Chapter 39 - Falling to the Sea

Finally, it was time for the photoshoot.

Huang Linying took her photo first. She half lay on the roof of the yacht and posed in a stiff posture.

Dawei’s brows knitted tightly.

He had no choice but to let Huang Linying move to the deck railings to take the photo.

How could Huang Linying be so bad if she could get into the top 13? That was mainly because the particular environment had limited her thinking on how she should pose to take her photo on the yacht. However, there was no method to take the photo. The key was to blend into the surroundings while still highlighting yourself, so that people’s focus attention would be locked on you.

As time went by, Huang Linying’s performance gradually worsened. Because the photographer repeatedly rejected her photos, the tension and pressure she was under started leaking out and was reflected in her demeanor.

“This won’t do. We can’t waste anymore time. There’s still one person who hasn’t taken her photo and the sun has almost set,” Zhuo Yiyan said to Dawei as he looked at the setting sun.

Dawei nodded in agreement.

“But…” Huang Linying was very anxious.

“I’ll give you one more minute. If you can’t do it, then there’s no way. We can only choose one of your previous pictures,” Zhuo Yiyan stated.

Huang Linying bit her lip. She had no other choice but to take a picture despite the tingling pain in her scalp.

One minute’s time was really short, and the photographer still didn’t get a satisfactory picture.

At last, it was Sheng Jiaoyang’s turn.

Sheng Jiaoyang stood at the spot where Huang Linying had taken her photos. She put her hands on the railing as the sea breeze caressed her face, tussling her short silver-gray hair.

“Okay, get ready,” Dawei reminded Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang angled her body. The sunset shrouded her form, and tilting her head look at the camera, her eyes were tranquil. Her posture was relaxed. On her forehead were a few strands of messy hair, giving her both a casual and aesthetic look. Additionally, because her hairstyle was messy, she appeared a bit flustered. She used her left hand to place a strand of loose hair from her forehead to the back of her head, her chin slightly raised. From her chin, all the way to her beautiful collarbone, the curve of her neck looked perfect. With her slightly raised chin, she was casually glancing down towards the camera, which completely changed her look in front of the camera, adding on a touch of haughtiness and wildness.

Dawei pressed the shutter, quickly capturing the picture.

“Okay, that’s great, Xu Jiaojiao. Perfect!” Dawei wasn’t stingy with his praise. Particularly after seeing the difference between her and Huang Linying, who only knew how to strike a pose. He could clearly see that she was very talented and ingenious.

On the yacht, it would’ve been good to take photos because the environment was quite picturesque. You didn’t need to put too much thought into poses. Just an impressive expression and a slightly energetic movement could make you stand out.

Zhuo Yiyan nodded as he watched nearby. He had to admit that Xu Jiaojiao was indeed a talented contestant. Her adaptability and perception of her surroundings were quite strong. She could use the features of her environment to her advantage in the shortest possible time.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s back was leaning against the railing, her raised lips forming a slight smile on her face.

“I feel that while our bodies were exposed, she managed to quickly take her picture wearing more clothing. We’ve been beat,” Wang Wei said with a sigh.

“Jiaojiao’s ability to control her environment is getting stronger.” Luo Yi stared at Sheng Jiaoyang. This was her strongest opponent on the road to victory.

“Yeah, but constantly comparing yourself to others will only make you angry. She’s supposed to be a bookworm!” Pu Mingyu’s voice contained a hint of admiration.

While the contestants were discussing the photoshoot with various emotions, one onlooker went to Sheng Jiaoyang’s side.

“Xu Jiaojiao, why are you so photogenic? Have you had your picture taken before?” Ning Xiaoruan felt that this girl was mysterious, and he was itching to uncover her secrets.

Sheng Jiaoyang swept a lazy glance over Ning Xiaoruan, and she merely smirked without saying anything.

Being stared at like that, the curiosity in Ning Xiaoruan’s heart grew stronger. As he was staring at her from such a close range, he noticed that she had very nice facial features. In fact, she was very pretty. Even though he liked western girls with deep eye sockets and a straight, high nose, he had to admit that the girl in front of him was very charming; especially the languid and serene look in her eyes.

“I say, it wasn’t me who kidnapped you that day. It was all Brother Nan’s idea. Anyway, I didn’t offend you, and even sent you home. Why are you treating me with that attitude?”

She obviously treated other people well by talking and laughing with them. Also, she was especially gentle towards Xiong Zi. Despite that, how come she looked at him like he wasn’t worthy of her time? Could it be that he was inferior to a dog?

Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head and stared at Ning Xiaoruan with a condescending smile. “Then, should I thank you?”

“Just drop it, your thank you is only empty words. It’s better to invite me to have a meal with you,” Ning Xiaoruan stated confidently.

“…” She’d never met someone who’d take such advantage of a situation like him before!

“Do you have no money? You can just borrow it from me. Big Bro here isn’t the kind of person who doesn’t understand friendship. You…”

“Get lost, you rotten egg!” Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t stand him anymore. She got up and started to head towards the cabin to change clothes.

Ning Xiaoruan then reached out and pulled Sheng Jiaoyang to stop. He’d been on the island for two days now, and he’d finally met someone who he could talk to. So, why would he let her go?

Sheng Jiaoyang pulled her hand behind her back. As things were different now, her current strength was quite powerful, and with just a swing of her hand, she could easily shake Ning Xiaoruan’s hand off her own. The force she used made Ning Xiaoruan stumble a step backwards and bump into the railings.

The evening waves were very large, and the yacht was travelling back to the island quite fast. Just as a big wave surged over, the yacht was coincidentally jolted. Ning Xiaoruan, with half of his body leaning over the railings, was promptly flipped into the ocean.

Xiong Zi, who was lying on his stomach on the deck, immediately stood up and started barking.

When Sheng Jiaoyang heard a splash, she was shocked. She rushed to the railing, then turned to shout at the crew, “Someone fell into the sea, stop the yacht! Anyone who can swim, quickly go save him!”

Upon hearing her shout, a crew member hurriedly ordered the person driving the yacht to stop. At this moment, the two standby lifeguards who were exceptionally skilled put on life jackets and immediately dived into the sea.

On the surface of the deep blue sea, the waves rolled continuously, and the lifeguards swam over to the drowning man who was struggling to swim with all his might.

Sheng Jiaoyang stared at the figure struggling to swim with all his strength, and coupled with Xiong Zi’s barks in her ears, her heart felt a bit upset. Who would’ve thought that with just a casual fling of her hand he’d be thrown into the sea? Ning Xiaoruan was really too weak, ok?

“What happened?” Zhuo Yiyan came over and asked Sheng Jiaoyang. He’d been discussing the photos with Dawei and hadn’t been paying attention to this side of the boat.

All the contestants gathered around.

“Xu Jiaojiao, even if the two of you are at loggerheads, you don’t have to be so heartless and push your boyfriend into the sea, ok?” said one contestant who’d witnessed the scene.

“What? That person was pushed into the sea by Xu Jiaojiao?”

“How could you do that? That’s so dangerous!”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Zhuo Yiyan furrowed his brows, and stared at Sheng Jiaoyang solemnly. “Xu Jiaojiao, don’t bring your personal disputes to the show. Do you know how much trouble this will bring us?”

Sheng Jiaoyang took a deep breath, and said expressionlessly, “First of all, I have to clarify two things. One, he’s not my boyfriend! And two, I didn’t push him off.”

“I saw it. He touched your hand, and you pushed him away, causing him to fall into the sea,” the contestant who had witnessed everything said bluntly, not willing to listen to Sheng Jiaoyang.

“They’re back!” shouted someone who’d been watching the rescue.

Everyone looked over and saw that sure enough, the lifeguards were swimming back while dragging an unconscious man.

“Quick! Help them bring the man up!”

Several strong staff members stepped forward to help the unconscious man onto the yacht.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the man who’d been rescued, so no one noticed that in the distance another yacht was approaching.

On a luxury yacht, a tall man had a small pair of binoculars in his hand. When he saw a man hoisted out of the water by a lifeguard, he panicked and turned to the person resting on a chair with their eyes closed. “Boss, Peter has had an accident!”

The person suddenly opened his eyes, and a glint of coldness flashed across his pitch black pupils.

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