Chapter 5 - Scoring A Meal (2/2)

“So, Brother, this is my future sister-in-law? You’re mean! Why didn’t you introduce her to me earlier? You’ve now made me seem like a rude person who lacks manners in front of a future sister-in-law!” After Sheng Jiaoyang finished scolding Xu Qi, she faced the girl and said, “Hello! How are you, Sister-in-law? I’m Xu Jiaojiao.”

Xu Qi’s mouth opened wide. His dull and untalkative cousin had suddenly become so friendly that he found it extremely hard to adapt.

The girl also stared blankly for a moment. Xu Qi had previously told her that this cousin was a bookworm, but because she hadn’t met her before, her shock didn’t last too long. So, smiling, she said, “My name is Zhang Aiyan; you can just call me big sister.”

“Then, in the future, I'll call you Sister Aiyan.” Sheng Jiaoyang walked over and hugged Zhang Aiyan’s free arm. “Sister Aiyan, when did you meet my cousin?”

Because Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression and manner were natural, on top of the fact that she looked completely relaxed, Zhang Aiyan’s guard couldn’t help but be slightly lowered. She had quite a good impression of Sheng Jiaoyang, so she automatically felt close to her.

Xu Qi, who’d been forgotten, was left to helplessly watch his girlfriend chat with his cousin. The more they talked, the more enthusiastic their gestures became. The explanation that he’d been preparing to say was silently swallowed, but he quickly interrupted them and said, “Let’s find a place to sit first. Standing here is tiring; especially when the sun is so hot today.”

“You’re right! After speaking so much, Sister Aiyan must be thirsty!” Sheng Jiaoyang, who’d been talking non-stop with Zhang Aiyan, agreed.

Zhang Aiyan looked at Sheng Jiaoyang as she laughed. She now had an extremely favourable impression of this considerate cousin.

After they were seated in a shaded area of a dessert shop, Sheng Jiaoyang took the initiative to ask what Zhang Aiyan’s preferences were. Then, she decided that they would eat what Zhang Aiyan liked. Xu Qi, on the other hand, was left without a chance to be considerate as her boyfriend and was reduced to being in charge of paying the bill.

“Sister Aiyan, you said that my brother brought roses with him to confess to you, but in the end, when he was on the footpath, he was splashed with muddy water from passing cars. Then, after that happened, he still came to see you?” Once they’d finished ordering, Sheng Jiaoyang gently urged Zhang Aiyan to resume talking. From the beginning, her intimate manner prevented anyone from even slightly suspecting that she was actually gaining a free meal.

Sheng Jiaoyang was talented at approaching people, and as long as she wanted, they wouldn’t feel anything strange about it. This was a skill she’d managed to learn after living abroad for so many years, because in her birth country, her reputation was ruined and the people around her had isolated her. Unfortunately, when she’d first started living abroad, she’d still been isolated. But, this time it was as a foreigner. Unresigned to living a life of near-seclusion, she’d had no other choice but to slowly develop the skills to become close with a person without seeming awkward.

Of course, as hard as one tries, it’s near impossible to change who you are at your core. So, while Sheng Jiaoyang hadn’t mastered the skill entirely, she had managed to make herself seem pleasing to the eye, and a person devoid of schemes.

“Yeah, he came to my dormitory entrance to confess to me, and at that time, that was the first time I’d seen him looking so embarrassed. When that happened, I was touched, so I agreed.” Zhang Aiyan laughed as she remembered the confession.

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at Xu Qi. This guy’s way of confessing was actually pretty decent. Usually, in front of the girl they liked, a guy would try to look his best. But, after going through so much effort to confess, to then end up cutting such a sorry figure, it would, without fail, tug at the heartstrings of the girl. If the girl were to turn the guy down in that situation, her conscience would definitely feel guilty.

Catching his cousin’s sidelong glance, Xu Qi felt his expression freeze. He currently didn’t know what kind of emotions he should be displaying. In just a short time, his girlfriend and his cousin were as close as old friends. On top of the circumstances of his confession, his girlfriend had even revealed the details of their first date!

Zhang Aiyan was totally unaware of her boyfriend’s tangled emotions. She only felt that it was utterly enjoyable chatting with her boyfriend’s cousin, and had even subconsciously told her all about her childhood.

After filling her stomach, Sheng Jiaoyang smiled contentedly until her eyes narrowed. When Zhang Aiyan stopped drinking water, Sheng Jiaoyang suggested, “Sister Aiyan, why don’t we go shopping? You’re so beautiful, and your figure is also good. I’m sure that anything you wear will look good on you!”

“Speaking about figures; where can I be compared with you? Your body is no different from a model’s, while your brother, he…” Zhang Aiyan smirked as she glanced at Xu Qi. “Isn’t even as tall as you!” She then covered her mouth as she laughed.

“Height isn’t a problem. As long as I have a good countenance then it’s okay!” Xu Qi couldn’t help but defend himself.

“But, I think that your cousin looks better than you do,” the honest girl abruptly retorted to her boyfriend’s boast.

Xu Qi helplessly looked up at the sky, his posture stiff. His life was already filled with hardships, so why should his weak points have to be jabbed at too?!

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed. Her cousin’s girlfriend was quite cute.

Seeing his pretty girlfriend and his tall, short-haired cousin walking hand in hand from behind, they seemed more like a male and a female. Xu Qi absolutely regretted calling out to his cousin when he’d recognised her as his girlfriend was stolen by her.

At this moment, the two girls in front had already switched to talking about skincare. Zhang Aiyan continuously giggled as she was filled with so much admiration and amusement due to Sheng Jiaoyang’s words.

She really was worthy of being the prettiest girl in the school; even her laughter was pleasant to hear. But, Xu Qi was unhappy because the one amusing his girlfriend was someone else, not himself!

Xu Qi angrily glared at the back of his cousin whose grades were better than his, whose height was taller than his, and was now even more attractive than him. He decided that the next time he was about to go on a date that he would first find out his cousin’s whereabouts.

You say that you’re a female, but you flirt with girls?!

How could Sheng Jiaoyang know what Xu Qi was currently thinking? She’d already kidnapped Zhang Aiyan into a cosmetics store.

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