Chapter 63 - Don’t Do, Don’t Die

Why is it you again?

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't even need to think to see the meaning in Shen Zhining's eyes.

That's what she wanted to ask, ok? It was like something evil that wouldn't go away; no matter where she went, she'd always run into him! She was scared!

In Shen Zhining's eyes, this secretive girl became even more suspicious.

She couldn't go with him, so now she's trying with the people close to him?

Shen Zhining's mouth curved slightly, forming a sneer.

Fu Lailin was old, but she wasn’t blind. She could clearly see the sneer on her grandson's face.

"A'Ning, do you know Xu Jiaojiao?"

"We've met a few times." Shen Zhining's voice was mild.

Sheng Jiaoyang rolled her eyes. She was kidnapped by him!

Shen Zhining smiled coldly. She even dared to roll her eyes at him!

"Grandmother Andy, I'll leave first." Sheng Jiaoyang accepted her cell phone back from Fu Lailin's Assistant and was about to slip away when her collar was suddenly grabbed.

"A'Ning?" Fu Lailin looked at Shen Zhining doubtfully.

"It's nothing. I just want to talk to her alone." Shen Zhining calmly retrieved his hand.

Sheng Jiaoyang still wanted to leave. However, Demon King Shen's bodyguard was blocking her way, so she could only turn to face the other, her voice clearly unhappy as she said, "I don't even know you, so there's nothing to talk about."

"Oh? Is that so?" Shen Zhining's gaze locked onto her, bringing an aura of oppression everybody could sense.

Seeing this, Fu Lailin smiled and rebuked him warmly. "A'Ning, don't bully her!"

Shen Zhining glanced at the displeased looking short haired girl before turning around and walking outside.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at the bodyguards surrounding her bitterly and silently followed him out.

Fu Lailin watched the two leave before turning to her assistant to say, "Get somebody to investigate that girl called Xu Jiaojiao. Let's see what she's like."

The two entered the lengthened Bentley and chose a seat. The driver was then asked to leave, so only the two of them were sitting in the car.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt somewhat nervous being stared at and took the initiative to break the silence. "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"What do you want?" Shen Zhining leaned against the seat, utterly calm.

"…" I want you to screw off!

Sheng Jiaoyang clenched her teeth, speechless. She really wanted to say that, but…she didn't dare.

"Tell me your goal. If it sounds interesting, I'll think about letting you go. If it has to wait until I'm done investigating…ah…do you want to know the result?"

Sheng Jiaoyang really wanted to slap Demon King Shen’s face when she saw his perfect, ad-like smile. She ground her teeth and said, "Then, what do you think I want?"

Shen Zhining's expression instantly turned cold. "I don't know what you want. I only know what you don't want."

"What?" Sheng Jiaoyang blinked in confusion. Could it be that Demon King Shen knew she didn't want to see him?

"Your life!"

Sheng Jiaoyang was once again rendered speechless.

"What the hell?"

Shen Zhining's lips curved upon seeing the stunned expression on the girl's face. "Since you understand me so well, you should definitely know what kind of person I am. Don't test my patience!"

Sheng Jiaoyang really wanted to jump from fear when she heard him say 'Since you understand me so well', thinking that he’d discovered who she really was before realising that was impossible. Even Mei Niu, who she was the closest to, didn't recognise her. How could anybody else recognise her?!

But, seriously, what kind of person did Demon King Shen think she was?

"Why do you think I have some kind of goal? Every time I’ve seen you, it was just an accident, ok? In fact, I want to ask why you're always appearing around me. Do you really think that an ordinary person like me can constantly find out your whereabouts? However, it would be very easy for you to know my whereabouts."

After saying all that, Sheng Jiaoyang felt herself being persuaded by her own argument. She looked at Demon King Shen with suspicion, and she thought that it was even more likely when she saw the dubious smile on his face.

“I’m tailing you?” Shen Zhining reacted as if he’d heard a joke.

“Aren’t you?” Sheng Jiaoyang responded confidently. “I won’t talk about the first time we met, when I was selling drawings. But, after that, I ran into you when I was eating, having a photoshoot on a cruise ship, and now on a tour through the wax museum. Tell me, isn’t there a problem here?!”

She’s indeed a cunning person. Shen Zhining narrowed his eyes slightly, re-examining the eloquently speaking girl before him with interest.

“Don’t test my patience,” Shen Zhining repeated himself indifferently.

Is he okay?!?!

“Why are you repeating yourself like a broken record?!” Sheng Jiaoyang curled her lips.

“What did you just say?” The originally cold, zero degree voice abruptly dropped to -20 degrees.

Sheng Jiaoyang hurriedly shook her head. “I didn’t say anything.”

Shen Zhining just stared at her coldly.

“Anyways, we don’t have anything to talk about, so why don’t we just stop? If we see each other again, we can just pretend to have never seen the other, ok?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked.

Shen Zhining just continued staring at her, not saying anything.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s lips twitched, her voice impatient as she said, “Say something! What do you think?”

Shen Zhining still didn’t say anything.

For Sheng Jiaoyang, his silence was nothing scary. Sheng Jiaoyang was afraid of him, but the fear she had for him was different from the fear his subordinates had for him. Her fear was because she’d always been bullied by Little Devil Prince Shen when they were younger, and after so many times, it became a dark spot in her mind.

Sheng Jiaoyang thought back to the times in her childhood where she was bullied by him until she was snivelling, and hated how idiotic she was. She was bullied by Little Devil Prince Shen until she cried, yet she’d always eagerly run back to him. Everybody changes with time, and now, whenever she saw Demon King Shen, she’d feel nervous and remember her embarrassing past.

“If you’re not going to say anything, then I’m leaving.” Sheng Jiaoyang prepared to open the car door when she was suddenly hauled back by the collar.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

Sheng Jiaoyang angrily turned around, moving so fast that the hand pulling her collar didn’t have enough time to let go. A loud ripping sound could be heard, and she looked down to see that the top few buttons of her shirt were ripped off. Her expression immediately changed as she glanced at Shen Zhining, who narrowed his eyes in turn.


She hurriedly grabbed the edges of her collar.

“There’s nothing even good to look at,” said a voice close to her ears.

Sheng Jiaoyang furiously responded, “Did I ask you to look?”

“Didn’t you?”

“…” Fck!*

Maybe it was because Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression made him happy, but Shen Zhining said, “Look at you, wracking your brain for schemes to approach me. You purposely rip apart your clothes for me to see, and yet you still say that you don’t have a goal?”

Okay, fine, he’d won this time! Sheng Jiaoyang bit her lip and looked at his face which clearly deserved a slap. Her eyes turned in thought before she suddenly smiled and moved closer, placing one hand on the chair behind him in a kabedon as if she wanted to confine him in her embrace.

She whispered mysteriously, “Fine, you said it, I do have a goal.”

“Tell me, what do you want?” Shen Zhining wore an ‘I knew it’ expression.


Shen Zhining was speechless.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled delightedly as she watched his dumbstruck reaction. So, even Demon King Shen could have such an embarrassing day!

However, a certain somebody clearly forgot an important saying.

If you don’t do it, you won’t die!

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