Chapter 43 - Pick and Choose

“Yiyan, will they be able to find their way here?” asked a young woman as she stabbed a half-cut meatball.

Zhuo Yiyan was sitting opposite the woman. He merely smiled as he sipped fruit juice from the glass in his hand.

“I’m really worried that they won’t find us. Just relying on a map in this unfamiliar country…”

Screech! The sound of brakes interrupted the woman.

The two people sitting leisurely at the table covered with an umbrella turned their heads and saw an off-road vehicle parking nearby. Once parked, an Italian boy wearing a printed black t-shirt with ripped jeans jumped out of the car and went to open the door of the back seat.

Then, a girl with messy hair appeared, repeatedly thanking the Italian boy. “Thank you! Thank you!…”

The boy smirked. His prominent facial features were so fascinating that when he smiled, Wang Wei became dizzy and almost forgot that there was another person waiting behind her.

“That girl’s smart. She actually found a car.” The woman sitting under the umbrella was surprised.

Zhuo Yiyan shook his head slightly. “Not her.”

After getting along for so many days, he understood that Wang Wei was a careless person with a lively personality. He was still amazed that she’d made it this far in the competition.

As he’d expected, as soon as Wang Wei moved aside, another girl with short silver hair exited the car.

That iconic short hair was even recognised by the woman. This was because before she’d come, she’d done some research. She knew that this girl was currently a popular contestant, and that she was extremely popular on the internet.

“Ohh, she can also speak Italian?” Seeing that the second girl was chatting with the Italian boy in the local language, the female guest was surprised.

Zhuo Yiyan was also somewhat surprised. Xu Jiaojiao really knew how to continually shock him. She made people want to continue observing her, and expect her to bring about more surprises.

Seeing the new group of people approaching, the two stood up from their chairs.

“Teacher Zhuo, we’re the first to arrive!” Wang Wei immediately said to Zhuo Yiyan, seeming as if she was taking all the credit. After speaking, she then noticed the beautiful older woman next to him, and she cried out in surprise, “Yan Xiaoxuan, ahh! The Goddess is here as well!”

Yan Xiaoxuan was the currently hot Victoria's Secret supermodel. Her figure was flawless, and her appearance was beautiful. After participating in the Burning Brains program by a TV station, her fame had increased greatly. Presently, as long as one had watched any entertainment news, they would recognise her.

“You two are awesome!” Yan Xiaoxuan laughed as she praised them.

Wang Wei waved her hand. “I just followed Jiaojiao. She’s the one who’s awesome, not me.”

Zhuo Yiyan looked at the boy standing beside Sheng Jiaoyang, and asked her, “Jiaojiao, won’t you introduce the person beside you?”

Sheng Jiaoyang casually said, “His name is Henry, we met on the road.”

“It’s all thanks to this handsome guy that we arrived so early. Otherwise, it would’ve taken ages to walk here!” Wang Wei added.

Zhuo Yiyan extended his hand to Henry and briefly spoke to him in English. Knowing that Henry wanted to watch the recording of National Supermodel, he expressed his welcome.

“Teacher Zhuo, we’re the first to arrive, what’s the reward?” Wang Wei couldn't help but ask after Zhuo Yiyan and the handsome foreigner had finished talking.

Zhuo Yiyan chuckled and pointed to the small shop behind him. He then said, “We’ve prepared an Italian style breakfast. Since the two of you arrived here within half an hour, you have the privilege of choosing your breakfast.”

“Great, I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Handsome guy, have you had breakfast?” Wang Wei turned to ask Henry. However, he just looked at her with a confused expression, not understanding what she’d said at all. Realising that, Wang Wei asked Sheng Jiaoyang to translate.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at the starry-eyed Wang Wei in amusement before turning to invite Henry for breakfast.

Upon hearing that, Henry’s brows arched upwards as he smirked. He then nodded and signalled with an ok. After that, he turned and winked at the expectant Weng Wei.

Wang Wei’s eyes slightly widened, and she felt like she’d been struck by lightning. Sheng Jiaoyang quickly dragged her into the shop.

After they’d left, Yan Xiaoxuan and Zhuo Yiyan sat down again.

“I wonder if the others will take a car too?” Yan Xiaoxuan asked as she stared in the direction the contestants were supposed to come from.

“They won’t. I estimate that we’ll have to wait for another half an hour.” Ever since the National Supermodel show had started broadcasting, season one included, Xu Jiaojiao was the only special case. If anyone else was in her shoes and they were stranded in an unfamiliar place with a language barrier, they would be too afraid to ask someone for directions. Forget asking for a ride without any money on them.

“I remember that Xu Jiaojiao isn’t even 18 year old yet, right?”

“Correct.” Zhuo Yiyan nodded.

Yan Xiaoxuan shook her head as she sighed, “The new will constantly replace the old. Us older generation have been left in the dust as kids nowadays are growing at an amazing speed!”

“You’re talking as if you’re old now,” Zhuo Yiyan responded with a laugh.

“I didn’t know what I was doing when I was 17. I really feel old when I see those contestants.”

“You can’t compare yourself to them.” In particular, neither of us can compare to Xu Jiaojiao. If we did, we’d really be left in the dust!

When Luo Yi and the rest of the contestants finally arrived, they were all covered in sweat, and half an hour had passed.

They looked around for a while and only saw the production crew and two people sitting and chatting under an umbrella.

“Whoa! Is that Yan Xiaoxuan?”

“I’m seeing the real person!”

“She looks so much better and classier in person.”

While they were talking about Yan Xiaoxuan, someone suddenly said, “Ha ha, Xu Jiaojiao left before us, yet we were faster than her.”

The other girls laughed. Since the elimination competition, Xu Jiaojiao seemed as if she were undefeatable, giving them a lot of pressure.

No need to mention the 30 to 15 elimination round.

In the next 15 to 13 elimination round, Xu Jiaojiao’s group lost in the team battle, and all of her teammates were eliminated, one by one. However, Xu Jiaojiao wasn’t implicated at all. She was even awarded the best photo, and was exempted from losing this round.

In the next 13 to 11 elimination round, Qi Hua withdrew, and Xu Jiaojiao, as the team captain, was implicated and had points deducted. Due to that, she wasn’t able to win the best photo. With only two contestants left in her team, her team lost the team battle again, but she had immunity, so Huang Linying was eliminated. Since Qi Hua withdrew from the competition, and Huang Linying was eliminated, only eleven contestants were left with Wang Wei at the bottom of the ranking list, narrowly making it to the next round.

The final 11 to 9 elimination round was an individual competition. Xu Jiaojiao, who didn’t have any teammates dragging her feet, was like a fierce tiger on the loose. Although she didn’t get the best photo, she won the individual competition and squeezed out Luo Yi in one move to occupy the top spot on the overall strength ranking list. Wang Wei, who was given a hand by her, also achieved good results in the individual competition, and narrowly made it again.

It can be said that when someone achieves greatness, their followers will too. The fact that Wang Wei was able to hold on until now was really her good luck.

On the other hand, Xu Jiaojiao depended entirely on her own strength, so everyone felt pressured. Which contestant didn’t want to win the competition? But, with such a strong contender like Xu Jiaojiao, the rest of the contestants couldn’t even eat nor sleep in peace.

Now, the mighty Xu Jiaojiao had lost her way in a rare occurrence. To say that they were unhappy would be false.

“Teacher Zhuo, Xu Jiaojiao and Wang Wei left first without waiting for us and we don’t know where the two of them are now. You might want to contact the cameraman who went with them to find out where they are,” a contestant quickly stepped out and said. She didn’t want Zhuo Yiyan to mistakenly believe that they’d left Xu Jiaojiao. Afterall, deliberately isolating people gave off an extremely bad impression.

Zhuo Yiyan and Yan Xiaoxuan looked at each other. Zhuo Yiyan had a weird expression on his face as he said, “I reckon that both of them have finished their breakfast by now.”

“Har?” The contestants were confused.

Yan Xiaoxuan chuckled, then lifted her finger and pointed at the shop behind her. “They arrived half an hour ago and are having breakfast inside!”

All the contestants: …

How did they do that?! If they arrived half an hour ago, did they grow wings on their feet?

When the contestants opened the door and walked into the shop, they were blinded by the otherworldly scene before their eyes.

A short-haired girl was holding a person in each arm as she took selfies. On her left was a girl who was pouting and acting cute, and on her right was a handsome guy holding a mobile phone in his hand.

Moreover, it was a handsome foreign boy with prominent facial features!

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