Chapter 67 - Contract

“There must be something going on between them!”

“Look, there were so many other people, but those two just stood together the entire time, drinking.”

“Back in London, the intimacy they showed was different towards others. Wang Wei had a good relationship with her, but she wasn’t nearly this sweet with Wang Wei.”

Sheng Jiaoyang and Lina’s cheerful interactions had clearly caused some people to pay attention.

“I didn’t think that Lina would actually be that kind of person. Lina grew up abroad, so she’s a little more open. However, the problem is that Xu Jiaojiao is also that type! You really can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“People like them deserve to die in hell, what a waste of life!”

But, despite their thoughts, the involved parties were still just casually chatting.

“…A crybaby. It makes me feel uncomfortable every time she cries.”

“Could the influence on your mood be a side effect of becoming Xu Jiaojiao? You aren’t the type that would feel uncomfortable whenever you see somebody cry.”

Sheng Jiaoyang pondered for a bit before nodding. “Maybe! But, what can I do? Now that I’ve become her, I naturally have her duties and responsibilities.”

“Jiaojiao, I really want to see your new mum! Your current appearance isn’t bad at all.” Lina reached out to stroke Sheng Jiaoyang’s face. “Your mum must be really pretty!”

“Once we go back, we can give her a makeover together. She’s my…cough, my mother, so we can’t let her fall short of others' expectations.”

“No problem. I’ll call my team after we return.”

“Great.” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded.

“Somebody’s coming,” Lina suddenly said.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned and saw that man, Li Yu, walking towards them.

“Hello!” Li Yu greeted them with a smile.

“Anything the matter?”

“Can I talk with Miss Xu alone for a bit?” Li Yu looked at Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Just say it, Lina isn’t an outsider.”

Li Yu smiled. “I was wondering if Miss Xu would be interested in joining Entertainment International?”

“Not interested.”

Li Yu chuckled. “Entertainment International has a lot of A-List and B-List stars. You know Gu Zhou, right? He’s also from Entertainment International. Don’t you want to become his junior in the company?”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s voice was uncaring as she answered, “Nope!”

“…” Can’t you talk properly?!

Li Yu organised his thoughts and said, “My agency, Entertainment International, is the best in the industry. We have the most resources and publicity. I know you’re still a student, so don’t worry, Entertainment International has always been the most people-oriented. We could certainly tailor your workload to your study schedule, so if you sign under us, it wouldn't hinder your studies at all.”

“Jiaojiao is working under me right now.” Lina raised her chin.

So fast? A trace of astonishment flashed through Li Yu’s eyes before quickly disappearing as he turned to face Lina. “Miss Lina’s studio is located abroad, but Miss Xu is currently living and studying here. I’m afraid that Miss Lina wouldn’t be able to help Miss Xu develop her career domestically!”

“What does ‘the whip cannot reach’ mean?”

Li Yu was speechless.

He looked at Sheng Jiaoyang, wanting her to help translate.

“I also want to know.” Sheng Jiaoyang’s face was also lost.

“…” Were they playing with him?

You’re a top scoring high school student! How could you be shameless enough to say that you don’t know what the idiom ‘the whip cannot reach’ meant?

“What I mean is, Miss Lina’s contacts are all external ones out of the country, and they might not help Miss Xu’s development in the future,” Li Yu explained.

Lina revealed a proud smile. “I can give Jiaojiao the same treatment as myself. Can you do that?”

This time, Li Yu was astonished. “Your relationship is truly good.”

“But, even if your treatment is better, can Miss Lina really give you the best resources and publicity to develop in the country? Don’t tell me that it’ll be fine as long as you go abroad. Miss Xu’s friends and family are all here in China.” Li Yu didn’t cower. He wouldn’t let the person his Boss had personally pointed out leave before his eyes.

“You keep on mentioning resources and publicity. Can you give Jiaojiao the best resources and publicity? Why do you think your offer would suit Jiaojiao?” Lina sneered.

Sheng Jiaoyang stood to the side and kept quiet as she watched the pair bicker. As she silently observed Li Yu, she tried to figure out his goal.

After all, she was just the champion of some talent show, and from the outside, she had nothing worth fighting over.

Neither of the two were willing to back down an inch and let the other side win. Finally, Lina turned to Sheng Jiaoyang and said, “Jiaojiao, tell him what you choose!”

Li Yu also looked at Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Right now, I’m not interested in joining the entertainment industry. Your company probably won’t want to sign somebody like me.” Sheng Jiaoyang’s lips curved in a grin.

Li Yu nodded and seemed to consider her words before suddenly asking, “Have you seen the news about yourself online yet?”

“Nope, what happened?”

Li Yu observed her expression and saw that she wasn’t lying. “The truth is, from when you joined the program, even as early as your scandal with Gu Zhou, you’ve already stepped foot into the entertainment industry.”

Lina glanced at Sheng Jiaoyang with astonishment. She’d had no idea about the scandal.

“You said that you aren’t interested in joining the entertainment industry. Is there something about the industry that you don’t like? There are many people who undergo plastic surgery to join. With your qualifications and this opportunity, why don’t you want to join?” Li Yu continued.

“I’m only talking about for now.”

In fact, she still hasn’t decided what to do next. Because of the unexpected accident, her biggest priority right now was to figure out what road she would walk in this life.

“I’m confident that Entertainment International is the best choice for Miss Xu.”

“But, I can’t see your sincerity.”

“What does Miss Xu want as proof of my sincerity?”

“I want to know what you can offer me, and what you need me to do. Just talking baselessly about how great your company is won’t convince anybody.”

Li Yu got a new level of respect towards this girl who was still a few months shy of turning 18. He’d never met such a young, yet calm, person before. If it was another person her age that got such an opportunity at stardom, they probably would’ve already gone wild with joy. The thought of clauses and such would’ve never entered their minds.

“I’ll have somebody send you a contract to read through tomorrow, and if there are any issues, we can talk about it. What do you think?”

Sheng Jiaoyang winked at Lina, who was just about to speak up, and gently said to Li Yu, “But, right now, I’m already contracted under Lina’s studio.”

“Since your relationship seems to be good, I don’t think Miss Lina would want to delay your career.” Li Yu narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Lina, who’d just received a hint from Sheng Jiaoyang, said, “We’re friends, but this is business. If Jiaojiao ultimately decides to join your company, who’ll pay the contract cancellation fee?”

“It’ll naturally be our side’s responsibility.”

“We’ll look through the conditions first, and then Jiaojiao and I will decide whether to break the contract or not.”

Li Yu smiled. “Let’s toast to our future cooperation!”

“Cheers!” To the 'termination fee' they were about to get.

Everybody had a smile on their face as they toasted.

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