Chapter 65 - Finals

“Xu Jiaojiao, paint a picture for me!” Ye Fan asked Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s face was cold and indifferent.

“You paint me a picture similar to the one you drew before, and in return, I’ll let you be the heroine in my new song’s MV. How about it?” Ye Fan asked seductively.

The two people beside him gasped at his words.

Xiao Yang might not feel too bad about it, but Luo Yi’s feelings were a lot more complicated. There were some people who were so lucky that it was almost hateful. They didn’t even have to wave and opportunities came knocking on their door.

Ye Fan was currently one of the hottest male singers and had a large number of fans and resources at his fingertips. Any hint of an affair with him would definitely make headlines.

How could Xu Jiaojiao get Ye Fan to invite her to star in his MV just for a painting?

However, Sheng Jiaoyang’s next words made everybody’s jaw drop.

“You’re really quite clever. You want me to draw you a portrait, and then you want me to break my back working for you for free. If I asked you to write me a song, then I drew you and sold that drawing off, would you be happy?” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Ye Fan with the words ‘are you an idiot?’ visible in her eyes.

Ye Fan choked.

Sitting in the front, Gu Zhou laughed softly. This girl really refuses to take the slightest loss.

Qi An, sitting next to Gu Zhou, whispered to him, “For the first time ever, I saw Ye Fan hit a wall in front of a girl. I’m really not used to meeting a girl who’s not smitten with him.”

“It’s probably because artists have unique temperaments,” Gu Zhou said with a smile.

Qi An nodded in agreement.

The speechless Ye Fan finally understood why even Gu Zhou wasn’t able to get a painting. Indeed, it was truly foolish of him to try to get it for free when he wasn’t close with her.

“It can't be that you don’t want to mix with the entertainment circle in the future? A lot of the actresses who used to shoot music videos with me are very famous now. Are you sure you won’t reconsider?”

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her eyebrows, glanced at Ye Fan, and mercilessly exposed the loophole in his words. “Are you sure they got their present achievements because they starred in your popular MV’s before, and not because of their own efforts?”

Ye Fan wordlessly retreated in defeat.

“Isn’t it just a drawing? Why don’t you draw it for him? After all, he’s offering you the heroine role in his MV! It’s a position that countless others yearn for, but can’t get no matter how much they want it!” Luo Yi felt somewhat resentful towards Sheng Jiaoyang for failing to meet her expectations.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Luo Yi sighed. It really was a waste of God’s gifts. It was such a good opportunity, but she didn’t grab it, and she had such great skills, but didn’t use them to her advantage. Why did God give all the advantages to a person who didn’t know how blessed they were?

Ye Fan unhappily glanced at Sheng Jiaoyang. He would remember this girl who’d rejected him.

When they arrived at the television station, the two teams parted ways.

In order to finish recording the finals quickly, the three contestants were immediately pulled out for their makeup. They were also prepared to shoot for the cover of a popular magazine as soon as they came back.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s hair was already very short, so the stylist added volume to her hair and drew sharp, straight brows. Her eye makeup was drawn delicately, decorated with a hint of charm, and was paired with a red lip. It matched the unique, avant-garde outfit that bordered metal-studded knee length boots.

Xiao Yang’s hair wasn’t long either, but there were a lot more options since it at least reached her shoulders. Luo Yi had long hair, so the stylist spent more time on the other two models than on Sheng Jiaoyang, making her the first person to get her photos taken.

This time, while she was shooting in the studio, Dawei gave Sheng Jiaoyang a chair and let her use it as a prop for the cover of the magazine.

After competing for so long, Sheng Jiaoyang had learnt how to take a good photo. Furthermore, she had a good imagination, so she could imagine how it’d look in her mind. Due to this, she knew how to use her strengths to cover for her weaknesses.

As such, she only needed a few shots to complete the shoot.

After the two other models had finished shooting, the three people received a new bonus task where they would shoot an ad for the same product, and the one who was recognised by the manufacturer would receive an extra 10 points. Those extra points would be included in the total score. The total would be based on the front cover of the magazine and the result of the fashion show, combined with their previous performances.

Each of them were given a bag of potato chips. Their goal was to shoot an advertisement to make the watchers want to buy the product. Then, the manufacturer would choose the most suitable advertisement out of the three.

However, Sheng Jiaoyang wasn’t good at shooting for food ads, and she had to repeatedly shoot several takes before she finally gave up. She could only choose a group of ad segments that she was satisfied with.

After the shooting was complete, they were once again restyled.

When they were done, someone pushed the door open and entered.

“Girls, look who’s here!” Zhuo Yiyan appeared.

The three people all looked in the direction of the door, and soon, familiar faces appeared.

“Jiaojiao, I missed you so much!” Wang Wei’s voice filled the room as soon as she entered.

“It’s only been a few days,” Sheng Jiaoyang said.

“But, I feel like we’ve been separated for so long.”

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled and asked, “Are you guys here to watch or will you be walking in the show?”

“We were invited by the producers to come to the closing show.”

Time passed by quickly as they chatted, so in the end, some of the staff members had to come and urge them backstage.

The backstage area was chaotic.

All the people who were going to walk changed into their outfits and lined up for the runway. The three finalists wore especially ornate outfits and stood at the end of the line for the finale.

Lively music sounded as the contestants who’d faced the fierce competition took the stage. The competitors who were already eliminated found that this runway show was probably the most carefree one they’d had since the competition. After all, they were already eliminated, so they no longer felt the burden of this competition. As such, they had no pressure as they walked the runway, ironically making them perform better than before.

Several of the guests who’d watched the opening show felt rather emotional. If the contestants on the opening show were like a group of feeding chicks, they’d now matured and could spread their wings to hunt for their own prey.

If there’s pressure, there would be motivation to rebel, and with motivation, there would be progress. Under such intense pressure, there would definitely be remarkable progress.

When the music changed, the three finalists came out one by one, filling the audience with excitement as they watched.

They really deserved to reach the top three in the National Supermodel contest. Their poise was steady and though their walks were a little immature because of their lack of experience, they were already at the level of international supermodels.

The gorgeous long skirts fit close to their skin, winding behind and swaying gently as they stepped forward, showing their own unique styles.

Sheng Jiaoyang was confident and had never been afraid to walk the runway. Her stride was almost majestic, making others feel as if she was holding a feast, and this was her home court where she was in charge.

“Is that Xu Jiaojiao?” Guiliana asked Zhuo Yiyan next to her.

“Yeah, amazed?”

“She’s the one who’s changed the most. She’s like a different person now!”

“Of all the contestants, Xu Jiaojiao is my favourite.” The sharp tongued judge, Mike, wasn’t stingy in expressing his bias.

“I remembered the opening show. At that time, Xu Jiaojiao’s walk was still imitating Lina. Right now though, you can’t find a trace of others in her step. That’s all Xu Jiaojiao’s own style. It’s amazing that she’s been able to change so much in such a short time,” Guiliana sighed in admiration.

Lina, who’d taken the time to attend the closing show, sat on the side and watched the contestants glow as they walked. She listened to the people beside her comment about Jiaojiao’s transformation, and felt even happier than when she heard others praise herself.

Things have changed. Jiaojiao was the one who used to sit under the stage, but now it was her turn to sit there, watching Jiaojiao. At first, when she struggled alone on the stage, she thought that it’d be great if she could walk with her little sister, but she also knew that it was impossible. However, it was unexpected that today, that idea was no longer a fantasy. Now, Jiaojiao’s health was no longer as delicate, and she would easily be able to do a fashion show with her.

The runway show was over, and the people on the stage began to leave, leaving only the judges, the previously eliminated contestants, and the staff.

The three top contestants came back on the stage in a row and waited for the judges to comment and give points.

Most importantly, it was time to see who’d won the championship.

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