Chapter 44 - Can I Be Your Boyfriend?

Xu Jiaojiao was soaring to the heavens!

The contestants who were tired and hot from the walk began to feel envy scratch at their hearts.

“Hi!” Wang Wei waved happily when she saw everyone. “You’re all finally here.”

“…” The contestants were trying hard to suppress their anger.

Can we wrap those two up and toss them out?!!

“Hello, everybody!” Henry took the initiative to say hello to the expressionless contestants. Aware that not everyone could understand Italian, he specifically used English to greet them.

The handsome foreign boy’s laugh was highly lethal, and the nearest contestant was already blushing. The rest could no longer keep their expressions blank.

“Jiaojiao, you have a friend in Rome?” Pu Mingyu asked Sheng Jiaoyang with surprise.

“Caught him on the way.” Sheng Jiaoyang lifted the juice in front of her and drank a gulp.


Seeing everyone’s confusion, the enthusiastic spectator, Wang Wei, decided to help. “After we left the supermodel home, we stopped a car on the roadside. Henry was the car owner, and he drove us here.”

Drove… The contestants then realised that when the director had told them to find this location, there was no requirement for them to walk.

“Alright, everyone! Quiet down and eat your breakfast.” Zhuo Yiyan came over to preside over the situation.

Later, the contestants looked at the breakfast in front of them, and then looked at the dishes on Sheng Jiaoyang’s table. Even though Sheng Jiaoyang and Wang Wei had finished eating, the contestants could tell that their breakfasts weren’t the same with one look.

“Teacher Zhuo, why are we eating different foods compared to what they both have?” They’d all suffered from poverty and unfairness for a long time already, so they’d naturally gotten used to eating poor meals. However, this time the treatment was clearly different!

“Had you arrived here within half an hour, you could’ve also chosen your breakfast,” Zhuo Yiyan replied.

“But, the director didn’t say anything about that this morning!”

Zhuo Yiyan said calmly, “This is a competition. You can only depend on your own ability to win.”

“Alright, Hanhan, don’t say anymore. Let’s eat quickly.” Xiao Yan tugged at her best friend, hinting for her to sit down.

Zhuo Yiyan and Yan Xiaoxuan then sat down at Sheng Jiaoyang’s table.

“Looks like you guys were having a great time earlier!” Yan Xiaoxuan said with a smile on her face.

Wang Wei laughed coquettishly.

Since Henry couldn’t understand Mandarin, he only talked with Sheng Jiaoyang. There were Chinese students in his school, but the Chinese girls he’d met were old and boring. On top of not being all that pretty, most of them just studied all the time. When it came to studying they were indeed awesome, but they were also somewhat uninteresting. As for those playful girls, they were shallow. He has a buddy who said that he’d fallen in love with an oriental girl. He was crazy in love with her and it took him quite some effort to win her over. In the end, they dated and broke up in less than two weeks. The reason they broke up was because the girl was too different from the person he’d imagined. She’d appeared mysterious, but aside from her looks, she was the same as Italian girls.

He’d initially not felt anything for oriental girls. They weren’t as beautiful or as alluring as Italian girls. Their characters weren’t very open, and they looked the same when they were love-struck. But, to his surprise, he’d run into a very unique oriental girl on the way back to school from his friend’s birthday party.

Her Italian was fluent, and her temperament was exactly to his buddies’ tastes; mysterious and beautiful. When she wasn’t laughing, she was like a noble lady. When she laughed, he felt like the whole world was bright.

“Jiao, give me your phone number?” Henry stared at the girl in front of him, trying to attract her with his deep and charming gaze.

But, it was completely useless.

His infatuated gaze was tossed aside.

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at the boy who’d just asked for a photo together, and was now asking for her number. “I don't have a phone.”

“What about a home phone?”

“Don’t have that either.”

“Why?” Henry could hardly imagine that there were still people in this era who didn’t need a phone.

“My family is poor and we don’t have the money to install a fixed line,” Sheng Jiaoyang said in a deadpan voice.

“Oh, my poor girl! No wonder you’re taking part in the competition! It’s because it can change your destiny. I think you must’ve worked very hard in the past.” Henry’s expression was a mixture of pity and sympathy.


Without waiting for Sheng Jiaoyang to react, this overthinking guy acted like a prince meeting Cinderella and said, “Fortunately, I met you today.”

Is he out of mind? The corner of Sheng Jiaoyang’s mouth pursed.

“Jiaojiao, what are you two talking about?” Wang Wei gently nudged Sheng Jiaoyang’s arm.

“He said that he’s very lucky to meet you today.”

“Really?!” Wang Wei clasped her face while staring at Henry with stars in her eyes.

A smile flashed in Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes.

Henry didn’t know what they were talking about, but he could roughly guess that it was something about him. Seeing that the girl with a bob was looking in his direction with starry-eyed infatuation, he returned a killer smile, completely satisfied with the reaction he got from the little girl. However, when he turned and saw the other girl’s indifferent expression, a feeling of defeat rushed to his heart.

He was the most attractive boy in his school. No girl was able to resist his smile. But, why was it that when he was in front of this girl, his charms had no effect?

As for the contestants sitting at the table next to them, they were looking at the trio with envious gazes. They watched them chat and laugh happily, like they were having a lot of fun.

“That handsome guy seems to be interested in Jiaojiao,” Pu Mingyu whispered to Luo Yi.

“People with discerning eyes can see that only Wang Wei, that fool, is overthinking things,” Luo Yi replied with a smile as she bit on a straw.

“As expected of a high achiever like Jiaojiao; she can also speak Italian. Looking at how smoothly she can converse with that local handsome guy, her Italian must be quite proficient. Say, how can she be so smart? Her talent is one in a million! If only I possessed half of it, then I wouldn’t be like this now,” Pu Mingyu sighed.

Luo Yi fell silent. Xu Jiaojiao was still young, yet she was admitted to a prestigious university, she understood so many things, and she’d develop a lot more in the future. Herself and Pu Mingyu had been modelling for several years, and while they were still getting work, they weren’t that popular. If they were compared to Yan Xiaoxuan, they were almost the same age as her. However, she was already a celebrity and took part in variety shows and filming. In addition, she also did ads, one after another.

It truly was hard for people to see through the ups and downs of life. The only thing she could do now was seize any chance that presented itself. Luo Yi’s gaze became resolute. She didn’t have many more years to waste. This time, she must win the championship!

When all the contestants had eaten breakfast, Zhuo Yiyan once more introduced Yan Xiaoxuan to everyone. Of course, other than Sheng Jiaoyang, everyone knew who she was. His introduction was meant for the audience this time.

“Xiaoxuan will accompany you all while you spend time in Rome. Now, is there anything you want to say to Xiaoxuan?”

After hearing Zhuo Yiyan’s last sentence, everyone quieted down and looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“Yan Xiaoxuan, I love you!” Wang Wei, who couldn’t stand the awkward silence, shouted.

Yan Xiaoxuan, who was feeling a bit awkward at first, chuckled and took the initiative to ease the atmosphere. “If there’s anything you want to ask me, just ask. I won’t shy away as long as I can answer it. If you miss this chance, you won’t get another one, hehe!”

As if given permission, the contestants started to ask her all the questions they had in mind.

“Jiao, what did the girl beside you say just now? The words after Yan Xiaoxuan,” Henry faked a curious look and asked Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang, who was listening to the questions from the contestants, was surprised to hear Henry’s question. Without thinking about it, she replied to him in Italian, “Ti amo.”

“Really? Then, can I be your boyfriend?” Henry picked up Sheng Jiaoyang’s hand that was resting on the table while looking pleasantly surprised.

“…” Sheng Jiaoyang froze.

She pulled back her hand, then went to explain. “I was just translating what Wang Wei said, don’t misunderstand.”

Henry relentlessly asked, “Can I be your boyfriend then?”

“You can’t.”


“Because, I have a person that I like.” Sheng Jiaoyang lifted her gaze and glanced at him, then casually stated, “Also, he looks much better than you.”

Upon hearing this, Henry appeared as if he was suddenly struck by lightning. In that split second, he seemed to have heard the sound of his heart shattering.

Since birth, this was the first time that Henry had ever lost confidence in his appearance.

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