Chapter 4 - Exemption Pass (2/2)

Hearing this somewhat unusual reply, Zhou Yiyan asked, “Can you walk on a runway?”

“I’ve never walked on one before.” Sheng Jiaoyang had only ever watched from the audience. She never thought that there’d come a day when she would enter this line of business.

“Have a go, and we’ll take a look at your body’s coordination.”

Sheng Jiaoyang moved back to the door and recalled her friend who’d once practised the process of walking on a runway in front of her. Although that memory was somewhat vague, she still remembered some of the details. As she focused on what to do, she took the first step forward.

“You can see that she’s not accustomed to the movements as her steps aren’t firm enough, but her body’s coordination is acceptable. Knowing the essentials of what to do can be counted as understanding.” Jiang Yi watched Sheng Jiaoyang walk for a little longer before leaning her head closer to Zhuo Yiyan and whispering, “Yiyan, what do you think?”

“Not bad, it’s a good start,” Zhuo Yiyan laughed. “Having never walked before it’s normal that she’s not accustomed to it. It’s okay as long as she’s coordinated. The main point is that she doesn’t seem to have stage fright. Did you notice that since she’s entered until now, she hasn’t once looked nervous? It’s like she’s taking a leisurely stroll around her garden.”

“She said that her family’s poor, so if she were to leisurely stroll around a garden, then it would be a vegetable garden!” Jiang Yi cracked a rare joke.

Sheng Jiaoyang stood still, and seeing that the two interviewers were talking and laughing, she didn’t rush them and instead just silently watched them.

“I see here that you wrote drawing as your specialty; are you an art student?” Zhuo Yiyan swiftly became serious once more, his finger tapping against the screen of the tablet.

“No, I just love drawing.”

“Are you aware that I have an exemption pass in my hands?”

“I know; I read the competition rules.”

“The other contestants all have specialty’s too, and a considerable number of them can sing and dance. What advantages do you think there are in giving this exemption pass to you, instead of another contestant?” Zhuo Yiyan waved the card in his hand.

Sheng Jiaoyang blinked her big eyes, looking unintentionally adorable as she tilted her head to ask, “You’re choosing a supermodel, not a singer. Does being able to sing and dance count as an advantage?”

Zhuo Yiyan laughed. He felt that when the girl before him blinked her eyes, it was quite like his cat, Garfield.

“Compared with singing and dancing, drawing seems even less advantageous. At least those who can sing and dance are more confident about their rhythm.”

Jiang Yi turned her head and looked at Zhuo Yiyan. The interview for this contestant has dragged on for a long time already. Zhuo Yiyan is supposed to be responsible for handling the interview time, yet it seems that he wants to continue talking! This won’t do as there are still many more contestants waiting outside!

“I can judge what does or doesn’t count as an advantage? Everyone’s specialties were written down, so as for mine, we’ll just have to wait and see. This way, it’ll be a surprise once it’s discovered, isn’t that so?” Sheng Jiaoyang rolled her eyes and cleverly replied to Zhuo Yiyan.

“It’ll be a surprise once it’s discovered,” Zhuo Yiyan repeated. “Ahh, you’ve won.”

Zhuo Yiyan gave the exemption pass to Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Take this exemption pass and go home. At a scheduled time, the staff will inform you and the other contestants about who’s passed, the training time, and the address you’ll need to go to.”

“Thank you!” With regards to being able to pass the interview, Sheng Jiaoyang was ecstatic. It had been a long time since she’d experienced the feeling of accomplishing something with her abilities.

Seeing Zhuo Yiyan add Xu Jiaojiao’s name onto the list of contestants who’d passed, Jiang Yi curiously asked, “You only have one exemption pass left now. What about Xu Jiaojiao made you give one to her?”

There were only four exemption pass’; Zhuo Yiyan had two, while the other two were in the hands of the person conducting the video interviews. They were there to send the contestants the judges fancied straight to the final competition segment, and to avoid the contestants who didn’t pass during the exemption pass segment from having a behind-the-scenes-supporter.

“I have a premonition that she’ll go to the finals,” Zhuo Yiyan lightly laughed. Although he was young, he’d been around entertainment circles for several years now and had met all kinds of people. During that time, he’d developed good insight. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the type of reputation that he currently had.

The finals? Jiang Yi decided to decline on commenting, but she wasn’t at all convinced. Throughout this competition, she’d met many outstanding contestants; some of them had international features, while others had great physical conditions. Xu Jiaojiao’s outward appearance was a delicate body which contrasted well with her personality, yet it was unable to leave a deep impression on Jiang Yi. She felt that such a contestant, when entered into a large group of people, would disappear without any sense of existence.

Zhuo Yiyan glanced at Jiang Yi, a corner of his mouth slightly raising. You don’t believe me? Then, just wait and see.

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