Chapter 42 - A New Battlefield

“Quickly get up!”

The contestants were sleeping soundly when suddenly, they heard the sound of rushing footsteps. Following that, there was a shout that spread through a small loudspeaker.

Immediately afterwards, a cameraman rushed into each bedroom with a camera on their shoulders, launching a surprise attack.

On the second floor, in a bedroom with floor to ceiling windows, Sheng Jiaoyang sat up with half-opened eyes. She’d fallen asleep too late last night. It felt like she’d just closed her eyes a moment ago, and now was waking up to a loud commotion.

She rubbed her hair and yawned with sleepy eyes, her eyelids drooping as if they were too heavy to open.

Her brain wasn’t yet awake, and she wasn’t wearing her contact lenses, so she completely ignored the cameraman who’d broken into her bedroom. Without any other option, the cameraman had to take the initiative and cough, reminding the girl in front of him that there was someone else in the room!

After abruptly hearing a cough, Sheng Jiaoyang’s mouth, which was mid-yawn, snapped closed in surprise. Her eyes also widened to look at the camera that was right in front of her face.

The cameraman inexplicably felt that her reactions were adorable. Since the beginning of the show, he’d been the one assigned to follow and film Xu Jiaojiao. This girl always had an indifferent appearance, so he’d never expected that with a surprise attack he’d get to see a different side of her.

From the camera’s viewfinder, the cameraman could see that she had a few strands of hair sticking up messily, causing his mouth to curl upwards.

“Has filming started?” asked Sheng Jiaoyang, feeling the urge to yawn again. So, quickly lifting her hand, she covered her mouth, only revealing a pair of watery eyes that blinked owlishly.

The cameraman merely nodded silently.

Sheng Jiaoyang scratched her head before climbing out of bed to go to the window and open the curtains. There was only the faintest trace of light brightening the horizon, revealing that it was still very early in the morning.

What were they thinking? The production crew was growing increasingly inhuman.

This was probably what the rest of the contestants were thinking too. It was 5 p.m in the afternoon when they got off the plane yesterday, and then they had to take a bus to the supermodel home in Rome. They didn’t arrive until after 8 in the evening. Once they’d eaten the dinner prepared by the staff, they played a quick quiz game to fight over the single person bedroom. With great difficulty they finished splitting the bedrooms, and by the time they’d washed up and fallen asleep, it was already past midnight.

Everyone thought that the production crew would at least let them sleep until they woke up naturally. After all, this was their first day in Rome. They should’ve at least let the contestants rest for a while, but…

Fine then, since the program was their boss, the contestants could only accept their reality.

After the cameraman had finished shooting the scene requested by the director, he left the room.

Once she’d washed up and changed clothes, Sheng Jiaoyang walked out of the bathroom. When she passed the surveillance camera in the corner, she abruptly stopped and took down the towel covering the lens.

“You’re really naughty!” Sheng Jiaoyang raised her hand and poked the camera.

The camera swayed from side to side.

Laughter burst out of Sheng Jiaoyang, and with a corner of her mouth curling upwards, she winked at the camera with her beautiful, expressive eyes. Then, she turned to pick up a black leather vest resting on the hanger. As she put it on top of her horizontal striped shirt, she walked out of the room.

The living room on the first floor gradually filled up with contestants.


“Good morning!”

One after another, greetings echoed in the living room.

Only a total of nine contestants remained. The other contestants were eliminated in the previous three rounds.

It was just yesterday that they’d followed the production crew and reached their first stop in Europe, Rome. This officially started the battle for the top nine ranking.

As a recognized high IQ person, Sheng Jiaoyang once again won the first prize in the test memory, which was the best single bedroom for herself. How they wished they could go back to their childhood and ask their parents to cram their brains with more knowledge!

They were all of a similar age, but why was the difference so big?

As the contestants gathered in the living room, their faces didn’t look too good. Their complexions were haggard and sallow, and they were all incessantly yawning.

Before the contestants could properly wake up, the director handed each contestant a map she’d made and asked them to find the places marked with stars. She told them that surprises were waiting for them there.

The contestants that had experienced the trickery of the staff for half a month were speechless. Surprises? Who would believe you? You’re probably just trying to fool us again!

Wang Wei, who wasn’t all that outstanding but had miraculously made it into the top 9, immediately ran Sheng Jiaoyang’s side.

“Goddess, take me with you, okay?”

Sheng Jiaoyang crooked her finger and beckoned for Wang Wei to follow her. While the other girls were still discussing the route they’d take, she just left.

Wang Wei smiled and immediately followed Sheng Jiaoyang.

Lou Yi watched as the two girls left. She hesitated, but ultimately, chose not to follow. She hadn’t been to Rome before, but she had visited Europe. She felt superior to the other contestants as they’d never been overseas. She didn’t for one second believe that Xu Jiaojiao could find the location faster than her. So what if she was the top student? She would still be caught unprepared in an unfamiliar place.

Although the supermodel home was located in the suburbs, it wasn’t all that remote. After just leaving the residential area you’d already be at the main road.

All the way, there were Italian styled buildings, and the two girls were in a very good mood.

Wang Wei looked at the map and said, “Jiaojiao, this place is still quite far away. If we don’t get lost, I estimate that it will take about half an hour.”

“It is quite far,” Sheng Jiaoyang responded casually. She didn’t bother looking at the map and had stopped next to the main road.

“The staff just likes to torment us. Hey, what’s wrong?” Seeing that Sheng Jiaoyang wasn’t moving, Wang Wei quickly stopped.

“Therefore, I’m not going to walk.”

“You’re not going to walk?” Wang Wei widened her eyes in surprise. “But, we don’t have any money, and we don’t know if a cab will pass by.”

Sheng Jiaoyang was able to answer Wang wei’s words with practical actions. She waved her hand and stopped an off-road vehicle.

Wang Wei’s mouth hung open. However, before she could express her astonishment, she saw the window of the driver’s seat roll down, revealing the young face of a typical Italian guy.

The guy looked at them and said something. Wang Wei didn’t understand, but she heard Jiaojiao naturally pick up the conversation in the same language. Soon after, the guy said, “OK!” He then waved at them, signalling for them to board his car.

At this moment, Wang Wei only had one thought in her mind:

Goddess, please accept my sincerest thank you!

The cameraman sat in the front passenger seat, while Wang Wei and Sheng Jiaoyang sat in the back seat. Fortunately, there was only one person in the car. Otherwise, the three of them would’ve had to squeeze together.

The guy seemed very excited as he talked non-stop, Sheng Jiaoyang occasionally replying. Wang Wei was dumbfounded and kept her mouth shut during the entire journey.

“Jiaojiao, what are you talking about?” Wang Wei quietly asked Sheng Jiaoyang as she tugged on her sleeve.

“He said that he’s very lucky to meet us so early in the morning. He also said that he wants to follow us to see how our program is recorded,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied.

“Is he a student or an office worker?”


“Ehh…if he follows us, won’t he get into trouble for not going to school?”

“He’ll request a leave of absence.”

“Fine, it’s his business!” Wang Wei just shrugged. If he wasn’t worried, what could she do? They were lucky to have met this kind of person. If it were someone else, they wouldn’t necessarily have the spare time to send them to their destination.

Shortly after they left, Luo Yi and the other girls arrived at the main road.

“Strange, I saw the other two leave in this direction.”

“Even if they were running, they can’t run away that fast!”

“Don’t tell me that they got lost and couldn’t find their way back?”

Luo Yi quickly said, “Stop dawdling and get going!”

The other girls no longer looked around and hurriedly followed Luo Yi.

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