]

[Gu Zhou, you made a confession in such a high profile manner…how will your ex-girlfriends cope with this?]

The comments section had already blown it out of proportion, yet there were still many people forwarding his post, one after another.

Gu Zhou set the internet on fire. This time’s single post was even more explosive than when he announced his relationships with his ex-girlfriends. The more ambiguous his words, the more the public speculated, and the more attention he attracted.

As soon as Gu Zhou’s manager saw the Weibo post, he frantically rushed to find Gu Zhou.

“I asked you to give Xu Jiaojiao a slight boost, not to get yourself involved and muddy the waters further.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look at what you posted!”

“What’s wrong with my post?”

The manager pointed at Gu Zhou with a trembling finger, and he couldn’t squeeze out a single word even after a long time.

Gu Zhou was about to speak when his cell phone rang. It was a call from his good friend.

“Bro Zhou, your account hasn’t been hacked, right??”


“So, you really took a fancy to that little girl? I’ve looked into her a bit. She is still underage, about a generation younger than you!”

Gu Zhou smiled and said, “No, how did you get the impression that I took a fancy to her?”

“You posted: ‘You won’t refuse me this time, right?'. So, everyone thought that you were confessing your love again in public.”

“You’re thinking too much. I just want her to gift me a painting.”

“There are so many painters around, why don’t you find someone else? Besides, is a painting done by a little girl like her that worthy of your admiration?”

“I think it’s worth it.”

After hanging up, Gu Zhou saw his manager patting his chest in relief and smiled, “Brother Wen, we’ve worked together for nearly ten years already, yet you still don’t know me?”

Brother Wen rolled his eyes. “If you were to do things with conventional reasoning, would I have to be like this?”

“However, it’s hard to tell if your words are real or a sham. This move of yours has worked so well that even I was deceived. When you explain it clearly after this, no one would think that you’re trying to create a hype. They would only see it as a misunderstanding.” Brother Wen gave Gu Zhou a thumbs-up.

“Since a staircase has been built, I might as well make it sturdier. Brother Wen, go and ask Xu Jiaojiao out for me and help me book a table in the Pirouette Hall at Cirrus Cloud Restaurant.”

“Alright, I’ll get in touch with her,” Brother Wen acknowledged and walked away.

Gu Zhou leaned back in his chair, picked up his cell phone, and browsed through Weibo for a while. He saw that some of his close friends in the entertainment circle had left him private messages, asking if those rumours were true or false, and he patiently replied to all of them.

As soon as he did, his friends instantly understood that he was just helping his company boost a new artist.

As such, many people were curious as to why Gu Zhou did this. He was already a first-tier superstar and had established his own connections. He could get plenty of resources without relying on his company. The benefits that his company could offer him amounted to nothing, so why did he even bother to help his company boost a newcomer?

Moreover, this newcomer, Xu Jiaojiao, was just an inexperienced ordinary-looking girl who’d participated in the National Supermodel show. There were plenty of debuted and non-debuted girls who were prettier than her. She grew up in an ordinary single-parent family, which meant that she wouldn’t have anyone backing her up. The most important point was that she was 176 cms tall. Her height couldn’t be compared to those top international supermodels, but she was much taller than a lot of domestic female and male celebrities. Even if she were to pursue acting, she was doomed to miss out on the heroine role due to her height.

Everyone found this hard to believe. How could such a big company like Entertainment International boost someone that was unfit for a higher post, yet not willing to take a lower one? And, Gu Zhou, who’d never cared about these things, was unexpectedly willing to get involved this time. What had Xu Jiaojiao done to deserve this treatment?!

Gu Zhou simply laughed it off and didn’t reply.

With his current standing, he rarely met anything that he liked but couldn’t get. At that time, he witnessed Xu Jiaojiao finish the painting of an angel on the bridge of the Tiber river, and that painting really left a deep impression on him and touched his heart. However, he had great self-control and wouldn’t show his true emotions so easily. In fact, many people have experienced this kind of ‘liking something but couldn’t get it’ feeling. It was a feeling that made one’s heart itch, making them uncontrollably think about the things they liked but couldn’t get. This was how Xu Jiaojiao had left a deep impression on him. Otherwise, based on his character, why would he be willing to get involved in a scandal with a newcomer like her?

As such, Gu Zhou’s scandal made the headlines again, and the name ‘Xu Jiaojiao’ had been picked up by curious netizens all over the internet. They dug out all kinds of information related to Xu Jiaojiao, including her family background, her life’s experience, and other personal information.

That last ‘homosexual’ scandal became a hot topic again, but it was nothing compared to the new scandal.

When these two scandals were put together, everyone was shocked. Xu Jiaojiao had unexpectedly monopolised Prince Charming Gu and Goddess Lina.

She was practically sweeping the deck!

If Xu Jiaojiao had Weibo, she would’ve been overrun by the comments by now.

When Sheng Jiaoyang learned that Gu Zhou had invited her to dinner, she instantly refused. However, Li Yu, who was on the other end of the phone, told her that he would freeze her if she didn’t go.

How could she accept this? She was planning to get close to Demon King Shen. How could she possibly do that if the company froze her?

In the end, she had no choice but to go.

When she saw Gu Zhou, he smiled at her, and at that exact moment, she seemed to have seen something flash from the corner of her eye.

“I’d initially thought that you’d bring Lina with you.” Gu Zhou was considerate enough to pull the chair out for her.

“Thank you!” Sheng Jiaoyang sat down and watched as Gu Zhou sat back down opposite her. She tilted her head and said, “It’ll be a bit too much with three people here. I’m afraid that the others wouldn’t be able to bear the sight of it.”

Gu Zhou handed her the menu and asked her to order.

“How many benefits did Li Yu give to you? First, you helped me create hype, and now you’re treating me to such a fancy meal. Aren’t you afraid of working for nothing in the end?” Sheng Jiaoyang flipped through the menu and asked without looking up.

“I only did it because it was you.”

Upon hearing this, Sheng Jiaoyang paused what she was doing and looked up at him.

Under the shining lights, the handsome Gu Zhou was looking at her with a faint smile tugging at his lips.

On the other hand, Sheng Jiaoyang was completely spoiled by the atmosphere in the room and answered with a simple, “Oh.”

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