Chapter 60 - Elimination

As the contestants suffered under the grueling interviews, the second season's second episode of the National Supermodel show aired.

As the episode aired online, the viewer's barrage comments were especially gleeful.

Due to pressure from certain external sources, some of the recordings concerning Qi Hua's withdrawal were cut out. In the aired version, the audience only saw Qi Hua sprained her ankle while running around, consequently withdrawing from the competition. At the same time, Xu Jiaojiao, who was petting a german shepherd next to Qi Hua, had ten points deducted by Zhuo Yiyan in the name of collective punishment.

When everybody left, the short haired girl's lonely figure seemed especially pitiful.

It had to be said that her age was the youngest amongst all the contestants. What was everybody doing just standing around? They all acted however they wanted while she suffered unfair treatment.

At this moment, the barrage comments went wild.

[This darling's not happy! Why did Jiaojiao get points deducted? She wasn’t the one who made Qi Hua sprain her ankle. So what if she's a team captain?]

[I really wanna rush in and hug her, boo hoo…]

[I feel like it wasn't really clear. Did the producers cut the most important parts off?]

[I just became her fan!]

[Sis Jiao, come hug this big sis~]

[Qi Hua is always dragging Sis Jiao down. If she wasn't there, Sis Jiao's road in the competition would go very smoothly.]

[Such a terrifying dog actually became so gentle with Jiaojiao. Sure enough, Jiaojiao really is a kind hearted person, even animals can sense it!]

[Don’t Luo Yi and rest usually get along well with Xu Jiaojiao? How come only Wang Wei spoke up for her?]

Soon, the cruise ship part played.

The producers deleted the part where Ning Xiaoruan fell into the water. There were some cuts of the photoshoot before the scene switched to the judging panel who graded all of the photos. After the photos were graded was a point by point commentary. The evaluation the judges gave Xu Jiaojiao's photos were pretty good, but because marks were deducted due to their performance, she couldn't get the highest score. Her group lost the competition, and another contestant was eliminated.

The netizens dubbed Xu Jiaojiao's group to be the death group, as whoever was in it would be eliminated.

It must be said that from the 15 contestants down to the current 11, the 4 contestants that had left were all from Xu Jiaojiao's team.

So, the commenting style changed. To a contestant they liked, they would say that they hoped she wouldn't be on Xu Jiaojiao's team. If they didn't like a contestant, they would say that they really wished she would be on Xu Jiaojiao's team.

The show’s staff didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The self proclaimed 'Revealing Xu Jiaojiao's Plastic Surgery' microblogger once again began to babble, saying that Xu Jiaojiao was the bane of everybody's existence. In the competition, whoever was in a group with her was sure to be eliminated, and that her unlucky aura was too heavy, always bringing failure to her team.

Some people were about to agree and echo what he’d said when the same microblogging ID released another post.

I Am The Truth Mushroom: [Recently, my account has been hacked and everything that was previously posted was by that f*cking hacker. It has nothing to do with me.]

A certain individual had just come back with a drink and went to scroll through his phone when he suddenly spat out a mouthful of water from shock.

"Which f*cker stole my account?!!"

The colleague beside him was startled when he saw the other person suddenly trembling from anger, and was afraid that he would faint from the fierce trembling.

His superior came running out of the office, shouting angrily, "Chen Zifeng, what the hell are you doing?"

The man who’d just been seething with rage was yelled at by his even more fiery-tempered boss and immediately settled down obediently, waiting for his boss to return to the office before fiercely typing on his phone. He quickly changed his password before deleting the bogus post saying that his account was stolen and sent out another post: [My account was actually hacked just now! Damn, that hacker was way too brazen, actually daring to say I was a fcking hacker! You're the fcking hacker, your whole family are f*cking hackers!]

However, the account was soon stolen again.

I Am The Truth Mushroom: [Don't be so ruthless cursing at yourself. Be careful not to get hit by a car on the way back!]

The netizens that had come to join in on the fun were all confused.

[It feels like I'm watching a play!]

[I really can't see through who stole whose account.]

[What happened? Is trading insults with yourself supposed to be fun?]

[Could Truth Mushroom have dissociative personality disorder?]

A busybody took a few screenshots of I Am The Truth Mushroom hurling abuse at himself and proposed an idea. Because Truth Mushroom didn't cause any big drama with his previous allegations, he's deliberately trading insults with himself in order to get more attention.

Due to the two hurling abuse at each other on the same account, nobody believed the allegations made by the microblogger.

Far from the gossiping online world, the contestants finished their interviews.

From the five fashion show interviews, Sheng Jiaoyang passed four while her partner, Yin Meiling, only passed one. Wang Wei also only passed one while Pu Mingyu passed three. Luo Yi passed three and Xiao Yang passed four.

From the three group's pass rates, the strongest group was Luo Yi and Xiao Yang who’d worked together to get a good result. The worst group was Wang Wei and Pu Mingyu.

There was no suspense at all. The first to leave was Wang Wei.

This time, the production crew didn't drag it on. While the contestants were doing their interviews, the production crew gathered the judges to choose the worst photo which was also Wang Wei and Pu Mingyu's. Because Wang Wei was already eliminated by the interview segment, the other contestant in the photo, Pu Mingyu, couldn't escape elimination.

Pu Mingyu knew that she’d been dragged down by Wang Wei. If she’d had a different partner, she would've still had a chance to break through to the top 4. However, she was a good person and didn't complain about Wang Wei. However, when Luo Yi gave her a hug, she still couldn't help but cry.

Everybody said that just entering the top 10 was good, but after reaching the top 10, you still couldn't help but want to go further. Everybody wanted to be the champion, but some people knew their limits.

Wang Wei was somebody who knew her own skill level and was the most open-minded about being eliminated. Even making it into the top 6 was something she believed to be a miracle.

"Jiaojiao, give me a hug~" Wang Wei dashed to Sheng Jiaoyang, who was silently standing at the side, and gave her a bear hug.

Sheng Jiaoyang raised a hand to gently pat Wang Wei's back.

"Jiaojiao," Wang Wei softly whispered in her ear. "I know that if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to reach this step. Thank you for taking care of me these past few days."

“After I leave, I'll definitely continue watching you! Good luck, good luck, good luck, you can do it!”

Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and said, "Although you have a supermodel's figure, you aren't suited for this path. I think it's better for you to go a different direction in the future."

Wang Wei released a giggle and nodded repeatedly. "I know, I just joined the competition to try it out, not to actually go into the industry."

"Then, that's good."

"Jiaojiao, I'm about to leave and you still haven't given me your contact info. Is it that you think I'm annoying and don't want to hang out with me later?" Wang Wei wiped her tears and suddenly put on a pitiful expression as she whined.

Sheng Jiaoyang was helpless and could only input her contact info into Wang Wei's phone.

"Jiaojiao." Pu Mingyu walked over.

Sheng Jiaoyang held her arms open.

Pu Mingyu smiled and hugged her.

"Good luck! If you become the champion, don't forget to take us all out for a meal!"


The two left the building. After the most lively one, Wang Wei, had left, the room felt rather empty.

At the same time, a tense atmosphere spread between the four remaining contestants.

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