Chapter 64 - Excuses

After a certain somebody courted death by teasing Demon King Shen, the entire car fell so silent, even the sounds of breathing could clearly be heard.

At this moment, a ringtone suddenly sounded.

Sheng Jiaoyang acted as if somebody had poked a hole through her as she hastily scrambled back and took out her cell to see that Luo Yi was calling her. She glanced at the expressionless Shen Zhining, unsure what he was thinking, and answered her phone.

She felt a burst of delight when she heard Luo Yi ask her where she was, and hurriedly asked them for their location. Sheng Jiaoyang then hung up and quickly said, “I’m leaving.” Before bolting away.

Shen Zhining looked at the shut car door and a meaningful light flickered in his pitch black pupils. He folded his hands on top of each other and crossed his legs, gently tapping his fingers in thought.

He suddenly seemed to realise something and soundlessly smiled.

First attacking and then escaping?

She really was a cunning one.

Should the lion that had never lacked food but did lack a toy directly kill it, or first finish playing before killing it?

Of course, it’d be better to play first.

The prerequisite though, was that the fox could do enough to attract the lion’s attention.

Sheng Jiaoyang assumed everything was fine now that she’d escaped. However, while walking through the wax museum door, she suddenly sneezed. She rubbed her nose, completely unaware that she’d trapped herself.

Three people silently ate breakfast in the dining room.

If Sheng Jiaoyang was there, she would recognise the three as Shen Zhining, Grandfather Shen, and Grandmother Andy.

They continued to eat in peaceful silence when suddenly, Fu Lailin looked at Shen Zhining and said, “A’Ning, if there’s a girl you like, you definitely have to tell Grandma!”

The other two were startled and stared at Fu Lailin. The pair’s simultaneous actions made Fu Lailin secretly chuckle.

“What happened?” Grandfather Shen asked, his voice heavy.

“Nothing happened.” Fu Lailin winked at him and didn’t say anything more.

“If nothing has happened, why would you suddenly say that?” Grandfather Shen’s face was full of doubt, but his only reply was his wife’s innocent expression.

Since he couldn’t get anything from his wife, Grandfather Shen changed his target to his grandson. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No,” Shen Zhining replied.

Grandfather Shen nodded. “Don’t always go running around everywhere. Don’t forget that you have a lot of useful people behind you. Euburhardt won’t stop talking to me about how every time her granddaughter comes to find you, she never even gets to see your face. She’s wondering if you’re purposely avoiding her.”

Even if he was, he wouldn’t admit it! Shen Zhining laid down his fork and knife. “I like a woman who can cook and has a soft, gentle temperament.”

“I heard Euburhardt’s granddaughter’s cooking skills were very good, and she even opened up her own restaurant.” Grandfather Shen still didn’t let up.

“The most important thing is that she must have a soft and gentle temper.”

“She looks pretty soft and gentle with you.” Under his grandson’s unenthusiastic stare, Grandfather Shen changed what he was going to say, and instead said, “Someday, I’ll take you to see how gentle Andrew Guile’s daughter is. She’s even gentler than the rumors.”

“I want a black haired, black eyed, gentle and soft woman that can make all sorts of Chinese delicacies; just like Mum.”

“It’s already been ten years since your mother left. How could you still remember?” Grandfather Shen didn’t want any more excuses.

Shen Zhining didn’t speak and just looked at Grandfather Shen with a vague expression.

The atmosphere suddenly became terrible. Fu Lailin hurriedly said, “A’Ning, I think that girl from yesterday is pretty good.”

“What girl?” Grandfather Shen raised a brow.

“A black haired, black eyed Chinese girl,” Fu Lailin replied.

“What about her family background?”

Shen Zhining quickly answered before Fu Lailin could speak, “A poor, single mother family.”

“Impossible!” Grandfather Shen’s voice was firm.

Shen Zhining smiled as he leaned back in his chair. “But, she’s precisely the type I like.”

Fu Lailin’s eyes were bright. Sure enough, A’Ning really was interested in that girl! It seems like she didn’t need to worry about him living like a bachelor for the rest of his life.

Grandfather Shen was still unbearably angry and furiously stomped to his study.

“A’Ning, ignore your Grandfather, he just has a bad temper! If you really like that girl, then bring her back for him to see. That girl’s so lively and cute that your grandfather will definitely like her once he meets her,” after saying that, Fu Lailin went to the study to go coax him.

Shen Zhining covered his mouth, hiding the smile forming at the corners of his lips.

At the airport, a group still hadn’t left the gate when they suddenly heard a burst of screams from far away.

“What happened, what happened?” Xiao Yang jumped with fear.

“It should be fans at the airport. From how loud they are, it sounds like there’s more than one star here too.”

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t join their conversation, her daydreaming clear from her expression.

As they walked a little closer, all sorts of shouts could be heard.

At this point, they could already see what was going on. Only the huge crowd could be seen, with many fans waving their signboards. They were like one big group as they screamed themselves hoarse for their idols.

Even though it was so loud, it still couldn’t wake Sheng Jiaoyang from her daze, causing her to bump into somebody.

“Jiaojiao, Gu Zhou’s also here!” Luo Yi lowered her voice teasingly.

“What does that have to do with me?” Sheng Jiaoyang replied indifferently.

“Then, is it Ye Fan you like, or Qi An? Could it be Zhongli Xiaozuo?”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Luo Yi, speechless.

“You don’t like any of the seven idols?”

“Why would I like them?”

Luo Yi choked. If you didn’t like any of these famous male Gods, then who would you like? Luo Yi suddenly thought of Sheng Jiaoyang’s calm demeanour with Lina and felt like she understood.

Sheng Jiaoyang saw Luo Yi’s gaze turn strange and firmly turned away, no longer paying her any attention.

They got onto the production crew’s bus, but it didn’t move. They were still missing a few of the staff members, and the driver told them to take a seat as there were more people coming soon. The three felt it was rather strange.

As they waited, the familiar screaming of the fans from earlier gradually grew closer. Luo Yi and the others had just glanced out the window when a group suddenly boarded the bus and the engine started.

“How dangerous! My clothes were almost torn apart,” the clear, bright voice of a man suddenly rang through the car.

“Ah, Ye Fan!!!” Luo Yi cried out in surprise.

“Hello, beauties! Do you guys mind if I join?”

“Of course not, of course not!”

Ye Fan moved towards the back seats, wanting to chat more with the pretty ladies when he suddenly locked eyes with Sheng Jiaoyang. He turned his head to shout, “Fourth Brother, hurry up! Your little daughter is here!”

Xiao Yang and Luo Yi both looked at Sheng Jiaoyang. Didn’t you just say you two had no relationship? Who would believe that?!

“Fourth Brother, when did you have a daughter?” the most gullible one, Zhongli Xiaozuo, asked curiously.

The unjustly attacked Gu Zhou was speechless.

Ye Fan smiled and kindly said, “Xiaozuo, don’t you remember what Fourth Brother posted last time?”

“Ah! That amazing female artist? Where is she, where is she?” Zhongli Xiaozuo curiously ran behind him and scanned the three faces before wiping them out.

“She’s not here!”

“It’s the black haired one.” Ye Fan held back his laugh.

Gu Zhou also walked over and said, “Hello, Xu Jiaojiao.”

*I’m not good at all![1] Sheng Jiaoyang, whose rest had been disturbed, really wanted to curse.

“Fourth Brother, I believe it now. This world still has young girls that won’t pay for you,” Ye Fan teased.

Gu Zhou smiled helplessly.

Inside a certain office, Tan Jie, the guy who’d once approached Sheng Jiaoyang and was shoulder thrown to the point where his waist almost snapped, was being reproached in his office.

“What’s wrong with you? Tan Jie, why can’t you even do such a small thing?” A middle-aged man was sitting in the boss’ chair, his jiggling, obese belly even worse than Tan Jie’s.

“Chief Peng, I already tried my best, but that damn girl absolutely wouldn’t join. She even hit me…”

“You still have the nerve to say that you were beaten up by a teenage girl? It looks like you haven’t been beaten enough!”

What more could Tan Jie say?

“Alright, you can go!”

“Then, Xu Jiaojiao…”

“I’ll make some calls. Since she doesn’t want to sign with our company, then let’s make it so that she can’t sign with any company!”

“Chief Peng, I know somebody who teaches at F University. Would you like me to give them a shout?” Tan Jie asked probingly.

“Might as well. There was somebody who told us that the more miserable she became, the better. If your friend can do that, then there will naturally be benefits for him.”

Tan Jie left the building with the same sinister smile.

1. In Chinese, hello is made up of the two characters ‘ni hao’, which separately means you good? Adding a ‘ma’ would turn ni hao into ‘how are you?’.

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