Chapter 52 - London Street

The second stop, London.

The contestants were somewhat at a loss as they stood in the street with their suitcases in hand.

Weren’t they participating in a supermodel contest? How did it turn into some kind of survival show?

The production crew simply left them here on the street, stepped on the gas, and drove away!

Before they left they’d only told them the location’s name and didn’t even give them a map this time. This was simply too inhumane, alright?!!

All they could see in their surroundings were British people coming to and fro, and the few of them looked like a square peg in a round hole amongst them.

“The production crew didn’t do this in the first season of National Supermodel!" the contestants complained.

“Luo Yi, you’ve been to London before, right?” Chen Han cast an inquiring glance at Luo Yi.

“Yes, but it was for work. I was brought to all the destinations by car, so I’m not familiar with this place at all,” Luo Yi shrugged and helplessly explained.

“Since no one is familiar with this place, let’s just go and ask for directions!” Sheng Jiaoyang turned and walked towards the people waiting for the bus on a platform nearby.

Seeing this, the others immediately followed suit.

There were several people waiting on the platform, including a grey-haired elderly man, a mother holding a child, a man in a suit, and a punk youngster who was wearing headphones and nodding his head.

Everyone thought that Sheng Jiaoyang would ask the elderly man for directions. After all, the older the wiser. However, to their surprise, Sheng Jiaoyang walked straight to the punk youngster and waved at him.

The youngster glanced at her, took off his headphones, and asked in English, “How can I help you?”

Sheng Jiaoyang asked him about the address that was given by the production crew, but the youngster shook his head upon hearing the name of the location.

“Could you please help me search up this location on your mobile? I’d like to know the way there from here,” Sheng Jiaoyang asked in English.

“Okay!” the youngster readily agreed.

Soon enough, Sheng Jiaoyang saw the route on a map. After thoroughly studying the route, she thanked the youngster for his help.

“Are you girls filming a TV program?” the youngster asked while glancing at the group of people standing behind Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Yes.” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded.

“Are you from South Korea?”

“No, we’re from China.”

The youngster's eyes lit up as he praised, “Wow, China’s a very interesting country! Chinese martial arts is amazing, and Chinese food is also very delicious!”

“Thank you!” Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t help but chuckle.

As soon as she returned to the group, she was surrounded by the other girls.

“How was it? Did you get the directions?”

“If you trust me, then follow me,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied.

Wang Wei was the first to jump out, her expression like that of fangirl as she said, “Of course! Anyone can be doubted, but not you! Jiaojiao, you’re the smartest, so nothing can go wrong if we follow you! "

The others nodded too.

“Then, let’s go.”

After walking here and there along the streets, they finally found the location. As a matter of fact, the address was no more than a kilometre away. However, there were too many small streets, so it was harder to find.

“Jiaojiao, how did you manage to find this place? If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought that you grew up here.”

If you could remember a short route map in a few seconds, you would be able to do it too. Sheng Jiaoyang simply smiled and didn’t say anything.

When the staff members, who were in the middle of installing the cameras saw the contestants walk in, they all froze for two seconds.

Yu Jing, who was instructing the staff about the props, was also stunned. But, she quickly reacted and said, “There are four bedrooms on the second floor. You can go up and choose for yourselves!”

When the contestants heard that they could choose their own bedrooms this time around, they hurried upstairs with their suitcases.

“Jiaojiao, Jiaojiao! I want to sleep in the same bedroom as you~”

As Yu Jing stared at the contestants’ departing figures, she couldn’t help but narrow her eyes. Seeing them brimming with energy, she felt that she’d made the mission too easy this time. Looks like she had to increase the difficulty of their next mission.

“Sister Yu, I asked the cameraman, Xiao Li, and learned that Xu Jiaojiao led the way this time,” the assistant came back and reported.

“Then, how did Xu Jiaojiao know about this place?” Xu Jiaojiao’s records clearly showed that she hadn’t travelled overseas before. This was her first time abroad, and they were very sure of that. After all, the visas were arranged by the production crew.

“She asked for directions, and probably determined the route with a mobile map.”

Yu Jing nodded. Compared with the first season contestants, the contestants’ overall strength and skills were much higher this season. Therefore, they made the missions more difficult in order to overwhelm the contestants and let them cut a sorry figure while facing those challenges. As for increasing the difficulty of the missions in the second season, on the one hand, it was to keep the audience interested lest they become tired from watching pretty faces and repeated missions. On the other hand, it was because this season’s contestants were indeed much smarter.

Nowadays, what the audience wanted to see wasn’t the perfect and pretentious appearance of the contestants. The more the contestants cut a sorry figure, the more fun it was for the audience to watch. Besides, variety shows where big stars were invited as guests also did all they could to make things difficult. Things like letting the guests roll in mudwater, sailing across a river, bungee jumping, skydiving etc.

But, this prank mission was a bit of a failure! It looked like they had to rethink future missions again.

The next morning, the contestants ate their breakfast in the restaurant downstairs before going to the dressing room. Their normal looks were transformed into non-mainstream ones thanks to the stylists and makeup artists. Then, they were thrown into the crowded streets to do their missions.

Today’s mission was to take pictures with the theme of environmental protection.

The mission’s requirement was to invite at least one foreigner to participate in the photoshoot.

“Jiaojiao, my English is very poor. What should I do?” Wang Wei anxiously asked.

“You can come with me,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied.

When she heard that, Wang Wei felt as if she’d met her life saviour and instantly calmed down.

Wasn’t it just inviting a foreigner? Even though they currently looked like oddballs thanks to their heavy metal makeup, this mission wouldn’t be a problem for a language expert like Sheng Jiaoyang!

Wang Wei skipped down the street as she followed Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Have you already thought of the content for your picture?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked while walking.

“Content? What kind of content? It just has to be environmentally friendly, right?” Wang Wei asked in puzzlement.

Sheng Jiaoyang was speechless for a moment. “You have to think about what kind of content can highlight the theme of environmental protection in your pictures!”

“How about picking up trash?”

“Can’t you use your brain and think of something else?”

“What brain? Do I have one?” Wang Wei replied with a grin.

Sheng Jiaoyang was at her wit’s end. “Alright, stop talking and follow me.”

Wang Wei pursed her lips and laughed. When she saw Sheng Jiaoyang cast a sidelong glance at her, she immediately pretended to zip her lips closed.

Sheng Jiaoyang invited an elderly woman and her grandson to partake in the mission. The elderly woman was a kind old lady with gray hair, and her grandson was a five-year-old dressed like a little prince. The elderly woman, who was taking her grandson for a walk, readily agreed when she heard that they were going to take pictures with the theme of environmental protection.

Then, they invited another young man.

While taking the pictures, Sheng Jiaoyang asked Wang Wei to move back and forth for several photos with the elderly woman and her grandson.

The final photo showed Wang Wei standing near a trash can, her face turned sideways as she stared behind her, her left hand swinging backwards. There was a half-finished bottle of mineral water toppled over next to the trash can. The elderly woman was bending down slightly as she reached out her hand towards the water bottle. Next to her, there was a lovely little boy who happened to be casting a curious look at the elderly woman.

Anyone who saw this picture would understand the meaning behind it: First, don’t litter. Second, don’t throw away unfinished water bottles. And lastly, start taking care of the environment from a young age. The contents of the photo were very appropriate for the theme of environmental protection. It was like a photo with a story behind it. Also, the people and the colour were on point.

The contents of Sheng Jiaoyang’s picture were relatively simpler. In a public place where smoking was prohibited, a young man had a lit cigarette in his mouth, smoke rings visible in the air. However, the young man’s eyes were filled with shock as a pair of scissors appeared next to his mouth, cutting off the lit cigarette. The camera happened to capture the moment the cigarette was cut by the hand of a weirdly dressed girl standing in the shadows with a sneer on her face. She looked like a little demon, but she was doing a good deed, adding a contradictory feeling to the picture.

In the photo, there were only two people, but it had a lot of visual impact with a kind of black humour that gave people an unlimited imagination.

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