Chapter 49 - Scandal

[Lol! Movie Emperor Gu, even something like this has happened to you!]

[You sure it’s someone from China? Her hair is all white.]

[I googled Tiber river and it’s in Italy. Oh, right. His Majesty went abroad for a film festival a while ago. What are you doing wandering outside? Come back soon. Your brothers miss you dearly.]

[You’re the only one missing out of the seven Calabash Brothers!]

[She drew so fast! Another pro!]

[Oh my god, how is an angel this adorable real? No wonder His Majesty fell for it too.]

Many other male celebrities from the reality show Rivalry Between The Mighty Seven also shared his post.

Ye Fan: [Fourth brother, here we are wrestling in the mud, yet there you are having the time of your life in Rome. So envious! Much hate! (flips the table)]

Zhou Zhiyu: [Where did you find a girl like her? Give me a dozen! (puppy eyes)]

Jiang Liqing: [If you’re so great then bring her to us!]

Qi An: [It felt like Fourth Brother was thinking too much…]

Xu Yinuo: [This girl’s painting has a lot of soul!]

Zhongli Xiaozuo: [That little angel is so adorable O(∩_∩)O~~]

Among the seven male gods, Xu Yinuo was the oldest, followed by Zhou Zhiyu and Jiang Liqing. Gu Zhou was ranked fourth. After him were Qi An and Ye Fan. Little Zhongli was the youngest.

Within their group, only Xu Yinuo and Zhou Zhiyu were married. Zhou Zhiyu was the only one with children; two boys.

The video Gu Zhou uploaded instantly became viral. So did the stories published by an alternate account.

Spitting Nothing After Chewing Bones: [Holy hell, I was just on a trip and saw Gu Zhou on a date with his secret girlfriend. (Image attached)]

In the photo, Gu Zhou’s face was in profile. He wore a cap and was talking to the girl sitting across from him. The girl’s short hair was a very fashionable silver. Her profile was quite delicate. Her eyes were focused on Gu Zhou, and she had a glass of wine in her hand.

People who were more observant immediately realised that the girl in this photo was the painter in Gu Zhou’s video. The silver hair that was captured in the shot was the proof.

Liu Lu, who was forced to go on a blind date by her dear mum, was sitting on a couch in a coffee shop, letting the rambling of her date wash over her without really listening. She held a cup of coffee with one hand, and with the other, she took out her cell phone and started browsing Weibo. Suddenly, she spat out the coffee she’d just sipped.

The guy got splashed in the face when he was just getting to the good part. And, since he was talking, some of the coffee entered his mouth. He felt like throwing up when he realised that the coffee had come from someone else’s mouth.

Liu Lu paid no attention to the unlucky boy. Her eyes widened as she stared at the photo she’d just zoomed in on.

She recognised Movie Emperor Gu. That wasn’t surprising at all. The surprising thing was…

The girl sitting across from Gu Zhou was Xu Jiaojiao. Xu! Jiao! Jiao!

And the title! Gu Zhou’s secret girlfriend???

Wasn’t Jiaojiao still in the supermodel competition? How did she get involved with Movie Emperor Gu? More importantly, since when did Jiaojiao become his girlfriend?

She rushed to call Zheng Yuan.

“Hello? Yuanyuan, quick, go on…”

“I saw it. That thing with Jiaojiao and Gu Zhou, right?” Zheng Yuan cut her off. Her tone was unusually calm.

“Aren’t you surprised? That’s Movie Emperor Gu Zhou! The male god! And Jiaojiao was with him!!” Liu Lu said excitedly.

“Can you please understand the situation before you start yelling?” Zheng Yuan said exasperatedly.

Liu Lu hadn’t yet calmed down when the man, who’d just wiped his face clean after spitting out the contents of his mouth, lost his temper.

“What the hell is wrong with you?! First, you spit coffee at me. Then, you don’t even apologise. Where are your manners? I’m going to tell Aunt Li about this. Goodbye!”

Liu Lu was at a loss. Even after her date had left in a rage, she still didn’t understand what she’d done that made him so angry.

“Hello? Yuanyuan, you still there?”


“Tell me what’s going on!”

“You’d know if you checked Gu Zhou’s Weibo.” After responding, Zheng Yuan hung up on her.

Liu Lu immediately went to Gu Zhou’s Weibo and saw the post that he’d published at 2 a.m Beijing time.

Gu Zhou: [Today, I met a girl at the Tiber river and was instantly captivated by her painting. I’d initially thought that if she recognised me, I could ask her to gift me a drawing. But, I didn't expect her to not know me at all (feeling grieved) ~]

She opened the video attached to the post. The camera shook a little at first before a sketch pad appeared on the screen. A pale hand was adding lines to the paper. Then, a genius stroke finished the whole picture. The finished drawing was of a really adorable little angel.

Wahhh…so cute!

The strands of silver hair caught in the video made her even more convinced that it was Jiaojiao who painted the angels. Also, she was more confident in this than anyone since she knew that Jiaojiao was a master painter.

It was 9 a.m, only seven hours after 2 a.m. But, Gu Zhou’s Weibo was almost overwhelmed by people’s comments.

Everyone knew that photography was Gu Zhou’s hobby. The pictures that he most often posted on Weibo were ones that he took wherever he went. There were very few selfies. Normally, he only took pictures of other people or beautiful landscapes and scenery. Things like the back view of a janitor sweeping the street before dawn or cuddling street dogs. All in all, his Weibo had basically become a place for him to share his work.

It was rare that he posted something different and gossip-worthy. How could the fans and netizens not be excited?

After watching the video, Liu Lu had figured out how it happened.

Jiaojiao’s painting must’ve been so remarkable that it attracted Gu Zhou’s attention. She probably didn’t give him the painting, so he tried to get it by showing his face. However, Jiaojiao didn’t budge. Gu Zhou was struck by this failure and went on Weibo to seek comfort.

The scandal about Gu Zhou’s secret girlfriend could be explained too. Gu Zhou was at a tourist attraction. It was inevitable that there were some Chinese people who’d travelled there. Someone happened to take a picture and upload it to Weibo. Then, people online with nothing better to do saw it and got excited, causing the picture to immediately become a trending topic.

After all, Gu Zhou didn’t have a lot of scandals.

While he’d been acting his whole life, even actresses who were shipped with him in films weren’t shipped with him in real life.

It wasn’t that Gu Zhou had never had a girlfriend, he was just too busy. His girlfriends ended up breaking up with him peacefully. His exes, when interviewed, always said that Gu Zhou was a very good person, but that he spent too little time with them. They even added that he spent more time with his two dogs.

Liu Lu felt a wave of relief once she knew that Jiaojiao and Gu Zhou weren’t an item. She was just about to call Zheng Yuan back when her mum called her.

“Why did you call?”

“Why did I call? Pong is such a good boy. Look at what you’ve done!”

“What have I done? I didn’t do anything. He suddenly left and said that I don’t have any manners. Who does he think he is?”

“You spat all over his face and didn’t apologise. Why shouldn’t he say that?”

“He just had to sit across from me. It wasn’t like I wanted to spit on him.”

“Liu Lu!” Mummy Liu was getting angry now.

Liu Lu had no choice but to sweet talk her into calming down. “Alright, mum. I’m still young. You don’t need to rush to find a guy for me. Also, I still have two years of school left. Maybe I’ll find a good boyfriend there.”

“Right. If you could find a boy at school you would’ve found one when you first got into uni. Two years have passed already.”

“It’s not just my problem. In high school, you didn’t allow me to date. Then, once I got into uni, you wanted me to immediately find someone to marry in the future. Boyfriends aren’t products on the shelf. I can’t just buy one when I need one. Even products are sold out sometimes.”


“Alright, I’m hanging up. I still have things to do. I’ll talk to you in the evening when I get home.”

Just after Liu Lu hung up, a message from Zheng Yuan appeared on her screen. She said that Gu Zhou just shared one of her posts. Liu Lu quickly went on Weibo and yes, there was Gu Zhou’s latest post.

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