Chapter 59 - I Didn’t Think You Were So Stupid

Lina asked Sheng Jiaoyang in the car, “How did you feel when you saw Lin Yan earlier?”

Sheng Jiaoyang leaned back in her seat and watched the scenery flit by outside. Her hands pressed on her solar plexus. “I don’t feel that same unbearable, heart wrenching feeling anymore.”

Lina turned to glance at Sheng Jiaoyang. "It’s probably because your body’s heart is better!”

Sheng Jiaoyang was speechless.

“I just feel like the way you look at Lin Yan now is a lot calmer.”

“I didn’t look calm before?” Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at her.

“Before, you would look calm, but inside, you would be a mess.”

“Nevermind me, when you see George-” Sheng Jiaoyang retorted, then realised what she was saying.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“Jiaojiao, do you think George and I still have any hope together?” Lina broke the silence.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t answer her. “Are you willing to get off your high horse and get him back?”

Lina thought a moment before saying, “Just once was enough. I don’t want to accommodate him every time.”

“Right now, I feel like not dating anybody is pretty good. Then, I don’t have to worry about breaking up.” It seemed like Sheng Jiaoyang was all talk and nothing else, but that really was how she felt.

If love always leads to heartbreak, then why should you still chase it, just to hurt yourself?

"Then, I won't date. So, you have to go skiing, surfing, skydiving, and everything else I can't think of right now but will later, with me!" Lina said.

Sheng Jiaoyang's lips curved upwards. "Alright!"

Lina also grinned.

For her to find a companion in this world that would always accompany her, no matter what, was really a blessing.

When they found the production crew, the contestants had already finished eating breakfast.

The rest of the contestants were all filled with envy as they watched Sheng Jiaoyang step out of Lina's car. They all wanted to be friends with such an amazing character.

Lina watched Sheng Jiaoyang join the other contestants before going to tell Yu Jing that she wanted to watch the finals.

"Miss Lina, you should know that for a competition program like ours, it's not good for the judges to get too close with the contestants, or the audience might be very easily misled into thinking our program is unfair. Thus, we can no longer allow you to be a judge on our show. However, if you don’t mind, we would like to invite you to be our special guest so you can accompany and guide the contestants through the finals. What do you think?" As a part of the hard working staff, Yu Jing made a beautiful proposal for an invitation befitting the situation.

When in Rome, do as the Romans. The phrase was perfectly suited for the smooth talking Yu Jing. She could see that Lina would follow the production crew even if she wasn't invited as a guest. So, by saying what she said, she could get a good relationship with Lina, and also get a free trainer for the contestants. It was a great deal.

Those in this industry were on the same path, so they would definitely meet again.

Lina naturally agreed. Being a trainer was good as that way she could give Little Sun special treatment, ensuring that she could win the competition.

But alas, plans were never consistent with reality. Lina was just about to accompany her Little Sun into the finals when she suddenly got a phone call. There were problems with her products and she was forced to go back to France.

As soon as Lina had left, the contestants all surrounded Sheng Jiaoyang.

"Be honest, where did you go with Lina last night?"

"Are you guys really just friends?"

"Jiaojiao, does your mum know how awesome you are?"

Sheng Jiaoyang let them ask, but she didn't answer any of their questions. She at most replied with a mysterious smile, causing the others to wait for an answer on tenterhooks.

The production crew didn't give them much time to chat. After all, each delay meant another day needed to film, and that meant spending more money.

The competition format was slightly different this time. The six contestants were divided into three teams, with two people being eliminated this round.

It would instantly cut down the numbers from 6 to 4.

This was the round that would decide if you could enter the semi finals.

None of the group competitions would be simple. The producers got in touch with five designers about to open a fashion show, and the contestants were to be models interviewing for the show. The judging would be based on how many interviews were passed, and the weakest contestant would be immediately eliminated.

The second eliminated contestant would be selected based on the quality of her group’s street photos.

They were divided into teams by drawing ropes from a container. There were altogether six rope ends, and each person took one end. Those who grabbed the same rope would be partners.

The groups were: Wang Wei and Pu Mingyu, Luo Yi and Xiao Yang, and Sheng Jiaoyang and Yin Meiling.

Pu Mingyu's heart dropped once she heard the group division. Damn it, she wasn't lucky at all today. She’d actually drawn Wang Wei, the weakest contestant here. Nothing good would be able to come out from this team!

Once the groups were divided, the contestants were retouched by the stylists and changed into fashionable clothing to take the team pictures. For joint pictures, it simply wouldn't do if they performed well individually. Only when both partners coordinated would the photograph look good.

Pu Mingyu especially struggled with having Wang Wei as her partner. At first, Pu Mingyu was pretty happy because the clothes they’d gotten were graceful with immortal-style cheongsams. A photoshoot of the ancient style dresses dancing in the wind on the unique London Streets would truly be beautiful! However, she just so happened to have run into a pig of a teammate. Pu Mingyu quickly got the feeling and made a lot of good poses, but her idiot teammate was just acting stupid, playing by herself and twirling her skirt without caring about the other at all. Pu Mingyu could only stand there, not knowing what to do.

The best fitting team was Luo Yi and Xiao Yang. They’d cooperated before and understood each other, so they completed their pictures very quickly.

Although Sheng Jiaoyang and Yin Meiling's group didn't have to repeat their shoots over and over again like Pu Mingyu and Wang Wei, they also weren't very coordinated. Yin Meiling was very biased against Sheng Jiaoyang. She believed that she was prettier, had a better figure, and was more photogenic than Sheng Jiaoyang. But, every time, she failed to get a higher score. Meanwhile, this girl beside her seemed like she didn't even need to try to get the highest scores. How could Yin Meiling not be annoyed?

At the afternoon interview, Yin Meiling's resentment towards Sheng Jiaoyang had reached its peak. Although they were a group, she still wanted to surpass Sheng Jiaoyang. So, for the interview, she’d meticulously done her makeup. Even the designers all called her very beautiful, only…

It was all useless!

After the designers praised her beauty, they no longer said anything and didn't even let her try on the clothes, saying that she wasn’t suitable.

Instead, all the designers favoured the plain faced Xu Jiaojiao.

Were they all blind?!

On the way to the last show, Yin Meiling suddenly erupted.

"Xu Jiaojiao, did you bribe the designers?" Yin Meiling's eyes were red as she glared at Sheng Jiaoyang.

"If you're sick in the head, go find a doctor!" Sheng Jiaoyang almost rolled her eyes.

"You're the one that's sick! You and Lina are friends, so it would be easy for her to ask those designers to take care of you. Do you dare to say that you didn't ask?"

The cameraman following them was dumbfounded. Everything had been going all well and dandy, so why did it suddenly explode?

"All the designers were invited by the producers. Are you saying that they aren’t being fair?"

"Who knows?! Otherwise, why didn't they pick me even though they said I was pretty?"

Sheng Jiaoyang stared at Yin Meiling with an incredulous expression. "Didn’t you do your homework before joining the competition? Even Wang Wei knows that before an interview, you should wear no makeup or as little as possible. The designers aren't hosting a beauty contest, they're looking for a model that can present their designs the strongest. The prettier you do your makeup, the more limited the designer's imagination is, so what's the use?"

"Wang Wei was just too lazy to do her makeup!" Yin Meiling refused to accept it. "Since you knew about it, why didn't you remind me? Aren't we supposed to be a team?"

“Because I didn’t think you’d be so stupid.”

Didn’t think you’d be so stupid.

You’d be so stupid.


Even all the thick layers of foundation painted on Yin Meiling’s face couldn’t conceal how red her face got.

“Xu Jiaojiao, I’ve really had enough of you!”

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at Yin Meiling, her voice light as a feather as she asked, “Did I force you?”

After saying that, she turned and continued to walk to the next place.

Yin Meiling stomped her foot in anger but she didn’t want to be eliminated so she could only soak a napkin to wipe off her makeup before catching up.

However, all the makeup she used was waterproof. By the time they arrived at the last set, all the makeup still hadn’t been cleanly wiped off her face and because of how harshly she tried to rub it off, she appeared rather unsightly. When they finally arrived at the hotel, she saw her reflection on the hotel’s glass doors and tears began streaming down her face.
While Yin Meiling was dithering by the hotel door, she saw Xu Jiaojiao walk back.

“Here, hurry and wash your face in the bathroom.” Makeup remover and makeup removing wipes were passed over to her.

Yin Meiling accepted it and glanced at her before running to the bathroom.

The cameraman turned the lenses to Sheng Jiaoyang, who gave him a wink.

The charm seemed a bit much…

The cameraman silently steadied the swaying camera.

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